There is no real group when all their members want to sit in the pc’s chair.

The strength of our group

depends on our ability

to communicate,

to love and care

for other members.

It is quite an ability to be able to respect others view points when different from ours.

It takes courage to decide to care enough for our fellow men to find out what’s going on with him and help.

There is no real group when all their members want to sit in the pc’s chair.

We well know that sometime the pain, threatens and injustices and wrong items can build up so much charge to make us choose the wrong target.

Because we know that we should be auditors to each others, at times we could be pc’s too, and when we are pc’s we should know that our friends will not attack us but they will help us getting off the charge and get back in the group.
We should know better about those phenomenons and instead to fight we should be effective and HELP by wearing our auditors hat (all of us).

There is no other way to flourish and prosper.

Nancy Many author of the book "My billion year contract", Silvia Kusada and Karen De La Carriere Class XII

I have found amongst the independent the most amazing people I ever met, powerful talented super productive people, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Jim Logan, Jackson M, JB and so many more… I have met some of the top up-stat auditors and FSMs as Aida Thomas, LT, Ignazio and many others.

Silvia Kusada Class VI - OT7 with Top Field Auditor Aida Thomas Class VIII-OT4

When I look at all of them the last thing I expect is for all of them to agree in everything and all. They are special free people and individuals with different backgrounds, different experiences and different cases. They are people of integrity.  Individuals.

They all have gone through huge suppression, abuses and injustices from the Church of $ and some of their members.

They were punished for being up stat and defending their freedom of speech and thought, and the worst, for defending standard tech.

We do not know the stories behind every one of them.

I think personally it is not fair for people to attack Marty.

What do they know about him?

Marty Rathbun ex-Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) with ex-SO Janela Webster ex AVC Int RTC - the Church's top Authority, Verifications and Corrections unit (a division of RTC)

He could have just taken the money from the Church like many others did and leave a happy quiet life or build up a successful business and forget about everybody else. He could have lots of money right now, with his abilities and wealth of data.

Yet, he is not a wealthy man and he is on the road helping and exposing truth. He is auditing people and he was able to create a real group, a network of people.

My respect and love to this man.

And what about the freezoners or the people

who left the Church 25 years ago?

What do people know about the grievance they went through?

They were not as lucky as we are.

When they left they did not have internet. They were alone. Living in a sea of sadness and degradation.

We all know that the Church does not let you go without making sure you know you are a dredge of the society. Without making nothing of you.

Those people where threaten to be sued. Rocks were thrown into their windows, tires were cut, calls in the middle of the night where insults were the only words…

These people were frightened, they did not have any place to go, no money.

Only when you finally demonstrate to them you are feeling like a little worthless, harmless, useless little ant, you are let go by the Church of $.

Yet they survived.

They are part of us.

In many cases they opened the way.

Anyone that loves LRH and the tech is part of us.

I have to ask all of you to grant-beigness to each other. Please look who the real enemies are.

Look at the people who are violating human rights, that are destroying our technology all this in the name of freedom.

What is our goal?

“The aim of Scientology:

“A civilization without insanity,

without criminals and without war,

where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights,

and where Man is free to rise to greater heights,

are the aims of Scientology.”

by L. Ron Hubbard Scientology 0-8 – The Book of Basics

This is the goal.

I do not care how or with which methods or belief people walk toward achieving this.

If somebody is working toward this goal, he can be a Buddhist, a Hare Krishna, a Scientologist or a Metapsycologist. I say, he is part of our group.

When we attack any of those people because we feel they do not think or practice like we do, we are aligning ourselves with the actions and ill intentions of DM’s Church of $.

We became our own enemy.


What is greatness?

‘To do one’s task without becoming furious at others who seek to prevent one is a mark of greatness – and sanity. And only then can one be happy.

Seeking to achieve any single desirable quality in life is a noble thing. The one most difficult – and most necessary to achieve – is to love one’s fellows despite all invitations to do otherwise.

“True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one – and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them.

After all, they are all in the same trap. Some are oblivious of it, some have gone mad because of it, some act like those who betrayed them. But all, all are in the same trap – the generals, the street sweepers, the presidents, the insane. They act the way they do because they are all subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe.

Some of us are subject to those pressures and still go on doing our jobs. Others have long since succumbed and rave and torture and strut like the demented souls they are.”

“We can at least understand the one fact that greatness does not stem from savage wars or being known. It stems from being true to one’s own decency, from going on helping others whatever they do or think or say despite all savage acts against one; to persevere without changing one’s basic attitude toward man.

True greatness depends on total wisdom. They act as they do because they are what they are – trapped beings, crushed beneath an intolerable burden. And if they have gone mad for it and command the devastation of whole nations in errors of explanation, still one can understand why and can understand as well the extent of their madness. Why should one change and begin to hate just because others have lost themselves and their own destinies are too cruel for them to face?

Justice, mercy, forgiveness, all are unimportant beside the ability not to change because of provocation or demands to do so.”

“The real lesson is to learn to love.”

“It requires real strength to love man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.

Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

By L. Ron Hubbard





Silvia Kusada

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.



  1. Hey Silvia – I like where you’re coming from, as always.

    But you ask Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder why they refuse all communication from me, even when I stretch out the hand of friendship and forgiveness. Why do they refuse to accept my friendship request on Facebook?

    Why do they refuse to apologise to me for their many crimes against my family? Why do they still bad-mouth David Mayo and Bill Robertson, among others?

    Then you tell me what their answer is, please.

    Love, Robin

  2. Hi Silvia:

    You have shown to us the true traits of an OT: Pandeterminism, What is Greatness and Grant Beingness.

    I really like how you put things into perspective and share with us your point of view about things that makes the rest of us to ponder and to see how things can be seen from a different angle without evaluation or invalidation.

    Thank you for being there and for being my friend!


  3. Robin Scott:

    Assuming all these things are even true, you just demonstrated why not.

    Michael A. Hobson

  4. Thank you to all.
    If we ever make it will be a group achievement.From all of us! Love to be part of this group!!

  5. Thought-provoking and a very good post, Silvia. Thank you 🙂 I am an Ex. But I have softened and become more understanding (if you will) of those who choose to be Indy’s and/or FZ’ers. I am living my life and you are living yours. We co-exist in life with people of many paths that are not our own, yet we are friends with them due to a variety of reasons other than what their spiritual beliefs are. All I want is to truly help people, and that others are happy with themselves and their lives. Love, Kindness, TRUE HELP prevailing. Michelle

  6. Michael
    You seem to question my word, and invalidate my reality – an insult I cannot accept without comment:
    Please bear in mind that it is not me that’s been lying on behalf of David Miscavige for the last 25 years; I have consistently stood up for the truth, despite personal sacrifice. I wonder if you can claim the same – if not, please show me some due respect on Silvia’s blog.
    And that’s what I’m still doing, like it or not. I said in 1983 that Miscavige was suppressive; now I’m warning you not to trust his henchmen, simple as, mate.
    As my friend Paul Salerno recently commented: ‘the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off’!
    Regards, Robin

  7. Dear Friends
    In 1984 I spent four weeks in solitary confinement in a prison in a foreign land, away from my wife, children and friends – because I had the integrity, ingenuity and courage to obtain from the Church of Scientology their most sacred scriptures, in the interests of authenticity and spiritual freedom. Captain Bill Robertson awarded me a special sword of honour in respect of this Promethean action. You can read about it in my Facebook photo albums.
    At one stage, I had to confront seventeen lawyers in a prison cell, led by Warren McShane, who were trying to get me locked up for four years, and attempted to get me to perjure myself in making false accusations against David Mayo, who has been good enough to recognise and thank me publicly for refusing to incriminate him, under pressure of blackmail.
    Meanwhile, private investigators were harassing and intimidating my wife at home, and trying to get our bank to foreclose on our mortgage, among many other dirty tricks.
    The crimes committed against me, and others, were heinous crimes of magnitude, designed to impede mankind’s progress towards spiritual freedom. These were not some petty felonies – these were High Crimes. I will not allow them to be brushed under the carpet, not-ised and ignored, without proper redress and full restitution of everything about my life that was stolen from me by these people.
    I suggest you all choose your friends extremely carefully.
    Yours sincerely
    Rev Robin Scott MA(Oxford)
    Cl4 Clear OT
    Executive Director 1983-85
    Advanced Ability Centre Candacraig, Scotland

  8. Robin, I’m with you, and I’ve plenty of admiration for you and Mayo and all the others who decades ago wanted to cease the monopoly of the Tech held by Miscavige. Co$ was screaming “We have to protect the Tech from going in the wrong hands, protect the preclears from squirrel applications of the Tech”. Yet now there is plenty of evidence that since that time the Tech WAS in the wrong hands already and has been used since then by Miscavige et all (including Marty and Rinder) to enslave people, not to set them free.

    So many comments I’ve read to the effect that Advanced Ability Centers were non Scientology, because they were so theta places to be with plenty of ARC, unlike any other Co$ org. And services where so good, designed just to help, and not control. On the other side, in Co$ there was a period where pre-OTs where dying of cancer like flies, maybe still are.

    I think is great that now Marty & Rinder stepped out of Co$, it s great that they are doing a lot to stop Miscavige and change the course of a suppressive cult they helped to create.

    They may still have wrong data, or opinions or fixed ideas on past events and may be unwilling to face past “enemies” and admit past wrong doings. They may not be up to apply Greatness fully in their lives. I am for acknowledging them that now they are on a better course, they spotted the right source of so much pain in the past, and they are doing something that brings freedom to people now.

    I bet with time they will also realize that their past enemies were not enemies at all, and accept your friendship. Great beings do not have enemies and embrace all dynamics, and I bet one day they will get there too.


  9. Silvia, I loved this post. I am very proud that you call me friend. Sure hope we meet
    soon. Good luck on your new adventure! Much Love, Sargio

  10. Hi Mostly Lurker – I’m not sure of your real name!
    Thank you very much for this balanced and very positive view of the situation, which I greatly appreciate. It is true what you say: that the AACs were incredibly theta spaces (I still have the videos to prove it). Most visitors destimulated simply by being in that space, even before they received auditing sessions. Many commented that it was what they had always imagined Scientology should be; we were and are the true Scientology – not the monster it has become. So it is a lingering sadness to me that the Church destroyed such beautiful places.
    David Mayo was a very great man, totally loyal to LRH as his designated tech successor – and someone who saved LRH’s life repeatedly in session, no doubt. Capt Bill Robertson was also a big-hearted well-meaning giant of a man, a true friend of LRH. I worked closely with both of them in setting up our AAC. It is a tragic loss that these guys are no longer around to help move things forward; their treatment at the hands of the Church was absolutely despicable, beneath contempt.
    I hope you are right in your generous assessment of Rathbun and Rinder, for their sakes. Some of what they’re doing is helpful, I admit, if largely self-serving. But their unwarranted hostility towards me and others makes me very suspicious. Rinder completely ignores any and all communication from me. Rathbun occasionally answers, but it is invariably aggressive, arrogant and contemptuous. I think his recent debacle in New Orleans shows you where he’s really at – an unhandled case, a dysfunctional human being, a mass of BPC generated by his own massive overts over many years. Time will tell, my friend; but thank you for trying to pour oil on troubled waters!
    With respect, Robin

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