We all have a magic wand!

We all have a magic wand:

what it might be missing is the willingness to use it!





“If any time we meet somebody we plant a flower in their heart, we will soon walk around in a beautiful garden.’ Photo and Poetry Copyrights: Silvia Kusada


I was tried very hard emotionally the past 3 years, by my 1.1. 2D, the Church and Church terminals.  I fought with all myself to keep alive something I though were my groups. The pain, the physical and psychological violence involved were so high that I lost my ability to see.

The way things are set with this Church and with people of low tone levels brings you in a position to be alone. Alone with insanity all around.

I would have given my life for my family and my Group (Church of $) that now I know, were never there in the first place for me.

And you touch the bottom, because these type of people do not have mercy… They see you like a precious little cog-wheel, they use you to the max and when you wear out there you go into the trash.

I watched myself going down on the tone scale… I was telling myself: wow this is 1.1, Oh my God am I in Apathy? yes I was and I hated myself, but as a perfect apathetic case I could not get out…

I have touched the bottom.

I have protested many times and shout to the wind that I did not deserve such betrayal and throbbing pain… but I was not looking at the bigger picture.

Only now, after years of depression, after holding onto the hands of the many friends that helped digging myself out I’m starting to realize the wealth of knowledge I gained from all this.

Now I smile.

I smile because I can go for a walk again and see the beauty in every person and every thing I see.

I’m not thinking about my past or the future, I know my future is going to be fantastic anyway!

I just look and enjoy this blank book I started to write.

And I tell you, this is probably the best point of my life.

I feel home everywhere

I look at my father. He is so happy to have me back.

We both treasure so much our future together

after having lost so much time.

We make every moment count.

There is a beauty in this; I call it the magic of creation.

Why shouldn’t this happen with everybody?

What is the reason why all and every moment of out life

could not be magical?

... a little gesture can go long ways.

... a little gesture can go long ways.


We all have a magic wand,

but it takes a certain level of responsibility to see it,

otherwise sits there next to us, invisible,

covered up by our: me… me… me.

Frank McAll, one of LRH best friends, (with him for over 30 years) told me many times; ‘The best way to heal is to help others.’

And in every single gesture, every single comm, every single look you give or offer to someone been that person a stranger or somebody you know… there could be magic.

You could make him/her smile or give him/her the gift

of something to remember.


‘Inherent sense of responsibility on all dynamics’.”

Science of Survival chart by L. Ron Hubbard

Where ever you walk,

behind each and every one of your footsteps

you could live behind

twinkling sparks…

there is plenty to create!

I do not know where I’m going to be.

As far as the future is concerned this is my plan:


To make the best out of the remaining time with everyone and everywhere.

The secret of magic.

In all of us lies the power

to change any cold winter

into beautiful springs!

I know I’m going to meet someone special soon,

a true team member that will walk this exciting path with me.

I also started to paint as I’m a quite good artist.



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada

Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.




  1. OH so right Well described

  2. Love you. Very much. I have experienced this journey you describe with an amazingly similar set of situations and realizations as you have. It is so coool to read your blog, like coming home. Thank you for communicating, for REALLY communicating. I thought I was alone. I was. But not now. I’m glad you’re there.

    • Maria, you brought tears at my eyes. Thank you!
      Every day when I write I remind myself of all the people that were there for me.
      WE are a great group of friends. WELCOME!!

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