Oslo, Norway, Independents First Round Table Meeting: Successful Clearing in the field

As Isene Geir said, and we all agreed:

“What scientologists become skilled to do

is justifying the out-points

in order to stay in the Church”

…but what they do not realize is that by justifying the out points they end up agreeing on squirrel applications.  And there it goes the Technology…

Parishioners, are so used to observe and be subjected to mishandlings that they easily associate and identify Scientology with Black Scientology.

No wonder why many of the very dedicated people in the Church once out become the most active enemies.

There is a liability in altering the tech, in keeping people untrained by giving them always emergency situations to handle or side div 6 studies and to supply under duress and threaten a surrogate of the pure tech, and that is; you create unhappy people, robot and destroy the good reputation of the tech.

We understand there are so many people who are kept inside fearing they lose their eternity… they can endure the heaviest suppression.

We should let them know that the standard tech is available outside the monopoly of the Church.

They do not need to give up their income, their business, their family and friends and still achieving freedom.

The highest tech terminals, class IX’s, class XII’s, C/S’s and executives are outside.

They were punished for not agreeing with the alter-ising and squirrelling of tech.


and start moving toward expansion by undoing what the Current Church of $ is producing: fear, poverty and deterioration of families and people.

The tech is available and we can make a better world. Our group is expanding greatly every day, people are achieving the state of Clear and OT, while prospering on their dynamics…

Pass the word…


You can always write to me at:




  1. Wow! This is awesome! So Very Well Done!


  2. Hi Silvia,
    Great post 🙂 This will be exciting 🙂
    We’ll be in touch!

  3. Is there a group in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida?

  4. It was really fun. New friendships were created. And some very good plans.

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  6. Silvia, this is great. We have a small group in Greece. Looking forward to hearing more from you and Geir and the plans you worked on. Thanks!

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