What happen to the kids? by Silvia Kusada

The ORG Board has been altered, and LRHs Flag Orders been overridden by DM’s new policies.

The ORG Board has been altered, and LRHs Flag Orders been overridden by DM’s new policies to the detriment of the first and second dynamics. The ‘Book Notes on the Lectures‘ regarded by LRH as the book containing the basic tenets of Scientology has been take off the market. (several times LRH referred to this book on the BC lectures) Of course this book contained the 3rd dynamic de-aberration tech and a sane viewpoint on the dynamics:

“A group goes along fine so long as it is operating on the first, second and third dynamics. When on of those dynamics is knocked out, then the group starts its decay.

(…) The group must enhance the survival of the first and second dynamics. The forecast of his survival can be made in these terms. Every dynamic will survive so long as it enhances the survival of all the other dynamics.

LRH from ‘Notes on the Lectures.

If you open the Modern Management Technology Defined and look up the definition of Nanny, it says;

NANNY, There must be a person on the ship in charge of children eight years and less of age. The rate is ships Nanny, Div3 Dept9. There must be a nursery area. (Flag Order 301)

NURSERY, a nursery exist for the care of small children and babies. The in-charge is the Nanny. The Nursery is located in the Estate Section, Office of LRH. (Flag Order 3167)

FLAG ORDERS,1. This is the equivalent to a policy letter in the Sea Org. Contains policy and technical sea materials. They do not decay, HCOPLs and FOs are both in effect on Sea Org orgs, ships, offices and bases.”

Please NOTE: it says:” FLAG ORDERS,1. This is the equivalent to a policy letter in the Sea Org.” They do not decay, HCOPLs and FOs are both in effect on Sea Org orgs, ships, offices and bases.”

I was told by an ex Sea org member that DM was the one issuing a counter –policy order forbidding staff members to have babies in the Sea Org.

I have personally seen perfectly on purpose, up-stat Sea org members being threaten as degraded beings and being assigned Treason because their wives were pregnant.

DM’s Church is currently being sued by several ex Sea org members which assert that they were forced into abortion. The motif behind this is, of course, we have to “Clear the planet”. This is very similar to the make-break point of an insane political tactic to enslave and destroy as for the one Hitler had in Germany. It was all good at the beginning, the intention to protect the country, the people and to flourish and prosper for anybody.

When enough becomes enough?

It is a fine line, where only few visionary and perceptive people are able to forecast a disaster and a dittatorship… while the mob is cheering up to the “duce” publicizing his positive, pro-survival goals to obtain agreement and support, when in fact he is covertly perverting them to fit his own sick ends.

The first and second dynamic has been so attacked and degraded by the DM’s Churches of Scientology amongst both staff and public, that I found many ex scientology refusing to address issues regarding it and preferring to avoid the subject.

Still it is a dynamic that comes between the first and the third and there is no way somebody can be fully and rationally successful on the 3rd dynamic without having/ being the first and second dynamic first.

America compared to Europe has a much higher number of psychotics and criminals. America at the same time has lost since long ago the sense and value of the family, as a stable datum.

Wherein in Europe you always had a place to call home, a place that, no matter what happen, you were loved and welcome, in America most kid had no place to go, being their parents, unable to have a stable home or to offer psychological stability being unstable themselves.

There is an amazing book I advice you to find in the net and buy and it is called “The second dynamic” by LRH. It gives you a broad idea of how important it is to have a sane family to expand on all the dynamics. Of course this book is not sold anymore by DM’s Church of Scientology.

If you can find it in the net I would also look for: “Notes on the Lectures” by LRH.

Let create a better world. When we meet somebody, we are not meeting a single person, we are meeting his family and friends and his group, they are all part of his life and himself…

When we are helping somebody and we genuinely wish to help them, we have to help them survive and prosper on all those dynamics…


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