they are looking at us through the windows…

what message do we want them to get?

The independents are truly special beings,

they have courage and integrity.

They are the ones that by disagreeing to the abuses and squirrel tech

are guaranteeing that Scientology will survive.

Are the ones that from the outside are putting ethic in into the Church.

They are exceptional beings, true friends of LRH,

people who know what ethic and integrity is.

I know many of them and I feel blessed to have them as friends.

But how to communicate to the many people inside the Church of $ that are prevented from looking, that those ‘monsters’ that are out there are anything but suppressive as the “Church”wants them to believe?

Many times I looked at people peeking out from the windows or from inside the orgs and tried to image how everything looked at their eyes, I tried to perceive their thoughts…

They do not know;

1) that many staff were and are coaxed into having an abortion,

2) they do not know that while they are struggling to make it to the next month rent or to pay their credit cards out because they used all they have to donate towards books or building donations,  DM is living a 5 star luxurious lifestyle, he has $1.5 billions in reserves, and he ride a top brand motorcycle for pure fun.

That they paid 200 thousand dollars for Tom Cruise birthday party on the. Freewinds

3) They do not know that while they are made guilty,

sec checked to the bones and sent to ethic over  “masturbation” at Int

DM’s receives regularly “hard-core” magazines…

4) They do not know that while a public get refused to course because he does not have his (own) pack, “celebrities” get literally faxed LRH references or are allowed to have their own schedule as they please.

5) The do not know that DM has changed 3 times OT8…

that there are people who have done all the 3 different OT8, inside the very Church of $.

6) they do not know anything about the attacks and abuses Mary Sue and her family have undergone by DM’s in his way to “conquer” power over the Church.

7) They do not have a clue about the existing Real Estate business of DM.

8) They do not have a clue that the tech has been altered and the statistics falsified.

9) They do not know that the IAS was founded by DM and was never intended to exist by LRH.

10) they do not have a clue they have been manipulated and used  by the very use of Black Scientology.

11) They do not have the idea of what “being in session” really means. Busy to hide their thoughts and hiding their awareness in order to F/N on a sec check or at the examiner, or to not create trouble for their auditors.

12) They do not know they are supporting the biggest squirrel activity of all time and they are contributing to destroy the only tech we have to help people.

They are looking out the window puzzled, sometimes scared

and the only thing they can see or feel is antagonism,

upset and they know it is not a pleasant emotion.

So, it is easy to them to say: “those Independent are entheta“.

and by their not-isness we become more and more ‘solid’ (ha! ha!)

I looked at independents protesting, shouting names going around the org in upset  mood or the anonimous being outside the Churches shouting.

Well, if I would have been inside with them I would not have learned anything from the protesters except they were upset and protesting.

I would have felt the disagreement flow. And, again, it is not a positive flow.

It fit actually more with the perverted representation

that the church gives of us than the truth of people fighting for freedom.

But freedom is not a scream, a cross face,

a challenging attitude.

Those elements do not  carry with them any significance or message.

So, when we fight, when we go outside to a org

or wherever we get exposed to people who do not know about

the truth behind this Abusive-Squirrel Church of $

we should give freedom a name.

Not a generalities. A specific datum.  A truth.

If I would have been inside the church looking I would have definitely paid attention to a sign or invitation that said:

“KSW violations. Ideal orgs are a diversion and alteration from the main purpose”… or something of the sort.

Or something that reminds them that the very basic tenets of Scientology are freedom of  speech and thoughts.

Data, real stuff.

Specifics and references are not entheta or have anything to do with a fight.

They are truth, they stick and replaces lies.

It is easy for anyone that is not in a total ‘sleeping’ state to see the gross out-points in the current scene.

This is what being effective means.

We do not need or care to create further antagonism,

we wish to inform.

If anyone of us demonstrators would keep this in mind we will educate and win.

On the 5th of July 2010 we were about 40-50  independents, ex RTC, ex CMO, ex Int High Strata Executives sitting at the Starbucks enjoying coffee.

I walk out and from a distance I observe them.

I had a big smile on my face.

That place

has never seen so much theta before.

A true happy group, like us.

Free people,

as opposed to the frustrated suppressed staff and public

that usually sits there.

By that theta alone, I personally would have been able to break free from the false statements, lies and black PR of the Church of DM and perceive the truth.

Theta care and love accompanied by true data

are the most powerful weapon we can ever use.

Artist Silvia Kusada Class 6 -OT7 and

actress Jamie Sorrentini Lugli  OT3 hugging each other.

Ex-Head of Security at Int Base Jackson Morehead and ex-RTC Janela Webster hugging each other.

A special friend and co-student

from the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

with her husband Tony De Phillips OT7

So when we talk to someone who is overwhelmed

by the lies of the Church, that is already in the middle

of a big effort-counter effort to look-not to look lets think:

‘what do we want them to know… which datum, which truth?

and lets live all the misemotional and the entheta activities and behaviours

to the Church of $.

That is the why we left in the first place

and that is the reason many more will…

On our side we should be out here waiting for this people to join us with a big smile, with true care and love…

They should know that they are coming home…

where the true tech and the spirit of LRH lives.


Silvia Kusada and Mike Rinder July 5th, 2010 at Starbucks in Clearwater

Silvia Kusada and Mike Rinder July 5th,

2010 at Starbucks in Clearwater

Silvia Kusada

I’m here to help!

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.




  1. Silvia I love the pictures and I love the article! I love the one in Starbucks, well done you all!


  2. Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

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