This life I have never observed a most wicked idea of power

than in Scientology.

‘Ethic presence’ has been confused

with rudeness and ‘altitude’ confused with a snob attitude.

I remember one day walking around a theater just before the start of Scientology event.

I did not want to sit in there and was protesting getting an inflow of what I did consider by long ways to be an “implant-type” activity, a bunch of PR and lies.

Interesting enough on the very back Mr. Lefevre was smoking nervously while rehearsing his speech. He was antagonistically swearing… “Fucking… here and there…” a very different image from the one he appeared with few minutes later on stage.

I said to myself: “this is the true face of management”. I did not know how much and to what degree and extant this was actually true, but I knew there was lots of it up there.

I would have never imagined at the time that the COB himself, the one that should represent Scientology, ARC and freedom was actually the other side of the dichotomy.

Anti Scientology, a total perversion of ARC and a freak of control.

A man that used violence, threatens and degradation to control.

But I started to connect the dots.

I remember the Miami org metering supervisor coming back from her training at Flag and having this unpleasant, no compassioned beigness, I have only seen before in the Flag HGCs.

I remember the D of P at the Fort Harrison shouting at full lungs to an auditor, so loud that we could hear it outside in the public lounge.

Power and effort or force, however, are not the same thing and not even closed as many might believe.

Per the ‘tone scale’ it looks like that that ruthless and uncompassioned way to get things done is an appealing solution to the many of those exec or staff low, on the tone scale, despite the appearance, or at least around the band of anger, no compassion and down to controlling and punishing body,

A 4.0 no matter how it is presented to you a being has too much respect for others and his dynamics are so much part of him to engage in or even justify any of these abusive behaviors. He acknowledge comms and make you feel you are seen and important even if you are a janitor.

What is true power?

Is the ability to positively control others into the direction of survival, is high care factor, respect and importance given.

No matter how high in position, a true powerful person would never make you feel you are less of him or rejected.

You walk away from him with a joyful spirit.

There is stability. Something that is impossible to achieve if the affinity is just a ‘show’…

You walk away and you do not feel as good, you feel you are not truly accepted or wanted or you are not up to their levels…

A good business man walks out from a deal proud, not because he was able to squeeze out of you everything and all you got,  but proud of having received and delivered a great exchange in products or activities.

In a good deal, everybody wins.

And the true power flows always power back to others.


by L. Ron Hubbard

584 (…) 6. he must protect all affinity in his charge and have himself an affinity for the group.

10. (…) He must constitute himself on the orders of service to the group. (…)

13. He must never permit himself to pervert or mask any portion of the ideal and ethic on which the group operates nor must he permit the ideal and ethic to grow old and outmoded and unworkable. He must never permit his planning to be perverted or censored by subordinates. He must never permit the ideal and ethic of the group’s individual members to deteriorate, using always reason to interrupt such deterioration.

(…) Lots of threats and conditions mean only somebody is SP and a lot of others are PTS.


Silvia Kusada

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.




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