My wins while solo-auditing on OT 8

Breaking free from lies...

I couldn’t wait to share my wins.

It is amazing how much stuff a thetan can have on himself…

I only had 3 sessions and I just see my time track disappearing magically while recognizing the truth.

I always thought I could see but once I started to audit on OT 8 I felt I was blind.

It is so much more real to me now why is important to maintain ARC, how is fundamental to take care of the group while taking care of ourselves.

Lies are entrapment and those people that have decided to spread untruth are true enemy of spiritual beings no matter how positive and creative they seems.

Again, here is the importance to choose the right groups or friends or partner. The value of helping others to get knowledge and be free.

It is not real to me how New OT 8s can succumb to lies…

Is too huge of an outpoint.

They must have totally MISSED the point.

Back in session now.




  1. Wow! What a wonderful win! Well done! I am so glad that you are telling this here, because it is also an outpoint for those who know the truth blind themselves on the lies and others suffer as a result of that. While the 3D is falling apart they think they are going OT when in reality they are sinking themselves into a big black hole.

    How wonderful it is to know that the Tech is available outside and for people to have wins. Well done my friend.


  2. hey, did you go into session today? i had a shift in my universe lol. something changed after I contacted freedom mag to do an investigation into my sit. I have to give them a chance before i go to the press. Then I posted it on my myspace account, the screenshot just to let them know in case they blow me off. I also posted the sp declare of miscaviage from 1984, i went solid, cause i was like what is listed on that declare is what he has been doing all this time and lrh was still alive in 1984. I was pissed, upset, this guy has stopped people from going up the bridge etc. I mean it hit me, a huge huge betrayal.
    then a few hours later, my universe cleared up, I felt a shift lol. now i’m not solid anymore and i realized that the real criminals are the parishoners like Jon Mackinder, Pomm, Jean Dale, Daphna Hernandez etc they work for Miscavige who is another db/crim/pysch/implanter/sp lol.

    anyhoo, i’d be interested in doing my ot levels, i’m clear, last life, do you know how i can do them? maybe you can refer me to someone etc?

    • yes I did go in session! and has huge wins! i still puzzled by the magnitude of it.
      If you give me your e-mail I will put you in comm with people that can get you through. I admire people that do not stop (considering they believe in the tech).

      There are a lot of heavy stuff that betrayal and suppression restimulate… the important thingthing is not to stop.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful win! And it is such a fine gift–this win, only heightened by your openness of what has come before in your life–gives me great hope for the future.

  4. Excuse me, but OT 8 is not a solo level. Since the material is not out there in the field I can’t image what sort of squirrel processes you are auditing on. Bill Robertson tech?

    • It is in solo in the current Church of $.
      and it has been in solo for years… you are mistaking it with some other level.
      NO it is not Bill R. tech is LRH.

  5. So beautiful….You are right behind Ernest Hemmingway as my favorite writer!!

  6. Silvia, this is so good to read your wins. Do you aloud me to translate this in German for my blog?

    love Anna

    • I would be honored if you translate anything you like into German…
      and you can put also my contact if you wish…
      big hug and love

      • thank you very much … done 🙂 big hug and love

  7. Awesome blog… Like the auditing successes an OT 8 insights… Tom Houston on OT 3 , L’s complete

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