the powerful truth about this ‘post’ called life by Silvia Kusada

“You can repair a guy, see. You can process him, you can snap

his ability up to where he could handle that post.”

by L. Ron. Hubbard – ATTITUDE AND CONDUCT OF SCIENTOLOGY, A lecture given on 3 November 1955

There has always been abuses, crimes and evil… history will never change unless we stop dedicating our lives fighting causes. It might solve temporarily a problem but does not change the evil and criminal minds. If instead we dedicate our lives to create and make strong-able-good people… we might have a chance.

It  starts with us, the 1st dynamic.

We can squash down those who have been hurting us, but what would the result be? Temporary satisfaction?

They would just get more degraded than they already are, and us too.

And the truth is, there is going to be somebody else or the same one in the future that will hit us again. This is just how it goes…

But by decreasing our weaknesses, by becoming stronger and more able we can change the future.

…and the next time somebody else will hit us, we will just get right back up.

This is our chance.

Get trained and get audited, your future is in your hand and so the future of your friends.

In this moment in time, amongst the independents, you can find the best standard auditors you could get.

And remember…  if does not make you feel good, is not Scientology!

“Now, where one or another of us in Scientology have been injured by somebody else in Scientology, which is inevitably true, human beings step on other human beings’ toes. And you cannot be right and be human. We’re playing the game being Scientologists and being human too, and these things get crossed up sometimes, see?

Somebody gets his toes stepped on, see that?

Somebody plays it just a little bit too hard. His anxiety or something of the sort to do this or that or produce an effect causes him to play the game just a little too far. Something of the sort.

And somebody gets his toes stepped on.”

“Human relations get in the road of the best of intentions, one way or the other. Somebody to some slight degree gets hurt.

The thing to do in such a circumstance is to do what you can to patch up the guy that got hurt.

“Now, what would be the immediate recourse, what should be their next action, and what should be the action of people who have re-joined hands with the plaintiff? What should be the action than of the defendants and the friends of the plaintiff? Where should they join hands?

They should join hands in doing something to straighten out the situation for the plaintiff, because if the plaintiff is casting himself in the role of the plaintiff, the least thing that is wrong with him is that he needs a little more ability to handle his own sphere of action.

That’s the least thing there.”

“So any way we look at it in Scientology, but not in human relations, the most sensible thing to do would be to give the

plaintiff a hand. This guy says he’s been hurt, he’s screaming to high heaven, let’s try and give him a hand.

In view of the fact that he’s in Scientology the probability is that he actually has been hurt. See? He probably -that’s the-the probabilities are very in favor of that. And he wasn’t just standing

there screaming, or she isn’t just standing there screaming and saying, “I’ve been done in,” just to stand there and say, “I’ve been done in,” see.

From this viewpoint at least something bad has happened. People then should just simply say-the friends of this person and enemies alike simply get together and say, “Well, let’s see-how can we straighten this out I think the best thing to do would be to back up the truck and get it off of her leg ” Get the idea?

“It’ll serve no purpose whatsoever standing around the radiator of the truck saying how seriously is it resting on the leg and it is really true that you or I were driving the truck.

This gets nowhere, you see?

Let’s back the truck up off the leg. Let’s straighten them up. Let’s run out the engram and get the show on the road. Get the idea?

That is workable. That does work. And I’m only interested in the workable. And it does seem to me that we in Scientology raise our abilities as far as we can, as much as we can, but we still find ourselves human. And maybe that’s the way it should be.

But we find ourselves a little bit different than human in that we have a possibility of understanding even the fact that we are human.

And if we understand that, if we understand that, we can then do something about it.

The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.

Amongst us we have occasionally the feeling like: life requires that we be stern; life requires that we be ornery enough and mean enough to fire him; life requires that we’ve got to tell this preclear the next time we come that she must go, she must leave, she must never darken our door again. Life requires that. We must be stern, we must be mean, we must occasionally be ornery, and we must steel ourselves to take an unkind action. And we feel sometimes there’s something wanting in us, because we refuse to take this unkind action. We feel we are being cowardly, that we are ducking back from our responsibilities. We feel the best way to solve the thing would be to be a little bit mean about it. Get the idea? We should be able to be tough. That’s the darndest trap there is. That is a weakness. It’s a weakness. We’re saying, “We should be able to be weak.”

Our strength does not lie in our ability to be tough, our ability to face up to it, our ability to say sternly to the preclear, “Go! Never darken this door again ” You see?

We’ve actually got to fall way down hill to do this. And somehow or other life nags at us and says, “We must be tough, we

must shape up to it, we must grit our teeth and learn to be mean to people. If we can’t be sufficiently mean to people we’ll just never get along.”

Ever had that feeling? It’s the most weak thing you can do It bears out this way Interestingly, if you want to observe it, get some more data on it, I invite you to do so. There’s never any necessity to be mean to anybody.

This is fantastic The weak, unworkable thing to do is to get tough and to get ornery, you know, and to steel

yourself into it, you know. That’s very weak. Because we’re trying to ape the fellow who can do nothing else. We’re trying to ape the nation that can only solve its diplomatic problems by indulging in war. And if you can show me a nation that ever won a war, if you can ever show me a war that was ever won, by everybody, why, then I am willing to lay aside the statement that being tough and steeling ourselves and being mean will ever be necessary. It’s never necessary. And I’ll only be willing to say that it is sometimes necessary if you can show me a war that has been won by everybody.

No war ever has been won even by the (quote) “victor” (unquote). The victor usually wins the right to feed the enemy for a while.

“And so our kind impulse is muffled by the fact that we “know”

we had certainly better tell this person off.

And the actual result of this, quite ordinarily, is inaction. There is no action of any kind undertaken to resolve the situation because we know we should resolve it by being tough. And our own kind hearts won’t let us do so. So we do nothing.

Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.

And it never solves by being tough. “”


A lecture given on 3 November 1955

Silvia Kusada is a GAT Class V Flag trained auditor and a GAT Class VI, and Class IV C/S.

She is available for any help you may need:


  1. That is the most applicable reference that I have ever seen! Very, very theta. You are doing a very, very theta job Silvia. Thank you so immensely!

  2. Thank you Richard, this is one of my favorite lectures. 😀

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