Dear Ron, I regret to inform you…

….that your philosophy has been perverted

and used as a money making machine.

Despite the fact that the Church is using kids in her promotional campaigns, it is well known amongst parishioners that kids at this moment are not well seen. They do not bring income to the church and they are too much trouble as they take time away from production. 90% of the Church of Scientology organizations do not have a nursery for their staff, despite the fact that most of them work nearly 16-18 hours a day. In the Sea Organization staff are forbidden to have kids. Penalty: expulsion and a condition of Treason. I have seen this happening with my own eyes.

The last two lines of this ad are the real intent of the new Money Motivated management… Money, Money, Money!

The donation toward the IAS does not buy you no audititing and no training. Does not give you the benefit to be helped by the Chaplain when you have a problem in life and you need help unless there is an immediate financial benefit to the organization.

You are just left penny less, with a promise that may be, in the future, you still have a planet where to live… a future dream.

The truth is… happy people TODAY are the one building a better tomorrow.

Silvia Kusada is a GAT Class V Flag trained auditor and a GAT Class VI,

and Class IV C/S.

She is available for any help you may need:



  1. Well said, Silvia, as always!
    It’s like the Honor Roll has become the new grade chart – ghastly, a complete travesty.
    Love, Robin

  2. Very accurate indeed. I’ve been in the SO for 22 years and my kid has hardly spent any time with me and her mother for these exact reasons. I wasn’t allowed to have another son even if It was a desirable thing for me and my wife at the time.

  3. Nice piece Silvia. You reminded me of something the sufi poet Hafiz supposedly said: enlightenment is when you let go of the cruel knife you’ve been using on yourself and others.


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