Bad management is therefore detectable on these points:…’5. There will be an effort to be supported.’

Have you ever wondered if something was written by LRH to prompt this type of tactic toward expansion? Have you ever doubt that may be something else was written to justify this Squirrel activities and policy violations by DM’s Current Management?

Let me tell you: There is nothing by LRH despite what some Church terminals, wants you to believe, that justify the suppressive act of altering the tech, of milking his parishioners and the act of keeping them off the Grade Chart…


HCOPL 10 November 1966 Issue 1, Admin Know How Series 6

by L. Ron Hubbard

(…) The essence of good management is CARING what’s going on.

‘A good manager takes care of the workers. He also takes care of the organization.’

(…) A good manager cares what happens, what’s spent, what prosperity can occur, how the work is done, how the place looks, how the staff really fares. He is dedicated to getting the show on the road and he takes out of the lineup obstacles to the org’s (and staff’s) progress.

pg.342 (OEC Vol 7)


Bad management is therefore detectable on these points:


2. There is an effort to borrow money rather than earn it.

3. There is a heavy effort to sell assets rather than make money.


5. There will be an effort to be supported.

6. There will be low affinity in the org for the org and its public.

(…) If one wants the org and its staff to prosper, the above measures must be done and quickly when the bills-cash ratio of an org threatens the continuance of it and the staff their jobs.

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