it is not true that the world is a sad place because of them… by Silvia Kusada

it is not true that the world is a sad place because of them… by Silvia Kusada

What Good Manners are:

“The original machinery developed by man to oil the machinery

of human relationship was good manners.

Various other terms that describe this procedure are politeness, decorum, formality,

etiquette, form, courtesy,  refinement, polish, culture, civility, courtliness and respect.

Good manners sum up to a) granting importance to the other person and b) using the two-way communication cycle.

HCOPL 30 May 1971 by L. Ron Hubbard

What Bad Manners are:

making an appointment and not keeping it, issuing an invitation too late for it to be accepted,not offering food or drink, not standing up when a lady or important men enters, treating one’s subordinates like lackeys in public, raising one’s voice harshly in public, interrupting what someone else is saying to “do something important,”  not saying thank you or good night- these are all bad manners.

People who do these or a thousand other discourtesies are mentally rejected by those with whom they come into contact.

HCO PL 30 May 1971 by L. Ron Hubbard

What we can really do?

Although is true that if we had honest politicians things would be better, if Miscavige would not have used and altered the precious Technology of LRH for personal gains we will have a chance to have a better people, if all the evil will be handled there will be peace…

This is all true, but what it is not true is that the world is a sad place because of them.

Do you know where the world is a sad place?

Where there are people so introverted in themselves, so busy to be upset with the high priests for the economy, the war, the poverty that are not creating happiness in their own environment.

It is a sad place where men and women have decided “to pass” on doing daily nice things to others and to make them feel special.

In every single routine action, motion and communication there is something we could add to make it fun, less painful or less sad or somehow special to others. If only, every day of our lives, will have one special thing done from others to us that make us feel special, smile or be happy… we already would look at the world under a different light.

If the world looks sad is because of all the nice things we could have done to others that we didn’t do. The little gesture, compliment or attention. That smile and that COURTESY that wasn’t there.

Because each and every one of us. When you wake up in the morning, if you would smile at your wife or your husband, if the first thing you would think of is what she/him would like, how create a special start in his new day!

Or if you have those thoughts for your neighbor or your co-worker… And what about if each one of them would do the same for you?

…..  ….. …..  

Each one of us every time we are in contact with another we can look at them as enemies, we can think of handling them as we are involved just in surviving ourselves or we can conceive every moment like a blessing an opportunity to shake our magic wand, and transform a grey day of another into a special one.

If today, when you sit at your desk at work, you would find a little sticker with written “we are really happy you work here” or a candy with a smile… you would see that you do not care as much anymore of how much crime there is… because you would start thinking of love and care… and you would discover how this world is in fact, already a very good place.

Happy individual make happy families, happy families make happy groups. Happy groups know that they only have a chance to survive if they flow power to each other…

But it all starts from us…

Transform a routine into a special occasion… celebrate happiness…

is easy and start with the most simple gestures.

Why serve this

when you can serve this

… Why be like this

when you could be like this

How are the people close to you doing?

Do they feel special when you are around them?

Are they truly happy?

Do you make them feel they can be themselves, and feel comfortable and cared around you?

Are they prospering and moving toward their goals…

If today every one of you would try to ‘bloom’ a smile. I would feel I have achieved my goal… while you are in fact  changing the world into a better place.

We can do it together… Politicians, evil intentioned people can fuck up the world… but they cannot fight that happiness people who care and value each other can create in their  near environment…

It is a group activity…

Believe me, is worth it!!



Silvia Kusada is a GAT Class V Flag trained auditor and a GAT Class VI, and Class IV C/S.

She is available for any help you may need:


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