at the opposite side… by Silvia Kusada

Something very interesting has occurred to me yesterday…

Did you ever really look at what is happening

at the other-side of a fight?

What is really occurring in the world

of the “SP” (suppressive person) or an “opponent”?

I looked back at myself when I was inside the Church of Destruction (the Church of Scientology today is literally annihilating all yours and others dynamics). I looked at my attitude toward my father, and later on my brother when I actually disconnected from them.

Indoctrinated by the Church, I was gradually brought to believe blindly that every person whom attacks scientology is an SP, and that SPs are to be disconnected with no reservations.

More than afraid, I would say, tired of the interferences by both tech and ethic terminals, and unwilling to put at risk my studying progress inside the Church, I decided that the best thing to do was to agree to stop looking.

I did exactly what 1000’s of scientologists today do to us and many like us outside the Church. They do not look at us as people anymore. But almost as dangerous weapons, killers. You end up disregarding the fact the person is a human being, that there could be ARC/ks, false data, lies and a bunch of more stuff involved.

WE stop living that side of life. GONE. And we put a big sign on it.

“I’m right and if they want to talk to us they will have to reform.”

Nothing could be more wrong than that.

This is because, even in the case of a real suppressor, the guy in his own universe feels he is right, he has his own ARC/ks, misunderstoods and motivators…  he has sometimes or somewhere in the past, modified the reality in order to be right and this has since than been a truth to him.

You can see than why he will not come back. You are now the enemy and so incredibly not real to him that he has no other choice to play your own game and cut you out, with the difference that he still considering you a human being.

In Scientology when people disconnect do not think anymore at the pain and suffering they are causing… they take any and all responsibility off that area.

Outside, the “SP” or SP, knows the other person has feelings. If he is an “sp” he is aware and suffers because the sadness created, the misunderstandings and the severance of affinity, meanwhile, if he IS an SP, he knowingly or unknowingly enjoys and contributes to the creation of such pain to others.

The difference is: From inside the church, once someone is labeled disaffected or SP, cease to be regarded as a human.

It has been very interesting to me to come to know the suffering behind my family disconnection. What was experienced by the ‘dark’ side.

Not accusing or taking sides (our point of views still quite different), I wish to underline the fact that I finally was able to see that even my father had gone through a great deal of suffering and struggles.

A Church that truly cared would have attempted to heal and salvage as opposed to destroy, sever frantically communications lines with anyone that expresses doubts or disagreements with it.

When in 2007 or so my other brother was labeled “disaffected” and at “risk” to the Church I was ask by Slavka Flag MAA’s to disconnect (block his e-mails and stop accepting and giving communications) and I did it.

I had to choose between him and continuing my studies which were very important to me… The truth is he was very far from being an antisocial, he was protesting after all the suppressions, lies, betrayals, out-tech, wrong items, attacks, attempts to separate him from his wife… and more and more.

The truth is, the real suppressive was the “Church”. I was actually compromising my integrity and taking the side of the enemy of the true tech: the C of $, the Church of Destruction…

Now can you imagine the sufferings my brother went through?

Not only he has been brutally abused, but me and other family members disconnected from him like he was a criminal… he had his times of depression, he had overcome suicidal thoughts, he has been stronger than many others, and certainly than me, that instead I have been struggling already for few years and still do.

Luckily he has a beautiful family outside the church to live for and that was there for him.

Many others were left completely alone.

You get punished for not agreeing and all your communication lines are abruptly cut. You experience loneliness, the horrible effect of wrong indications, false accusations, nullifications and the strongest of all betrayal from somebody or something you had great affinity/love.

This is a game where no one wins… no one which is self–determined as opposed of pan-determined could ever win… unless he is so stuck inside his head that the only thing he can see is what his body-eyes offers; an illusion to win a game…

He looks at the score board on the field and cheers for having scored not being able to see how many dead bodies are lying around him.

Those are the dead cells.

Those play small games in a big body and are unable to see if that little game hinders or helps the body…  so they end up cheering and feeling winners where, actually, in a much broader picture they just helped a cancer cell to shorten their own lives by weakening the main body .

What did I get out from all this?

Once again I ended up to same conclusion…

The best solution increases happiness, not only in a short range or in a long run (the latter one being the “promise land of dream”, the “future paradise” pictured by the Church of $ to abuse and control people), but both. Survival from now to the future…  were survival is much more than just being alive.

Is having enough to actual enjoy life with your family, friends and group, is serenity and trust in the future.

There are special beings that are naturally

flowing-emanating positive vibrations

and survival energy  to the “body”.

Those beings are the most precious commodity of a group. They should know it and they should never stop knowing that without them the body would die…

They should know that even if when, confused by the upsets,  by betrayals and wrong accusations they might feel that is not the right way to survive and might consider giving up.


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  1. That is quite a wild realization we get when we have been declared. Mine was something like “Oh my God! So all those SPs that I thought were suppressive were actually basically good!” Suppresion is relative. If we look carefully, any beneficial act for one creation will be a destructive act for other creations. I like your analogy using “body.” Continuing with that analogy, the church of destruction is like the cells of destruction that have gone cancerous in a body. Unfortunately the cancer started right at the control center of the central nervous system. And even more unfortunately, if we don’t find an effective cure for the cancer, the body which had such a magnificent purpose, will die.
    We out here, from my vantage point, are like the cells of a body that have been eliminated vis one of the excretory channels. And it seems just as impossible to create another body to carry the torch of Scientology as it would be for excreted cells to somehow regroup outside the original body and re-form into a new one.
    Is there another body forming? If so, then it is only a matter of increasing it a little at a time. Add a cell at a time, each with a specific function to further the expansion and survival of the body. Where are the independent Scientologists’ statistics? We can’t succeed if we operate blind.

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