How many of us?


We are everywhere in and outside the Church of $.

I walk on the street and people I do not know or remember about, stop me.

“I read your blog, you know I’m out too.” they tell me.  “I see what is happening and as soon as I handle my sister, I will come at the open!”

Some of those people, like me, have tears at they eyes when talking about the threatening behaviour of the Church and the abuses.

Some others do not cry but are so sad and disgusted that they are trying to forget even the good things.

I’m glad there is a beautiful side on all this, and that is that we are a real group, many of us are just there for each other to help unconditionally.

There is something that the Church of DM doesn’t even know the meaning of, something that in there is almost considered evil:


Yesterday the guy at the post office, after I told him about how I felt,  gave me a big sincere hug. A guy at a store too.  I was pleasantly shocked to see how many people care. Those very people who  are considerred inferior and dangerous by the Scientologists inside, are truly wonderful caring people.

It does not matter what people think about me when i talk about my pain, I know there are many others that experience similar things and that feel a bit conforted to know they are not alone.

I want to thank all of you that write me, that share with me their stories, because you all are helping me too.

It is not about secrecy anymore.

Is about sharing, lending hands to others and healing. This is achieved by flowing love and care.

I have been very lucky. I received counseling from several people, last an amazing being and a very good auditor Aida Thomas.

She is giving me back myself, little by little. People in LA are lucky to have her she is a class VIII and very experienced.

On my side I’m giving counseling to somebody else and helping balancing the help flow… it does feel good. It is priceless to see a person smiling happy and know you did it!

Do not let go.

Sometimes a little note, an Hallo sent with care from any of my friends, changes my whole day.

I want all of you to know, that little things make a big difference many many times.

Cry your heart out when you feel like and then think of something you can do to make a difference in somebody else life.

This because every time you do, you heal a bit more.

No matter how meaningless your life might feel to you at that moment, you end up realizing that without you that smile wouldn’t have been there.

You are important!


Do not listen to those people who tell you to shut up, to hide the pain. We are free people now and there is a reason why LRH says that

” Communication is the universal solvent”.

We left the church because Scientology was not applied, the tech was abused and used oppressively and suppressively. There is no reason why we should do the same.

Let’s use the tech… let’s communicate, let’s care for each other.

Let everyone know that there are many hands out there

ready to be reached.

Let’s create so many pleasure moments in the world to make it explode of Joy…


Church of Scientology: No kids allowed

By Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writers

Silvia Kusada

is an OT7,  GAT class VI (SHSBC), FLAG trained class 5, class IV C/S

admin trained on OEC vol 0 and vol 7 and a permanent Ethic Specialist gold seal.

feel free to contact her at:



  1. Silvia, Thank you. That was very well written and brought tears to my eyes. Love is a
    wonderful thing and should always be shared. Love, Sarge

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks so much for the true heart of inspiration. We haven’t met, but after reading your blog and enjoying your art, I feel such kinship! I haven’t figured out how to embed a video, but here’s a link to You Tube with a song from the Dixie Chicks that fits right in with getting out from under the cos. Yay!

  3. How cool is that? It embedded right from the link!

  4. Hi Silvia:

    Thank you for the acknowledgement! You are such a wonderful being and because you are helping so many people it is important that you continue your labor. It is a pleasure to audit you and together we can do so many things to asisst those who were harmed on the catastrophe of Scientology.

    I want everyone to know that my comm lines are opened to anyone who just got out of the Church and needs someone to talk about it.

    I want to be part of your endeavors on helping others, together we can save lives.



    • I love your spirit Aida, and your sense of true friendship and care! Priceless qualities to have in a friend… lucky me!

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