Using Children to get more money!!

But has nothing to do with kids!!

It is about the Sand Castle. I think is actually a perfect representation of the Ideal Orgs concept.

After all, all this massive buildings are just a bunch of sand… and they will disappear in time as such leaving behind a population ignorant and unable to clear men.

Again, Training and Auditing, the very basic commodities that the Church should be selling are not even mentioned !

In the real Scientology world, this is what happens to the Scientology kids.

This is what they are exposed to.

At almost every event and inside the orgs kids, young Scientologists and adults are exposed to these horrendous advertisement of death.

I can tell you that my son, after watching a clip on the psychs at one Scientology event, hasn’t being able to sleep and had nightmares for weeks. Since than he refused to go to any other event. He was extremely enturbolated and so was I.

While the psychs are indeed ruining people, there is no excuses for the IAS and the Church of Scientology to spread such enturbolative campaigns amongst people.  Unless there is a purpose behind: scared people are easier to control and manipulate.  (this is the Mechant of Chaos  tactic).

“Actually, really, all they’re doing is scaring the kids these days,

which is not an honorable activity for big, grown men.”

from a Lecture by LRH ‘Consideration, Mechanics and the Theory Behind Instruction, 20 July 1954


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  1. Psychiatrists are not “ruining people.”

    They are for the most part well meaning scientists, medical doctors (and therapists) who do their best to help people who have problems that are VERY DIFFICULT to treat. Mosts psychiatrists will humbly admit that psychiatry does not hold “all the answers” for the challenging field of treating mental illness and thus they make no stupid claims of being able to “Clear the planet.”

    The treatment of mental health is a vast and largely uncharted frontier. Psychiatry is a very young science; it plays by the rules and is governed by federal over sight. Have there been mistakes and abuses? Yes, of course… it is a YOUNG SCIENCE. It is growing… for the better.

    Psychiatry could not help L. Ron Hubbard in the 1940’s and he never got over that. LRH then went on to create Dianetics and Scientology neither of which proved to be of lasting benefit to LRH himself. LRH’s “case” was never handled… David Mayo confirmed as much.

    For the Scientologist, the ex-Scientologist and the independant Scientologist bashing psychiatry means you are simply stuck in the valence of LRH’s un-handled O/W’s on psychiatry and his own mental health. When you bash psychiatry you are really just running LRH’s un-handled case. That is not freedom.

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