A little follow up after “going free”…

As expected the disconnection from FB dropped down at speed.

January 04, 2009 I have 390 friends on FB.

From 390 friends (Jan 04,2010) in three days it went down to 219. (Jan. 06, 2010).

169 less friends in 3 days... now at 218. With ethics the squirrels blow!

What was surprising, but not too surprising after the history of attacks (calculatingly done by Paola in 2002 by an 11th pages of false KR issued just when I was ready to attest OT7) was to discover who was actively behind it….

My two sisters: Paola Lombardi and Ornella Dogini. Both, big IAS donators, both on OT7 since several years and both nowhere on the training side of the bridge. In few hours from the issue of my declaration they were busy contacting my facebook friends…

I will like to point out that my real friends, the ones that really cared have been trying to solve this with me, most of them still in comm.


Ardyth Kromschroeder sent you a message on Facebook…

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 5:50 PM From:

“Facebook” <notification+hp35h53m@facebookmail.com>

To: “Silvia Kusada”


Subject: A message I received

I received a message from Paola Lombardi stating you joined a squirrel group.  Although the group was not given she suggested I check with OSA Flag.  If this is not true she is spreading black PR about you, if it is true please get it handled quickly with the Church.  I wish you the best.



From: “Facebook” <notification+k~113~hi@facebookmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 9:05 PM
Subject: Brittany Sierra Garrett ti ha inviato un messaggio su Facebook…

Oggetto: Ciao!

Hi (…),

(…)should be alerted of this so I am writing to you.
Sorry for having to be the one to tell you. I hate it but it’s a Scientologists job and someone’s got to keep us alert in this day and age of social networking….

I heard from a friend who saw that Silvia Kusada has publicly resigned from Scientology on Facebook, etc. And has been hooked for sometime with declared SPs.

You are a friends of hers on Facebook and figured you should know this.

I verified this with Dept 3 who confirmed her status.

Not sure what your position is with this but wanted to let you know!



A note on the 1.1 from LRH:

The 3.5 in the vicinity of a 1.1 may find himself descending down the Tone Scale toward anger without any apparent reason. The 1.1’s effort to nullify are so well veiled and so carefully calculated to annoy that any target for correction or reason by the 3.5 is unavailable. (…) The 1.1’s reply to this anger will not be a return of argument or anger, but an apparent continuation of the status quo while at the same time he does everything possible, which can still remain veiled and hidden, to reduce and nullify the 3.5. (…) Or the 1.1, quailing before the anger, will drop into apathy and so use every ally available anywhere who can be coaxed or deceived into supporting the 1.1’s efforts to destroy the 3.5.

Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women.

L. Ron Hubbard (Science of Survival, Book 1, Chapter 27)


THE 1.1



'THE LIE' , oil on canvas by artist S. Kusada


Talking with such person is the maddening procedure of boxing with a shadow: one realizes that something is wrong, but the guardedness of a 1.1 will not admit anything wrong (…)


This is the level of the pervert, the hypocrite, the turncoat…

We are looking forward to a better world… and the making of a better world starts within us.

Is build with truth and love…


While it is admirable to be able to  love your enemy despite everything, at the same time we should do whatever legally possible to prevent them from continually hurting us.

LRH in Science of Survival (New Edition) gives us very good tools.

Ch 8. Pg. 64

The person may claim to love others and to have the good of others as his foremost interest. Yet at the same moment, he works (unconsciously or otherwise) to injure or destroy the lives and reputations of people and to also destroy property.

CH11. Pg.86

below 2,0 band. (…) The visio of such people is normally present for the valence in which the pc is at the moment. (…) or he may be in a synthetic valence (the valence of no actual person), which might give him a view of the scene looking down from ceiling. Some cases almost never have their own point of view.

Even valence walls are a sort of protective mechanism by which the charge of the case is compartmented to permit the individual to work at least some of the time.

Ch 13 pg.101

At1.1 we have lying to avoid real communication. It takes the form of pretended agreement, flattery, verbal appeasement or simply a false picture of the person’s feelings and ideas, a false façade, an artificial personality. Here is the level of covered hostility, the most dangerous and wicked level on the Tone scale. Here is the person who smiles while he inserts a knife blade between your vertebrae. Here is the person who tells you how he has stood up for you, when practically destroyed your reputation. Here is the insincere flatterer who yet awaits only a moment of unguardedness to destroy. The conversation of this level is filled with small barbs which are immediately afterwards justified as intended compliments. Talking with such person is the maddening procedure of boxing with a shadow: one realizes that something is wrong, but the guardedness of a 1.1 will not admit anything wrong even as, all the while, he does his best to upset and wreak havoc. This is the level of the pervert, the hypocrite, the turncoat… (look into pages 102 and 103 till …very interesting.)

Ch 15 pg. 116

At 1,1 on the Tone Scale would ensue the doubt of one or reality, insecurity,

Ch 19, pg. 142

1.1communications lines are cut; affinities are flagrantly used and perverted; reality is twisted; the level of cabal, as seen in hate propaganda, compares with lowest gossip; and treatment of human beings is without any regard to the respect an individual human being should have.

(…) 1.1 to have “good cause” and “reason” to flaunt flagrantly and place himself  “above” existing morals and the laws of the land in which he operates.

Pag. 182…

The third category is that of nullification, … ( see also pages 183 and 185-6-7-8 191, 198)

page 200

…an inspection of the position those two occupies on the Tone Scale will probably demonstrate that one is arguing to survive and the other is arguing to succumb. One is arguing to create and construct and the other is arguing to destroy or neglect. ( and pg. 202)

pag. 480

A totalitarian state, following its usual line of perversion of truth, talks endlessly and raucously about its subsidization of the artist, but it subsidizes only those artists who are willing to work for the state exactly as the state dictates. It regiments the artist and prescribes what he will do and what he will write and what he will think. This is in direct controversion to the function of the artist in the society. Because the artist deals in the future realities, he always seeks improvements or changes in the existing reality. This makes the artist, inevitably and invariably, a rebel against the status quo.  (…) The artist injects the theta into the culture. And without that theta, the culture becomes reactive.

pag. 525

The auditor must recognize this. The auditor must recognize as well that a 1.1 can be insulting, can be sullen, can be thoroughly unwilling to be processed and can be extremely trying.  The patience of an auditor is easily exhausted when dealing with a 1.1.

(…) Although the 1.1 may continually advance protests and evidences as to his honesty and open heartiness, the auditor is dealing with a level where trickery is automatic.

“There are only 2 answers for the handling of people 2.0 down on the Tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts.

The first is raise them on the Tone scale (*) (…) The other is TO DISPOSE OF THEM QUIETLY AND WITHOUT SORROW.



(Science of Survival, CH 27, column Y by LRH)

*Note of the editor: To raise DM’s Church on the Tone scale is NO possible at this time as DM’s church has hidden any 3D tech available,  for example the book “Note on the Lectures” has been taken off the market, despite LRH mentioning at least twice on the BC lectures, containing the very basics of Scientology.)



  1. A darn shame that the CoS has driven wedges through so many families.

  2. yes… with the fantastic tech LRH has on keeping together families and creating in a 2D…
    such an out-tech.
    Several staff told me very clearly that the Org does not handle 2D problems anymore…
    I wander where this area of tech went. Are they still showing “the marriage couple film?”… do they still training people on the marriage assist course?…

    The more down tone a group or individual gets, the less is aware and responsible for the other dynamics…

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