No matter our present expansion? OMG!! This is a real promotional piece!!

This ad has been approved

by the Top  Management!!

KC Org new ad: A blatant violation of KSW!!

KC Org new ad: A blatant violation of KSW!!

“Let’s forget about statistics, management by statistic, conditions…

Let’s put aside “the data series” tech

and let’s focus on how to have huge expensive buildings

for the future generation….”



“We must ask ourselves how to take it to a whole new level”,

let all come up with more unusual solutions!!!

“It all comes under the heading of order of magnitudes!!”

Order of magnitudes of what? for whom?

Isn’t that  ‘being interesting’  as a group as opposed to be interested?

In order to be interesting you have to assume a valence.

Any group that is out-of-valence is in facts unable to as-is.

Out-of-valence comes from too much charge accumulated on a case.

The bank of a group (per “Notes on the Lectures“) are arbitraries

and uncleared overts and withhold against the group and the basic purpose.

If the Scientologist inside the Church would get trained, as opposed to play the martyr that saves the planet of tomorrow by giving up everything he has to the Church including his own dynamics, he would see that all these efforts are not going anywhere else but toward self-destruction because they are MEST oriented.

Very nice and solid, as builded upon many lies and deceptions.

But today, the group of the Church of DM is just PR:

interesting the group and interesting the members.

Have you ever observed the public at the Celebrity Center International?

Go there for a obnosys drill….

And what the Church itself acknowledge today?

Moneys and valences.

I just come back from a trip to Las Vegas.

Last time I was there was 20 years ago.

My son and I walked for about 12 miles around and inside the buildings …

and we both were ready to run away.

Covered by an aesthetic flow, the tone level of that place is “bodies”.

Pretty sad.

But this is where insecure people hide.

Yes, a great body can be a fantastic havigness,

but when a ‘body’ is all you look for it has an introverting effect.

Somebody come to you and say: “Well, today a guy can have any of those young and gorgeous oriental or easter girls, very cheap and easily, why they should look at you?”

I think we are going really into a big meat body trading society,

and the church of $ is part of it in the band of controlling bodies.

My answer is: well if a guy is interested and look for that,

one thing is for sure, is not my guy!

If a church judges you for the amount of money you donated toward the arbitrary bank account of DM called also IAS, or for how influencing are you, and totally disregard the fact that you are a OT and a trained auditor,

I say: “This is not my Church!”

Where are the people, the humanity, the true love for a being?

Where are the spiritual beings?

Where are the respect for the spirits, true values, honesty, truth, commitment?

They are not existing in a meat/mest world.

Now I was doing some analyzing:


differences and similarities:


1 ) The use overwhelming by aesthetic (buildings, fancy events and actors ads)

2) The  Both want and get every single penny you have and they do not care what is going to happen to you.

3) They both survive and live on illusions and PR.

4) They both think that the image is the most important factor

5) The both promise you happiness.

6)) They both are on the tone level of Bodies; Las Vegas is on the level of Approval from bodies while

The Church of $ is on the level of Controlling bodies (and thetans).

7) The both make you feel you are nothing unless you are playing their games.

Silvia Kusada

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.



  1. The “expansion” as in the phrase, “no matter the level of our expansion” is shown here in a computer generated image and just like the “fly throughs” of the Ideal Orgs that are only done in people’s heads and not in the physical universe it’s just total PR, meant to confuse so we can’t remember what’s actually done and what is not. If they showed all the pictures of the orgs sitting out in the field deteriorating because the orgs don’t have enough cash to renovate them, that would be quite an image indeed but at least it would be honest. I am very tired of the lies. Come on C of S, just tell it like it is…we can take it.

  2. I know how CoS can take it to a whole new level! Remove COB ASAP. There. Problem solved.

    • That would be not enough. By LRH all the executives have to be removed. He is doing all he is doing with the agreements and cooperation of many.
      Those have to be handled too.
      They are after all in Treason with LRH…many are in Confusion.
      What a better state to be control and implanted than that?

  3. Very intelligent comparison and really spot on!!!
    It tell things as is as awful as it might be!
    Of course the whole management strata would have to go also but there can´t be many left of them by now since many are in the “Hole” and others on the RPF.
    I think that with a little help from the Indies DM will undo himself.

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