DM’s Church: “You have to be true to your own goals; now, this is your goal!”

This sounds like a joke, but it isn’t… look at the new ad I just received…


  1. Thank you Silvia. What a great piece to showcase DM’s arrogance and hypocracy. It ranks up there with “if I want your opinion I will give it to you!” So much for independant thinking in the Church of Mestology.

  2. Dear Diminutive Dwarf Davie,

    The parking lot at the Orange County (CA) Org looks like it hasn’t been re-surfaced in over 30 years! It’s an eyesore, a downstat embarrassment, and the only church in the city of Tustin that looks so dumpy! It’s a real Hill 10 here, Davie! Forget about NEW Ideal Orgs …break out the ducats and re-pave the frickin’ parking lot!!!



  3. “Goals is to have all Ideal Orgs buildings done by 2010!”

    LMAO. It’s 20010 already! Now what?
    And where they gonna get a new public to fill all those empty buildings? Most of Orgs have empty classrooms and no pcs.This “Ideal org “idea was stupid to begin with

  4. Of course, the beauty of all this is that the Ideal Org campaign will be the final straw for lots of $cilons and when it becomes a BIG FAIL, another nail in the co$ coffin.

  5. Is that a picture of an Ideal Org course room on the poster? Is that the Supervisor contemplating jumping?
    What’s with that?!

    • Joe, I laughed reading your comment! Thank you!
      I had a similar thought… that guy sitting there is probably contemplating jumping off after being given a wrong goal… Ha! ha!

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