The ‘art’ of Reverse Scientology: How they get you and your attention stuck!

For your own good DO WHAT I SAY!

In one of my recent posts I covered in passing how low tone people and groups use agreements to bind people to them, how they use fake goals to further their own hidden purposes.

I was pleased to run into a chapter in the Book “The Phoenix Lectures” where LRH talks about it and gives a deeper insight of this technique.

It is interesting how some people have a natural ability in applying the technology  to the sole benefit of self. Most of the time those people or groups use sparkling fascinating mock ups, very aesthetic and prosurvival goals to get the attention of curious thetans/beings.

It is indeed very difficult at first to recognize that it is a theta trap. The ARC and the spirit they can mock up is beyond believe. However, and this is a lesson I have learned, whenever you enter in one of this games there is a way to discover where it really goes.

And that is the way they make you feel, soon or later.

The very fact that you wish to be ‘like them’, or with them ‘in order to succeed’ it is an indicator that in one way or another they have made you feel less.

Not easy to recognize this… as they pushing through your own purpose line ‘to be better’ or ‘to improve’ or ‘we”, “us”. But even when the “we or “us” is promoted, if you would have to observe, you do not really own or possess anything. But after not too long, before your ability to observe is totally absorbed by the hypnotic state, you could feel that there is no true lasting happiness, that your space is not expanding, that you are cautioned to be in a certain way.

The agreements you give, the limitations you accept are the bars of a  jail full of slaves without chains and shackle.

The imaginary shackles... in the new Jail/Heaven trap!

This is also the reason why many wives or husband cannot leave the partner even if they are severely abused, why many Scientologist feel they cannot leave the Church even if they know they are used and ripped off of all they have with no or unacceptable exchange.

Hypnotism and slavery… what a wonderful technique!!

To undue this ill effect of Black Scientology, you need help.

I luckily overcome depression. I did not do it alone.

ASK for help! Help your friends in need.

“The whole of existence in this universe actually is run very much like a hypnotic trance.

The worse off a group is, which is to say the less communication they have, actually the more communication can be forced on them, and you see a form of hypnotism there, but the interesting thing is that they must have been prepared by an enormous number of agreements before they got into that state. In other words somebody else prepared them, so they didn’t care who they agreed with after a while. When someone of higher rank in a uniform walks up to a soldier and says do something, the soldier will do it. Well, this is a form of hypnotism.

You could get a group to agree first that you were simply standing there, and then the next thing that you could get them to agree to is the fact that they were listening to you, and then you would give them a few little things on which they would agree, and at some point you could tell them that the world was on fire, and the audience would rush out to find out, or maybe they’d just sit there and burn.

Now what is this all about?

Does that mean that anybody bringing about an agreement would bring about hypnotism? Oh, no.

The reason why, in Scientology, we do not bring about a hypnotism even in Open Procedure by Duplication, is that we are undoing the agreements which people have been making for seventy-six trillion years. We’re undoing these, thus auditing makes a person freer, and freer, and freer.

Now, this fellow on the stage who simply gets the audience to agree and agree and agree and agree, and then tells them the place is on fire, isn’t really going in the direction of making them freer, is he?

His intention for this is entirety different. It isn’t that an intention is above agreement, it’s that consideration is always above agreement, and he is trying to work them into a situation where they will accept what he says without question.

In Scientology we’re not interested in anybody accepting what we say without question.

We ask them to question it.

We ask them to please look at the physical universe around you, please look at people, at your own mind, and understand thereby that what we are talking about happens to be actual.

This is the series of agreements. These are. I could get people to agree with me about a lot of things and every once in a while throw them a curve. I could quite imperceptibly introduce a false datum into the science, and people have done this sort of thing but one can trace back in this development and see that what we’re doing here is laying out the map of what has happened in seventy-six trillion years of a universe.

Your agreements have finally mounted up to a point where you believe this universe is all here and what you’re agreeing to fortunately are the very things which you agreed to. We aren’t giving you new things, we’re giving you old things, and by understanding these old things which we have re-discovered, you become free.”

THE PHOENIX LECTURES book by L. Ron Hubbard

 Silvia Kusada

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.


  1. Credo che in questo post hai davvero toccato un punto importante; per me, vederlo significa davvero riconoscere una soppressione: una persona si accorge che c’e’ qualcosa di sbagliato, che spinge dentro i suoi punti di ancoraggio, che la rende giu’ di tono, e non capisce da dove arriva; l’intera cosa diventa, con il tempo, una matassa di autoinvalidazione e introversione. E’ una radiografia perfetta di quello che succede. Quante persone si riconoscono meglio con questa consapevolezza; abbiamo proprio bisogno della tech.

    Grazie Silvia per aver centrato il bersaglio ancora una volta.

    • E’ un piacere per me sapere che questi dati possono aiutare. grazie per seguire il mio blog.

  2. Thank you for posting it, Silvia!

  3. The “hell” I was threatened with in Scientology was “turning into a rock”. And that did frighten me until I arrived in the Freezone and laughingly found out that one auditor audited a PC who actually once was a rock 🙂

  4. You really make it seem really easy with your presentation however I
    find this topic to be really one thing which I feel I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complex and very large for me. I am taking a look forward in your next submit, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

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