What a hidden command line is… and why Miscavige is making sure ‘nobody’ makes it to Class VIII

What a hidden command line is… and why Miscavige is making sure ‘nobody’ makes it to Class VIII

‘The only way command intentions can get alter-ised

apart from outright non-compliance,

which I feel, if looked at closely,

is also due to a hidden command line.”

One of the ways to control a population, beside implant it, is to keep it ignorant and feed false data.

In greater or lessen degree this is what is happening at this moment in the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige management.

One of the several types of implants per HCOB “Types of Implants” is to tell people to not talk about something. This together with heavy ethic and sec checking introverts highly the person.

On the top of this today the Churches of Scientology are coaxing people into arbitrary training. The basics with all the lectures are actually out of gradient to most and, at the same time, keeps people  from moving up the Grade Chart.

The violation of HCOPL “Course schedule” which eliminates the special schedule for academy training, has been also been another way to keep Scientologists off the Grade Chart.

All this has gotten the agreement of several of those few Scientologists left in the Church which do not have a clue of what the real tech is, and have been fed False data with the porpose to agree to what is a flagrant alteration of command intention… of course this is done by using a hidden data line and a hidden command line.

It is interesting to note, reading the introduction of the first Class VIII lecture, (nothing confidential is published below) that LRH knew exactly what an aberrated mind was going to do in order to gain power.

It explain below what a hidden data line, a hidden command line and command intention are, and how they come about.

Powerful data I think are worth to share… definitely these data should not be hidden.


NOTE: Although this tape is classified Confidential, in the quotes below there are no confidential data.

6809C24 Class VIII TAPE 1


” But a student on the Saint Sill Briefing Course is given all the research materials, now of eighteen years, so that he’ll have a good background and a good rounding out on which he can operate, and then he goes into power and his lessons in simplicity begin to occur. Only an expert can be simple.”

“In other words it takes a total expert to be totally simple.”

“And then there’s this other thing called a hidden data line. This thing called a hidden data line is one of the most fascinating things I ever heard of. Now, Captain Joe Von Stodden, Captain of the Flag Ship,… finally found out how a hidden data line occurs. Or how a hidden command line occurs. And I’ll just read his dispatch in full here as I received it this morning. It’s very, very good.

“Regarding the subject of a hidden data line, I have observed the basis of the hidden data line, and it is simply this: The hidden command line. This is the only way command intentions can get alter-ised apart from outright non-compliance, which I feel, if looked at closely, is also due to a hidden command line.”

“For example, a level 3 auditor does a green form without an E-meter. A level 6 asks him, “What the hell are you doing?” And the level 3 auditor says, “I have just come back from the AO and they do it like that.” And the level 3 auditor gives a big explanation of why it goes that way.

And the level 6 auditor pursues the issue and finds other auditors from AO doing a green form this way, and therefore it must be OK. So the level 6 auditor starts doing a green form in this way. This is an extreme example, but the point  is the level 6 started backing off when the AO was mentioned.”

“The higher up the command line, the level 6 wouldn’t have just taken it from the level 3, but the 3, being just…having just had close contact with a body higher on a command line than the 6, starts off the level 6’s doubt.

And the higher on a command line the power is drawn from, the wider area the alter-is covers. Like it seems someone figured this out and just put god there.”

“You know, somebody just heard from god, so that’s the right thing to do.”

“Religion is a pretty good example of a hidden command line. There is policy on ‘If it’s not written it’s not true’, and ‘The only standard tech is found in HCOBs, tapes and books’, yet tech gets alter-ised in Orgs, and the form of the Org is difficult at times to keep. I conclude from

this that command lines are misused and not understood always.”

The Class VIII course is handling the tech line, and I really feel will get the data line in from source, and kept in by Sea Org Class VIIIs doing a patrol of tech. To handle the design won’t it be a good idea to run the Org Exec course based on some principles, the same principles as the Class VIII auditors course here? To put in the command lines with a thud, then, we will be able to turn out cracker jack auditors and a cracker jack org to back them up would be a great help. So it undoubtedly occurs organizationally as well as technically.”

And those are very, very important considerations. The laws of listing. They were all on tape, they were in bulletins. And somebody has removed both tapes and bulletins from the training line of the Class VI course.

Now, do you realize that the morale of an organization is proportional to the accuracy of the technology? If they haven’t got accurate technology that works, works, works, I will tell you what. Their morale goes to pieces because they haven’t got anything left to work for.

Now I don’t mean to appear violent. But when you have talked your lungs out hour after hour, day after day to drive one point home and it doesn’t drive, and it evaporates, it demonstrates that the subject can be wrecked by deleting from the subject line a piece of key data. As well as somebody who just came in saying, “The Advanced Org. That’s the way they’re doing it at the Advanced Org.”

” Do you realize that Scientology very remarkably well stays together in spite of the absence of standard tech? It’s remarkable. It’s the only hope man’s got. But when it’s done wrongly, when that is done wrong, man is being betrayed. And he’s being very, very badly betrayed.

“ What do you have to be, in order to run tech that close? You have to be the god damnedest most screaming expert you’ve ever heard of. You have to know all of the width and body of the Saint Hill course, the research line, all the books, because that enough was a pathway. That was a roadway. And then knowing all that you know the total boundaries. You know the total boundaries the tech can reach.”

“Smokey Joe sits down, and he sits down in the auditing session, and he’s in really bad shape, and he was audited out in Keokuk, and didn’t do any good. And his TA is at .9, and the needle is terribly stuck. And what do we do? We do Ruds or green form to F/N and next grade. (Laughs)

And then there’s this fellow comes in,(…) And he’s a member of the British government so he’s

pretty confused. (…) And what do you do with this guy? (…) Well in standard tech you don’t even know whether or not he’s a resistive type case, so you do the Ruds or green form to F/N, and the next grade.

“Now there’ve been people on the line who have put out re-written bulletins and things like that, and there is a re-written bulletin which shows just that happening. But that is bonkers!

So we can assume that people who are a bit inclined to malign, knock apart and shoot the human race, and have that as their only goal, can get into Scientology and can remove things from the technical line, or pervert or alter things in the technical line, which then makes Scientology unworkable.

Therefore, we have entered in upon a program. And this program simply is that you, called in from your various Orgs, are being taught rapid-fire as hard and as clear and as bold as we can teach you. Standard tech. The auditing of it and the case supervision of it. And we will send you back as Class VIII provisionals.”

“There aren’t any cases that go through any org, there must not be any cases going through any org, there must not be any cases audited any place, that are not case supervised by a Class VIII.”

One thing will never change in the Miscaviology Churches…

the emptiness!!

This is an Ideal Org in few years….  NO PEOPLE

and what it is left of the cooler drinkers donations; Ruins… No trained Auditors and No real OT’s.


CALL (816) 753-6590

MAGGIE KITTINGER and TINA RUTZ and tell them to STOP this SQUIRREL campaign!!

Silvia Kusada is a GAT Class V Flag trained auditor and a GAT Class VI, and Class IV C/S.

She is available for any help you may need: skusada2010@gmail.com



  1. How about calling them and giving them a nice LRH reference that that will help them!

    • yes… the reference is ED IDEAL ORGS… they read it but they do not apply it.
      It is called Suppressive Rationalization of DM hidden command line.

      • I have a question. Does any independent Scientologist know what LRH would do if he was in our shoes? Has anybody had any success at getting someone inside the church to cognite? Does anyone have the tech on it? The datums that show how many people have been declared by DM and crew clashes against the datum that 2% of the population are true suppressives. 98% of Old Saint hill staff were declared?!
        So who’s got the tech on getting Scientologists to cognite? It took too may years for many of us to realize that the church was not being run standardly. In HCOPL 22 June 1974 called Tech, LRH says:”If you find in any area you are taking too long to produce a product, then it’s tiime to review your tech.” and LRH explains what to do in this situation. But the first thing to do is to ask does the tech exist? It seems that a higher number of people are leaving the church. So something is happening that is getting results. Whatever is getting results, let’s do more of that and lets keep stats on it. Let’s not do like the church and PR the stats. Let’s get them out!

      • LRH forecasted everything in the early days. I personally believed he was researching how to bring men to an higher enough state to not pervert the tech… He pushed everybody to study, auditing and training when he was in charge… that was the only chance men had to go up tone and take responsibility for the dynamics… Unfortunately the training is not happening and OT’s the very few, are ignorant…
        So we have Black Scientology… fighting against the awareness of people.
        But because Scientology, even if badly applied, still gives you some gaings.. they are dealing with people that are stronger… or are waking up in some degree… and therefore the “rebels”.
        Yes, LRH talk about it… 😀

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