the sure product of a MASKED MANAGEMENT

More and more people are leaving the Squirrel authoritarian management of David Miscavige. OSA is in panic… they try to blame the increasing disaffection to the wrong target.

To be expected, from an organization acting below 1.1.

They haven’t had the courage to look at the fact that are indeed their own dirty games that are creating more and more anti-scientologists!

They are the one pushing for a revolt….

and it is all about to happen!

The following is an extract from

HCO PL 9 January 1951, AN ESSAY ON MANAGEMENT by L. Ron Hubbard

(page 567, Volume 7)

“(…) The group one way or another will try to knock apart an authoritarian management or a management even slightly authoritarian. The management thinks this is all because  of bad planning, tries to plan better,  and thinks all can be righted by just a little more emergency punishment drive… the group revolts more. Management punishments-drives more. And finally something has to explode.

It is a lucky nation which blows into a theta goal revolt

early in this cycle.


Such a science of management should obtain optimum performance potentialities and optimum living conditions for the group and its members.

page 581) (…)  However, it the foundation is ever to accomplish a post astrainer of government personnel, a tutor to the world of all management, the Foundation had better become, of itself, the best example of Group Dianeticsim existence.

(…) In accordance with an ambition to put his house in order, it is suggested that any organization so desiring put into practice the following tenets:

  1. Consider well its ideal and ethics. This is the province of goal finding.
  2. Consider well its rationale. This is the province of management, its planning and coordination.
  3. Consider well his execution. This is the province of staff and individual members of the group.

5.  Choose for its posts of trust high-theta personnel who plan creatively and constructively in expanding terms rather than “emergency” terms.

Keep out of office the death-talkers who pervert or selectively censor communications or cut lines to gain power, who postulate opportunistic but dire realities and who, perverting affinity, have no love for man.

7. Hook up an abundance of communication lines to fill their various needs, keep the communications terse, keep the communications wholly honest and drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.

8. Incline in the direction of creating affinity from group to group and group to management. Create and maintain high affinity with the rest of the world.

9. Create a high reality and ethical reality of a better world and then make it come into being. Make the organization a model of that better world.

10. Persevere in the continual raising of group tone. Persevere toward the goal of the highest individual tone. It is theoretically true that a high enough group tone level almost nullifies the necessity of individual clearing and that high individual tone creates a high group tone.

582 (…) and thus have done with the casualness and insincerities existing in a low-toned outer.”

Silvia Kusada is a GAT Class V Flag trained auditor and a GAT Class VI,

and Class IV C/S.

She is available for any help you may need:



  1. Well done, Silvia – another relevant, on-source quote. Very interesting.
    Since 1983, I have hoped that the Independent Scientologists would re-group outside the Church to form an effective alternative. To my great regret, so far I have seen no signs of this happening on a realistic scale. We have become very individuated; most former Sea Org members appear to have little interest in furthering the goal of Clearing the Planet, which I find very disappointing.
    It will be fascinating to see whether current events will result in a more causative result and/or the reform of the Church itself – which is, of course, the other more radical option.
    But to whom would we now trust the future management of the organisation?
    Now there’s a question!
    At the moment, the Church has a huge ARCXn field – including ourselves – but imagine the effects if all those people could be galvanised back into action!
    Much love, Robin

    • Thank you for your comment. I do understand what you say and I share your feeling about having a real in tech group. We will. There are so many of us… 😀

  2. Ladies, and gentlemen that read this, I am a purif completion only. Back around 1987 I completed it in 4 months or something atrocious like that. I had a study bug and I was in and out of the Sea Org/staff 6 times(most of those I did not complete the EPF)! When I hit my rock bottom of rock bottoms in 1997 after a severe car accident where I even got amnesia was when my confront came up and I began making things go right and insisting on on-source policy and my first severe ethics action resulted when I was operating at this new higher speed. I had become the ethics officer of a newly formed FSM group and so I used to go down to the Miami Org and everyone was fine with it until they found out up in Sea Org Pac and they told me not to hang around the Org because I was a freeloader. I was ready to operate at 10 times my level of production as back in 1986 in New York when I had sold 2,000 books with New Names to CF and so from my viewpoint the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics was that I continue being part of this FSM group. So I simply asked where is it in writing that I needed to stay away from the Org if I was still a freeloader. I continued making it go right to go to the Org without a car from Ft Lauderdale to Miami and was the Ethics Officer of this team but now the Org was now asking me to stay away from the Org. I asked where it was in writing. No attempt was made to give me anything in writing so I kept coming back. Once I was called down by an auditor I thought for a session. I was taken to a back building isolated from the main Org and another “auditor,” as I sat across from him at a table eventually started banging and banging very hard on the table and screaming at the top of his lungs over and over again to stay away from the org. I went home after that and retained my composure though a little perplexed but I was back the next day or so as nothing had been given to me in writing. Finally the ED Sue Vespie met me at reception and tried to convince me to leave the Org and I was and ALWAYS had been very civilized and with her I even originated how I did not want to take the ED of the Org off post but is there any way that I could get sometnhing in writing and I insisted that I felt that this was the standard thing to do. She assured me finally that I would be mailed something in writing and I left quite content. I received in the mail a PTS Tpe III declare! It did not have any LRH about my concern but it did order me not to speak to any Scientologists and I was assigned one terminal from the Org. I applied the conditions as best as I could but at doubt I assumed that the church’s stats were up. So I went along with their game and was allowed to go back to the Org almost 2 years later when I paid off my free loader debt.
    This did tame me down. This did lower my speed yet I was still doing better than before my rock bottom of rock bottoms of 1997. I began moving on course as never before though I was not that fast but I was very much improved. Yet I kept eventually winding up in ethics for being late for course for example. Hmmmn. I wonder if the unhandled ethics/justice related earlier similar had anything to do with it? Yet despite having trouble in the Org, I WAS IMPROVING SPIRITUALLY. How? The Science of Survival tapes were like my favorite tapes. The basics of theta disenturbulates entheta and raising my average tone I began to apply. Then they released The Joy of Creating CD. So I began creating more theta moments by applying the Joy of Creating. At first I wondered if I could bring up my tone level by applying the Joy of Creating so I tried it. I was able to! I used to keep stats of how long I was uptone and I used to do my “uptone drills” as I called them every day. In Science of Surevival LRH says that anything that brings a person up the tone scale is valid processing. And I had lots of cognitions and I also started seeing more outpoints with the church. Anyway, it is a long story but eventually I got declared in 2004. In 2006 my uptone exercises began dropping off but I still had managed to create a bit of theta in my life for myself. But my point is that-well, take a look at what LRH is saying in the reference Silvia is giving:
    “10. …It is theoretically true that a high enough group tone level almost nullifies the necessity of individual clearing and that high individual tone creates a high group tone.”
    This is the key for an Independent Scientologist group to be successful. What I started doing was keeping stats of my uptone exercises and I observed that things went well when the stat was up and they didn’t go well when it was down. What was missing for me was that I was alone. I had no support with what I was doing. I was also living with my family who is not pro-Scientology(with the intention to handle them) and when the church disconnected me I was really alone. So what I have been missing is a group. And eventually I would like to get the auditing necessary to as-is even the crimes of Adolf Hitler if I need to.
    The funny thing in our situation seems to be the following: Alright, LRH says that we think in similarities and differences. So something happens in our environment or we get a communication and we pull up and connect that communication or incident or “picture” to what is most similar to us on our track. And the problem is that when we speak to ex-church of Scientologists we will tend to connect those pictures to existing picture chains that contain our declares and related incidents. Being ex-Church of Scientologists we all have some chains of our declare and related events that are connected to picture chains which on our track hold their force on a yucky basic incident of some sort. So it is not difficult at all to connect to our older yucky declare and unpleasant Scientolgy experience chains that are already set in place. Thus the difficulty in getting Scientolgist Independent groups going!
    I need to disclose something here. When I first started communicating with Silvia, I was very excited and it was a positive experience. But then, what did I pull in? Just as in an auditing session when the auditor directs the PC’s attention to a charged incident and maybe this then pulls in somatics onto the PC or stuff contained in the incidents before they are as-ised begin to manifest into reality, couldn’t I pull in some of the stuff contained in my more recent charged pictures related to Scientology? And yes I did. I pulled in paranoia and thoughts similar to others around and since my declare that maybe, in this case Silvia, was part of the church(which is already attached to a negative picture chain) and it was all part of the same suppression of Scientology and Scientologists. For example when Silvia starts quoting other than LRH I think that maybe it is part of a campaign to minimize the importance of Scientology and to gradiently make us forget Scientology. But where is that initial perception of betrayal coming from? The force is coming from nowhere other than the basic on a chain which I had unwittingly connected the recent Silvia pictures to which contain the negative incidents of my declare plus all the more recent pictures I’ve connected to that.
    So that is the problem that we are facing but that we have not been facing and seeing too clearly at all. Another thing to consider is that although people can be dramatizing evil valances, most of the time the suppressives to you are not dramatizing evil valances or personalities but they just happen to be involved in a game where winning does not necessitate your survival and perhaps winning in their game even necessitates your enslavement or demise. I don’t have as of yet any real track recall but how do we know that we are not a big block or even just a mere annoyance that was created against the achievement of another group’s goal? My point is this: DM and whomever we may think is a suppressive is part of theta too. Depending to which picture chains we connect these individuals or goups to is the type of perception of them that we will feel. It’s also the type of “realities” or experiences that we will begin pulling in.
    Here is my new decission. Although right now I feel more cause at being able to create that Silvia and other ex-Scientology church people are not part of the suppression of Scientology, I have a better view-point. Well first, I think that each one of us, by the chains that we connect our present moment pictures to is the reality or experience that we will pull in. In other words I feel that I can create an experience were Silvia is a good person and we take back the church or I can also create an experience where Silvia is part of the DM cult and the “realities” that I would pull in would match that-in other words, I’m saying each one of us is actually much more OT and cause over our reality than we allow ourselves to believe or each one of us is more the actual God of our own univerese and our experiences and we can go either way!
    Okay, so my new better view-point: Whether we believe that other ex-Churh or even current church people are good or bad, whether we believe that there are evil aliens that are actually behind the suppression of Scientology, or, how about this: even if we believe or know that certain people are openly suppressing Scientology, how about the consideration of let’s allow their tone level to come up as well! Let’s allow them to participate in our group as well if they want to! Would DM coming uptone be bad? Would Zeno coming uptone be good or bad for theta? We are all part of theta so how about if we form a group that wants to create all theta to raise its tone? Of course we couldn’t force anyone to belong to this group but allow anyone who is in favor of raising the tone of all of theta to be part of the group without an authorative authority leading this group as what do we tend to connect authoritative governments to but stuff that we want to overthrow. Now, if in present time there is an individual that is opposed to this, then we know that there is a serious problem with that individual. But otherwise, even if we think that some of us out there are operatives that are trying to disrrupt our progress or the progress of true theta expansion, let them join and be part of this non-authoratative group that helps bring its individuals and the group as a whole uptone. Again, LRH says that anything that brings a person up the tone scale is valid processing. Let’s form a group that gives theta support to do this. Let’s interchange ideas and create a group that creates more and more theta for ourselves and for our group and eventually the added theta would disenturbulate the entheta that has kept us from being able to organize. When we’re uptone enough, we’ll get the full LRH tech back cause it’s not just kept in physical form but it exists in the theta universe! And once we’re uptone enough, maybe someof us will still be interested n the full auditing tech and maybe some of us won’t. I don’t know but I do know that bringing the tone level of theta is a great and powerful start to something very positive.
    In summary, my idea is simply to, free of charge, share ideas on how to do anything that might raise our tone level and then apply whatever works for us and measure and report on the internet the increased theta. Now if someone gets on and says that they are getting uptone by abusing their pet, then I don’t think this group would buy that but if we learn how to get more uptone ourselves, I know we would come up with a perfcet solution for that situation.
    Didn’t LRH say that simplicity is powerful? Is this too easy? Does this not deliver enough of a game for us?
    Let’s really create a group that is n agreement to get our average tone level up using the most basic and simplest tech. What do you gals and guys say?

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