I just finished to read a book that Maria Pia Gardini wrote.

She send it to me and for the first time in years I got so involved in her story I could not stop reading till the very end.

There were many times I cried, I felt her pain and totally duplicated the abuses she has undergone by both life and the Church terminals.

Even if my time in Sea Org has been of the magnitude of months I had enough experience to observe the modus operandi… and I can really understand what is going on.

Even as public I always been regarded and treated as a staff, I was told by several Sea Org members that my confront and tone 40 was so high respect other public that they felt I was just one of them.

So at times I was expected to confront out-points, because if something is out-policy but seem at the moment to increase the PR, statistic and finances, is not something to be fixed or regarded as an arbitrary but something to be confronted. I was severely attacked upon my refusal to follow that line of thoughts.

Maria Pia Gardini to my viewpoint is not attacking Scientology, is attacking a suppressive group and the use of Black Scientology she has been abused with for years. It has been a true torture.

A vicious game to save a planet into the future millions of years, but where in present time you are not allowed to live happily, to be respected, to be loved and where compassion is only an instrument to be use in the sole instance they need to squeeze everything you got out of you!

The book is in Italian, you can always write to her on Facebook if you would like to order a copy…


a lecture by L. Ron Hubbard 4 Sept 1951 (S&D vol7)

“I does not matter what you invalidate so long as you lay off throwing him a curve about his theta control of himself or the physical universe around him. If you cut this up and invalidate this and push him around and mess him up in general you are going to have a bad result.”



  1. Cara Silvia, ho avuto qualche ciclo di comm con Maria Pia, mi dispiace contraddirti, ma lei non crede assolutamente nella funzionalità di scientology ed ha persino denigrato i livelli OT. Non sono decisamente dello stesso avviso.

    • Capisco. stavo parlando di cio che ha passato…
      e’ evidente che la chiesa sta sfornando anti scientologists

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