DM versus LRH: Buildings against wisdom, the battle continues…

LRH says:

“The total empire of a Scientologist as far as-and of Scietology and its organizations, from my viewpoint, the total empire is an empire of wisdom. No political empire of any kind.

There is no effort on the part of Scientology to own or have allegiance of billions and billions and billions of people, or to have thousands and thousands of tons of masonry piled up, with Scientology written across the top of it, or to have certain government of Earth giving their allegiance to Scientology or something of the sort.

This is very dull indeed.

The empire of Scientology is 100% the empire of wisdom: there is no other empire envisioned.

From a lecture of L. Ron Hubbard ‘Consideration, Mechanics and theory behind instruction’

(Phoenix lectures) 20 July 1954


DM says:

And now we are thinking in terms of new buildings and designing new building all over the world.



  1. And here we go again with a quote attributed to Ron Hubbard, but no exact citation so any of us can find out whether he really said that or in what context.

    This is classic DM chicken picking Hubbard quotes out of context so as to completely alter their intended meaning – assuming he didn’t just make it up.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  2. Silvia,

    I wanted to get you opinion on a few questions:

    1. Do you think David Miscavige’s way of looking at things and his way of doing things have trickled down to lower executives and lower orgs?

    2. If yes, how much to you think it has trickled down?

    3. Do you have any evidence to show or point to that it has trickled down to lower executives and lower orgs?


    Tim H.

    • The road to truth is very interesting, the more you willing to discover and to know the more you will discover and know… There is something that you can’t buy or get though, and that is awareness. Some people just know, than they start looking for data and they just ending up confirming what they know. Mostly because the necessity to show other people. Since the 3D, average group/bank will do everything to invalidate your kowigness, you gather data. But if you go too much into the game of having to proof everything you know you get trapped. Sometimes you do not have to answer questions, you do not have to proof. Just know!
      I got the true data studying LRH, I observe people, stats, org, friends, and the level of survival… There are very good people in the Church, people that still believing things can be fixed… they engage in something called ‘rationalization’, I do not think they realize it is actually suppressive to do that.
      To answer your question… my advice is ‘to look’! the motion of the org down to the smallest terminal is flowing on arbitraries and suppressive orders. They obey. What condition are they in now?
      Treason. Down to the bottom of the org…

  3. I understand what you are saying and I remember LRH speaking on the subject
    of proof and not to get too caught up in it.

    It’s been my experience though that when something is going on there
    is usually some evidence in the MEST universe to reflect this. I have
    discovered evidence of his policies trickling down to lower orgs and it’s
    staff members. I wanted to build more evidence to put on my blog for others
    to see who haven’t been convinced yet about what’s going on. I thought that
    maybe you would have something that would reflect this that I haven’t seen as
    of yet. Marty keeps providing more and more indications of this on this blog
    but I wanted your input also.

    Since you didn’t answer my questions but give me a lecture on the subject of
    proof, which I already knew, I won’t ask again. It’s not my habit to abuse
    myself by taking the time to ask someone questions that just gets ignored
    leaving an incomplete cycle. I feel that with your no answer you have only
    lowered the dignity of and invalidated my questions. Have you been able to shake
    off the PTS’ness effects of your recent experience with your 2D? I would think
    about it I was you. When I ask someone a question and they ignore it, I take that
    as an insult. Just so you know.


    • Tim, please understand, the last thing I intended to do is insulting you. I post every day LRH quotes which, them alone, should highlight the squirrel practices of this current Church. My declaration and the KRs are all true and are the proof that staff are acting on arbitraries…
      I honestly do not know what to say.
      No, I’m not totally over the abuses, violence and nullifications I undergone with my ex 2D. It has been of a very big magnitude and made it even worse because there was huge love and affinity and TRUST involved which were perverted and betrayed.
      I’m working on it still. Every day I still cry… but one day will be over and I have to thank all my friends that are there for me, and the fact that being an auditor I can dig myself out.

  4. I’ve been exposing the church of scientology’s out nesses since 2003 back when Marty Mike Rinder was still taking orders from DM and there was no such thing as “independents”.

    These OTs and auditors jumping on the bandwagon are “Johnny come latelys” and are not pioneers in the movement. I sure a lot of what I did back then is what led to the movement being the way it is now. Yeah, people like you and Marty can come out and speak out safely nowadays because of years of people like me and other real pioneers in the movement taking the wrath of OSA’s fury for years so you could. Yeah, leaving the church and speaking out is all nice and safe now, enjoy.

  5. Silvia,

    Can I be honest with you? you seem to be a little too wrapped up in yourself and too absorbed in self pity. Take a little responsibility for your current situation. I tell you a little about how I got screwed by church staff member Patrick Howson, you never even touched on it. who cares, right? It’s more fun to talk nothing but about yourself, right? I asked you some questions, you ignored them, not once but now twice. More by-passed charge. It’s seems that your favorite subject is Silvia and not much else.

    If you can find time out of all your self focus and self pity, I wrote an article on how to spot OSA operatives on my blog, you might want to take a look at which took me years of scars and upset at the hands of OSA to discover.

  6. Hey Tim, you mentioned taking respondibility and that is good advice for all of us to follow. I think we should take ownership of the mental image pictures that we are carrying around in our vicinity and that is exactly where we pull in our reality from. Of course if we face these pictures thourouhgly enough they as-is or get reduced and they don’t manifest into our reality as readily as if we don’t face them thoroughly enough or if we are not really aware of them or if we are resisting them. So your response from Sylvis where she doesn’t answer your questions is a reflection of your pictures which you haven’t communicated thouroughly wnough with and so you are pulling these things in. Now whatever response I get for having said this will come from the degree I confront or not my own pictures. Back in 2003 I got my no-enturb order for communicating out-points about the church that I had found on a web-site. It’s good that you have been doing what you have been doing and I thank you for your efforts. But at the same time your efforts have finally brought people like Silvia and Marty and others but my efforts have pulled you guys in and Silvia has pulled in what she has pulled in as far as her friends and support. One great thing about us Scientologists is that we can take responsilbility for our condition but I really appreciate this blog that Silvia has put up and is the first that I am really participating in.
    But we should all take note that it is how we handle our own pictures that gives us our experience.

  7. Just read your blog Tim. Very interesting and valuable data. I think that was probably the reason that I was so inactive from my declare in 2004 until now. ESSO or whatever it was was nauseating with anti-sscientology stuff and the one lady I was befriending from England really turned me off to the whole ex-scientologist movement. However, even more interesting for me is how I was originally tipped off to the out-tech in the church by someone who I now belive was an operative who coaxed me to write a letter to ED Int as to why a book that he had shown me was no longer in print so I did and ED Int replied imlying that that book had never existed and meanwhile I had just been shown it. So the funny thing for me is how ED Int participated in getting me out of the church. But the cyucle between me and the operative left me so paranoid that I was hesitant to reach out to any outside groups. And then I can wonder and do sometimes if this whole thing happening with the church is a fabrication. My saving grace is this. No reality is definitely an ultimnate truth nor even true. They are appzrencies. They are creations. It’s up to us to decide which reality we want to create as real and we could pull that in as our experience by investing our energies in that direction. By applying the 2 rules for happy living which is really a way of auditing our imediate future, I have experienced the unwanted reality I was expecting not to be a moment later. Auditing our past or thouroughly communicating with our past can yield very positive changes and auditing our present and our future or communicating very thouroughly with our future can yield positive and magical results. But none of it is truth. It is just experiences. We are immortal beings and we can experience many things. Though I only have done a handful of basic coucrses-mostly the EPF ones and only got through the purif on the Bridge due mainly to a study bug and what I am deciding to create-a non-stanmdard church, I had to pay dearly for my cogs and my knowledge. Im 1997-98 I could bave been another Lisa McPherson case. Luckily I applied the two rules for happy living. I thus audited out a horrendus experience in 1997 and got through it unscathed and without any PR flaps despite my knowingness that I was going to be killed by the beings who had infiltrated the org.

  8. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten involved in what I felt I was doing which was standing up for Silvia a bit cause I perceived that she was being not treated so nicely and I had created Silvia as a good person and she is even very cute in her picture so my automatic reaction is to come to the aid of the disrespected damsel. But we are all theta individuals. We have all been enturbulated but we are all basically theta. We can all use a disenturbulating expedient to disenturbulate us and I should not come only to Silvia’s defense and not to Tim’s. Our game that we all chose at one point or another, the greatest game in the universe which I agreed was Scientology was the game where everyone wins! But if it wasn’t as challenging and as virtually impossible to win this game then it wouldn’t be as much of a game as it is. But sometimes we get a little too much game than we care for don’t we. At times to say the least it’s gotten a little bit overwhelming hasn’t it. There’s a reference that I want to bring up because it is very applicable to the entire Scientology world. It answers how we got into too much game. And too much game it will always be when we allow Scientologists being pinned against Scientologists. Here are some excerpts from the lecture given in 1956, Code of a Scientologist (which can be found in The Game of Life lectures): “Now auditors who are very short of games and so forth now have a formula for creating more randomity and more games. All you do is take any clause of the Code of a Scientologist and break it and you’ll have more game at once.”
    Here is the code(I have put an asterisk next to the ones that I feel are particularly pertinent. But although we are not supposedly in the field of mental health, if we’re supposed to clean up other fields, we should also be squeeky clean first):
    “[*]1. To keep Sciientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.
    [*]2. to use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to help my family, friends, groups and the world.
    3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help.
    [*]4. To decry and do all I can to abolish any and all abuses against life and mankind.
    [*]5. To expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health.
    [*]6. To help clean up and keep clean the field of mental health.
    [*]7. To bring about an atmosphere of safety and security in the field of mental health by eradicating its abuses and brutality.
    [*]8. To support the humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.
    [*]9. To embrace the policy of equal justice for all.
    [*]10. To work for freedom of speech in the world.
    [*]11. To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.
    [*]12. To support the freedom of religion.[How about as in freedom of viewpoint!]
    13. To help Scientology organizations and groups ally themselves with public groups.
    [*]14. To teach Scientology at a level it can be understood and used by the recipients.[and also to dispense justice actions at a level that can be at least eventually understood and used for benefit by its recipients!]
    [*]15. To stress the freedom to use Scientology as a philosophy in all its applications and variations in the humanities.
    [*]16. To insist upon standard and unvaried Scientology as an applied activity in ethics, processing and administration in Scientology organizations.
    [*]17. To take my share of responsibility for the impact of Scientology upon the world.
    [*]18. To increase the numbers and strength of Scientology over the world.
    [*]19. To set an example of the effectiveness and wisdom of Scientology.
    [*]20. To make this world a saner, better place.”

    So I think that Scientologists as a whole have violated the code. And now we have a little more game than we care for. But here’s even more spot on and pertinent data from that lecture:

    “Now, some Scientologists are so short on games that they can only have opponents in other Scientologists. After all, this is easy. They both speak the same language, you can easily root out their errors and mistakes. Don’t you see? They’re easy to understand and very easy to have as opponents.
    “Well all right. If you yourself are willing to generate a new game in your society or community, that game need only have more action, more appeal and more problems to beat out every other game being played in the community. And if that’s a sane game, you’ll then have a sane community. You follow me? If you simply fight the psychotic games going on in the community, nothing will happen except that you will get enturbulated.
    “You would be amazed what happens to messages that come across my desk telling about the boo-boos of auditors over thataway. Auditors write me and tell me about how horrible auditors are over thataway. The auditors over thataway are meantime writing me and telling me how horrible they are over thisaway and it’s pretty remarkable.
    “Every once in a while somebody on an administrative line will do something peculiar. They will mock up some kind of a message direct for me to clobber some group; they’ll do all sorts of things. Occasionally, just to add to the randomity, I’ll all of a sudden write up a message, you know, saying, ‘Shoot everybody in northern Australia,’ something like that, you know.
    “But when I mock them along that line, they are usually not really in the direction toward a solution, they’re in the direction of showing them a better target than each other. And the hallmark you might say, of my communication line on subjects that have to do with enturbulances amongst associations and auditors is that I always point out a rougher game than they’re trying to play. Then, fact is, the game can be played.”

    Alright, in Scientology we are now playing against each other. DM and crew is exhibiting “some Scientologists are so short on games that they can only have opponents in other Scientologists.” He must be having loads of fun! Wheee! It’s not how you enlighten and clear the planet. Why don’t we do it anyway?

  9. This one too. I’m sure many of us feel that we have not been exchanged with properly for our donaitons and energies invested.

    [*]3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help.

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