A free do-it-yourself magic from Ron… for independents only.


We can use it, while the Scietologists in the Church of $ are being regged for PTS auditing or repair intensives at hundreds of dollars per hours…

Solo auditing, the very basic but effective and free one is in disrepute in the Church of $.

This happens not only at the lower levels of simple assists or processes, but extends to the OT8’s. These trained solo auditors are forbidden to use the magic tech they have learned and earned to keep their rudiments ‘in’ or handle life when needed.

An ex SO and very good friend, told me recently she was shocked by the amount of new OT8's failing in life...

The thirst and avidity for money of this Church has gotten to a point where they prefer to let their very members die, or to doom them to sickness, unhappiness and failure than to allow them to use the simple “tech” unless they paying $7800 per intensive of auditing.

We have it for free, just like LRH want it.

Enjoy it and be well!!


“The process cures colds, tiredness and psychosomatics.

Can be self audited by reading the command off a sheet .

“Mock up some people who made you want to make nothing of things.”

HCOB 11 April 1958  Tech Volume IV by L Ron Hubbard

There was a time when 'training' wasn't just utopia...

“Does clearing cancel the need for training?

being Clear gives one the potential of a being” … “but how about getting Clear and staying Clear forever?

the auditor alone with his data well learned could manage that.

Remember- you were Clear once -trillions of years ago.

If every one were now to concentrate only on how to get Clear and forget all about HOW TO STAY CLEAR, we’d be  back in the soup in a century.

(pag. 312) The best things a person can do are:

1) get trained and

2) get cleared.

Auditors will always be senior to Clears.

(pag. 314) …silver Clear bracelet $15.05 except to HGC pcs who receive them free of charge when Clear is actually reached during an intensive.

Today in the independent field you can easily get trained

and go all the way to OT.

(for more information contact me

or Marty R. at http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/)

(pag. 320) is in reality a OT process

“Get the idea it is impossible to reach anything”

“Now postulate that you can reach everything.”

(Extract from Tech volume IV by L. Ron Hubbard)


Silvia Kusada

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.



  1. I’ve been asked by relatively-standard scios what training requirements and case requirements one needs to solo audit things like Grades (regular Grades). My answer is to try it and see, and if it doesn’t work out then get some more auditing and/or do some more training and then try again later. I don’t like the arbitrary “thou shalt be [certain case level] and [certain training level]” for everyone, as such requirements ARE arbitrary.

    Just because someone says you’re not supposed to solo audit Grades doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Maybe it can’t be done by *everyone*, but so what? You (the reader) are not everyone. 🙂


  2. I believe there are not absolutes and I’m sure there is someone some where that could audit the grades on solo. However LRH has designed specific processes for whom wishes to do that. (assists, self analisys)
    There are different factors why I believe you should find a twin and co-audit.
    this includes training levels and case levels… we are composite being.
    your reference on this is HCOBL “The nature of a being”.
    This is only my opinion. LRH himself was never alone… always had tech terminal closed to him!

  3. Any Auditing is better than no Auditing (DMSH)
    The Church try to enforce “NO Audeting” in many ways,,but that is there No1 “produkt”…
    (Prices,copyrights,extended training,making it serious,no mistakes alowed,dangerous,etc,etc…)

  4. A great and very important article with good references!!!
    We have seen it over and over again that Scientologists without training can get into an untold amount of problems including not understanding what is happening in the church today!!!
    With training you can handle most anything!!!

  5. Have had only r3x auditing (r3r plus 6-directions and special attention commands) and am now auditing others, and I also learned to run out daily incidents using r3r style incorporating 6-directions. I hope I take that knowledge and discipline with me even though I am fairly able now to maintain my equanimity.

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