how to detect an abusive relationship with a group, person or else…

Psychological Violence is the hardest to heal…

There are very few people, I have observed, that can conceive what unconditional love is. Those are also people capable to the highest ARC. There are even fewer people who are capable of such love without suffering if they do not get any back.

When you are capable to emanate such high ARC, the world became a bit an odd place… People that are unable to experience it they are often perverting your flow into something on the lower band they have some reality with. They confuse justice with hate. They cannot conceive love where a great harm has occurred.

But true love is a flow that does not expire when in the higher band. Is a steady harmonic flow.

“Well if you are going to live a life without sensation, feeling, communication, ARC, understanding and a few other minor quantities, why live?
…because the things I’ve named are the pay you get for living; and there’s no other pay.

The pay is communication, sensation, ARC, understanding, cooperative endeavor, enthusiasm over goals, activity; the feeling one is going someplace or doing something. These are the only payments that can be made to anyone for living.”

From lecture:

(Ability Congress) by L. Ron Hubbard.

As a high tone person will seek reward or better true pleasure in Affinity Reality and Communication, and would do everything they can to create that all around them, we will find that some people will pervert those very valuable commodities in order to dominate.

Psychological abuse is what derives from it.

I have studied for years LRH and the tech of the Suppressive person/ the person dramatizing those characteristics and I thought I had it pretty well. This until I met one. A person with the impulse to destroy and control, able to pervert the most pure love and affinity in the name of the tech, ethic and justice. A person that I loved and still love greatly.

A person that traps you with agreements while he never intents to keep them himself…

The sad thing being in Scientology at this time is that when you start feeling greatly enturbolated and seek for help, you get accused of being out-ethic and pull that thing in. There is no effort to look at the situation and handle the abuses.

While you do not get help from inside, you are also instructed and convinced that the outside world is a psychiatric network which does nothing but to put you into drugs and electroshock.

So you end up eliminating quite a bit of resources for help.

10 days ago, still immersed on my great sadness, I finally decided to seek help from a social helper.

It has been the first time, somebody really duplicated me, she did not judge, she saw my pain and assured me that everything would be all right. The first thing she did was showing me some data about physical and psychological abuses.

A great write-up very informative that I wished I had 3 years ago… She also told me I could have gotten some pills, but when I told her I was not in favor of taking those, she was very supportive on that.

While reading this write-up I thought was particularly effective and extremely clear as to help detecting abusive relationships, those being with a single partner or a group. It describes behaviors of every level of the tone scale included the hidden hostility which is the most difficult one to prove it existed due to the indirectness with which is performed, while causing the most harm.

Let’s look at this. I will look at the data in relation to a  group, (90% of those points were present in my last relationship) but please for the many women or men that are undergoing or have undergone an abusive relationship look careful at your life, it can help you to as-is and acknowledge some of the most painful incidents, and may be to get help in time if you still involved, and help the person that does it too.


by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project


a)    Making her afraid by using looks, actions, gestures b) Smashing things 3) destroying her property 4) abusing pets 4) displaying weapons.

DOMINATION is used in the Current Church of Scientology.


a)    Putting her down b) making her feel bad about herself c) calling her names d) making her think she’s crazy e) playing mind games f) humiliating her g) making her feel guilty.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE is used in the current Church of Scientology


a)    Controlling what she does, who she sees or talks to, what she reads, where she goes b) limiting her outside involvement c) using jealousy to justify actions.

ISOLATION is used in the Current Church of Scientology; parishioner are forbidden to read, inform themselves and talk to people who are labeled SP, disaffected this being ex Scientologist or other people believing in different philosophy and not aligned with the supporting of the Church


a)    Making light of the abuse and not taking her concerns about it seriously b) saying the abuse didn’t happen c) shifting responsibility for abusive behavior d) saying she caused it.

MINIMIZING, DENYING AND BLAMING is used in the current Church of Scientology; Whatever the “church is doing to you is not important (they are saving the planet and giving you eternity, instead what you do is very bad and a pretest from their side to milk you out of more donations and volunteer work.)


a)    Making her guilty about the children b) using the children to relay messages c) using visitation to harass you d) threaten to take children away

USING CHILDREN is used in the current Church of Scientology; they make you feel guilty if you do not send them to a Scientology school, parishioner are threaten (even if not openly, but through disconnection) to not be able to see their kids if the disconnect openly to Scientology of if they do not agree with the philosophy overtly. Moreover children are now used into the advertisement to promote further donation to profit DM’s Ideal Orgs Real Estate project.


a)    Treating her like a servant b) making all the big decision c) acting like the “master of the castle: d) being the one to define men’s and women’s roles.

MALE PRIVILEGE is used in the current Church of Scientology; parishioner are threatened like staff, they do not get paid and they HAVE to follow command intention (DM’s one)


a)    Preventing her from getting or keeping a job b) making her ask for money c) giving her an allowance d) taking her money e) not letting her know about or have access to family income

ECONOMIC ABUSE is used in the current Church of Scientology; and this does not apply to staff, but also with public. By coercing people into debts to pay for more illegal donations, by having parishioner to illegally use their business funds, the Church of Scientology has put in danger and many times caused their parishioners to go into bankruptcy. The arbitrary cancellation of Special Schedule, has cause to people to 1) given up study or to give up job in order to study and take care of the family.


a)    Making and/or carrying out threats to do something to hurt her b) threatening to leave her, to commit suicide, to report her to welfare c) making her drop charges d) making her do illegal things.

COERCION AND THREATS are used in the current Church of Scientology; while you get threaten to be taken off course, being forced into sec checks or heavy ethic cycle which end up in further donations and debts as an amend if you are in the church, this is also something OSA uses in abundance to get people to shut up when they leave.

When the church issue a golden rod the person in question does not get any longer a copy. Most of the time, the issue contains lies and therefore if they would send the interested party a copy they could be sued of libel and slander.

Silvia Kusada is a GAT Class V Flag trained auditor and a GAT Class VI, and Class IV C/S.

She is available for any help you may need:



  1. Great woman, great being, thanks for being there. Some great qualities as LRH said in “A model hat for an executive”: “understanding, intelligence, helpfullnes, courage and compassion”.

  2. Wow! Silvia–this is really great stuff to post. It helps a lot!

  3. This is wonderful! You said it! Add, I want to mention about breaking a relationship with a man, esp when we are older, we are not getting the hormones we need – we absorb hormones from the man – so you might want to get your hormones checked – I am serious. Use bio-identical only. It worked for me when breaking off with someone. I hit more data about hormones, the mans hormones are a precursor to ours – and all of a sudden that source of hormones is gone. For example, women go through the baby blues after deliverying a baby – because the placenta makes about 400mgs of progestrone daily, and zing, after labor, it is gone. Hence the baby blues…tha same effect happens when breaking off with a man, esp when we are older, because our hormone levels have dropped. It certainly kills the ‘weepies’, the depression..etc.

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