The story of an independent solo auditor: Elizabeth Hamre


To this woman leaving the Church ment flourishing and prospering. She used all her Scientology tools used them successfully to achieve her goals.

To walk the walk


of Solo Auditor.

I write in hope to inspire others when they read here and understand what changes can occur too in they universe when one uses the skill learned as the Solo Auditor.


(Since english is not my first language, do forgive me and do put up with the repeats  here and there.  I know my English could be better but you would not be happy with my hungarian and neither would I it’s the pits.)

Having the Tech,  understood and applied

I have learned well

and what I have learned

become mine and I use it.

Over the years since ’75 after attaining  full OT7  I have audited Solo many thousands of hours.   “The amount of hours do not matter, neither is what have one done in the past or who has been.

All that is irrelevant, has no importance for others  to know, only to self.

Recalls of the past has a good side, to summon up from, to compare, have conclusions to understand ones own basic personality, capability, the can do,  and to realize the magnitude of creative power one has as an Infinite.

Other wise totally useless and it is good if we can as-is the stuff.     Since each beings universe is unique therefore that universes can not be compared or categorised in any way and pigeon holed with other universes)

In 1975 at ST Hill I did all to OT 7  (later what ever was attainable including Integrity Rundown and some other stuff at Flag)

I thought somehow my life will be different, it was  not  what I expected.

After all that I felt sooooo let down, disappointed since  I had different ideas how on OT should be,  I wanted magic and much more

(read to many fairy tales as a child)

I also missed  hubbub  of the past 2 years, the do-ingness, the sessions  the cognitions, which partly opened up my universe.

Even than I known  there were more,  much more to come.

So I said to my self:

“Do something about it you idiot.

You have the know how, the tools.”

... the magic of solo auditing in everyday life!

So I dusted off my e-meter and stepped on the path of discovery of self, learned by bits and pieces the role I have played in the making the static, the intangible to solid forms.

As my universe was in.    Fantastic, I was cooking!

The Solo Sessions given me the journey of the greatest magnitude the adventure of any spiritual being can have.!!!

From the moment on when I made the decisions to Solo out side of the CoS, my life as a so-called human being become secondary, were put on the back burner.

( Life, work, looking after the body, the social stuff etc… To the outsider all looked normal.)

I have taken the task and I devoted all my free time to take the Universe apart in order to examine every atom, cell, the thorn on the rose, the  tangible, and intangible in order to have understanding of the how and the why.

What made everything tick?

And I have achieved that.   How I love the sessions!

What a wonderful place is our universe!




On the long run I have looked at and confronted every considerations and combinations of the same  mine and others, what ever have come my way.

(It was a bit more complicated, did the auditing by the standard Tech.)

Since only considerations holds all things in solid forms and of course they do become the only limitations, barriers one has. Which hold one back from achieving or not.

When the considerations  no longer there than the Universe becomes open and it’s  hold no secrets for one.

The being is free.



Changes have come in leaps and bounds in invisible mode and its ripples continuously rearranged my universe.

Not ever a dull moment..  I had more fun than 10 cats in the bag.

So my universe was in constant change.

The logic,  the learned stuff,

the must do because the collective agreements

the figure-figure given away to  the know,

and finally there was magic too in my universe.

Which is so natural to have, so one do not pay much attention to the fact at first when they do happen.

(I was expecting  after OT 7 who knows what incredible, unusual what ever, like levitate, walk through the walls, reach through the glass, read minds, things float about and appear when I wanted them. Hogwash, lots of it.  Oh, all that will happen later, but not that way).

The  journey it self, the path of enlightenment, the gathering  knowledge is on incredible progress, unimaginable till one walks the same walk in they own universe and retraces every step taken over the eons in order to confront the so-called past.

As I have continued with Solo as the  years gone by  My thirst to know more not lessened but grown, I burned, I was on fire.

Yet what have come with the different realities I was not prepared for.

The new realities were the gift, for the ribbon and bow the rainbow itself was used.

The freedom is the knowledge which come after the confrontations in the form of the cognitions.

As you all know and that what’s wipes the slate clean.  That is the change in ones Universe.

With each cognition one regains the lost, the forgotten knowledge the how, but to have knowledge is not good enough.

Since  every being have stored away immense amounts over the eons.  That is not News.

But with Scientology as the cloak around ones shoulders, with its Tech under ones belt with the sessions as the key well!!!! we are half way home!!!

The Tech is  unique to the Universe as it is compiled put to usable form (I looked)

With doing, one follows, given outlined path,  the simple understanding how things work in the Universe.

Like a map. By having one, one never be lost or become helpless again.

(This has great importance.)    Certainty!!

With such powerful know how in one’s space everything is possible and can and do happen.

The  auditing of course is the Magic Key to the Universe.

So here are few of the wins.

I start of with the major win.

The total disappearance of fear.



To live without fear was a very unique, new condition easy to get used to.

But it is normal not to have fear,  not being motivated by to do or not..

Once  I talked to a person on the phone whom I never met before since she lived in a different city, later spotted her when I was driving through there and I recognised her from her energy flow which I have experienced, duplicated while we have communicated…

I stopped and I have introduced my self .

I  play the piano which I never learned but in an ancient Chinese manner and  I hum ancient chinese songs. (six thousand years old, verified by expert.)

My IQ was so low when I have entered scientology after the test the idea of me becoming on staff was dropped by the Mission staff, now so high on the right side which is the artistic or spiritual side it can not be measured.

The professors said .” It went through the roof”

It was done in 95, the test, at University of Washington.

I can pick out from the distance the item from many others, even if piled up which is the most aesthetically made.

I recognise and separate, and can label correctly invisible and intangible energy flows.

The original postulates which the items contains.

If a person seats beside me I connect to the being holding his or her lower arm with my hands, eyes closed, and I run my fingers over the skin picking up different  pictures, in colours.


I don’t ask questions and I don’t need to know the person at all.

I will read everything about the person, the past the present and the future and I am totally correct (I have been told]).

If the person wants it, I can also look into the other beings she concentrates on, no matter how far even in different country, the distance do not exist.

I read that being correct too.    I also see what nutrient the body need the lack of or too much.

Again it is not a miracle just simply recognising the energy flows and see the pictures the beings have.

Easy to be  a gipsy when one don’t have any pictures which are interfering.

So the future is open and to know equally as the past .

I can connect to distance planet and do a little traveling, the first time I have  the speed the planet moved with , boggled my so-called mind,  I  got attached to it, and  have yanked me away from the body such force,  have to admit the body which I use as on anchor point here, wobbled almost toppled over me being totally out.  The body’s movement have brought me back.

Also had a great pleasure more than one occasion to communicate with other beings in the Universe since my communication do not rely on verbal sounds, it is easy to do, so-called telepathy.

I did not look for the communication i was contacted.

I have come to the stage of communication in which I am not sure if the communications are verbally directed at me or came at me in thought form.

The later can be a bit awkward since the being many time don’t intend you to hear his or her thoughts.

I can pick up any object let say on antique jade turtle and see vivid pictures were the stone come from, the terrain, by what manner it was carved and I can see clearly the artist who have done the work.

Plus I see how the item have changed hands  or was stolen, traveled under what conditions to the Far West, ( west coast, here) and what will become of it till there is no more as on item as jade turtle.   How it will be destroyed.   History from the beginning to the end.

Future is easy to read.



Everything have become into existence because a postulate, so the items still holds those postulate and all the other thought in connection to the item still.

Since all postulated are made of energy and it is only energy therefore that energy not only have a starting point the formation at the time of postulate but there is the so-called point were it will dissolve into a different form. So being a gipsy is not a big thing.

Flowers do wonders in my space.

I have created magnificent gardens and I never studied the how.

(Given a title of Master Gardener)

I guess I just recalled as I went along with the soil and the plants.   The plants do communicate and let one know of they need.

One regains the harmony with nature.

(Nature is the Life Force of the planet, Actually The Life Force which brought nature into existence. Yet it is wrong to say “Life Force” because life is created so is force and have sustenance a beginning and  the end but I don’t have any other name. The life force as I know is intangible and infinite.)

People do come to the garden, they are drawn or pulled in by the Theta, the beauty in the highest form,  [flowers] and bring visitors to admire and bask in Theta.


The visitors, all express on they own ways what is inside they universe as a spiritual beings.

Here is  a few.    Some names the garden the Heaven, some calls it Paradise others on artistic achievement, a perfect design and harmony or just walk about in wonder and nod they head.

Beautiful!! they repeat over and over again.

The flowers do they own thing here.    When the flower which only posed to reach one meter by the labels definition, grows into one and the half, the petals which is meant to be four-inch wide grows into six or more.

I have here flowers which were only to bloom for 3-4 weeks early in the spring after nearly 5 months they are still in full bloom and going strong.

Some of the plants were so small  few months back, I was told they will bloom only next summer, now over one meter tall and are in bloom for the past 5 weeks.

Some others who are only to bloom once a year are doing they wonderful best getting ready to do it again or have.


The garden is new creation, the fist plants were put in late february.

A visitor said, a gardener,  in April ” In the late winter when everything was dormant in our garden, in yours here was spring, in ours now is spring and here is summer”

I told them I fertilize , Oh we do too, yet we don’t have what you have here”   (Of course  I can see and hear the fairies too,  and know how they come about, what is the connection with flowers.)

When all the negative considerations fell away.  Even plants can do the beautiful as they want to be.

One small win as on OT.

When I enter into the garden I pick up the unusual presence instantly if there is one.   I just walk to it.

It is usually a predator in the form of tiny green worm.

It is fun to do, but not for the galloping little critter.  There are things one discovers and learns beside playing the piano or ask the fly sit still in order to be removed, to be relocated outside.

To watch a wasp happily clean  self on my hand and rest for a while.   coexistence without fear.


To tell the ants to move house to a more convenient place in the garden and they too comply.

To know what is The Black Hole,  and what it’s purpose,   what is Alzheimer all about,  which researchers will never know,  what is Jet Leg in different reality from the original.

See the Earths history how long it will be here and what will become of it.

How the so-called personal power works.    Most of all one knows that these things have no more importance than catching the little predator.

There are other things which happened, the results I can only contribute being an Auditor.

The body is 70-year-old and it have decided had enough.

(Cant blame the machine, it have lived through thousands of lifetimes and experienced immense amount of surging energy flows through auditing and me using it as on anchor.. So the poor thing have burned out.  No wonder.)

The Thyroid gland shut down.    It was not easy to kick-start it, felt like a block of ice, the body temperature sank to 94.5 the His rate dropped to low fifties and  the body have lost the automatic thing which to make to take your breath in and out.

I had to force my self to count in, breath, out breath gulping air when I did not for a short while.

( It kicked in soon as I spotted the reason for stopping)

I last the control over the body it felt like the spine was removed, the body collapsed. Lost most body hairs, etc…. I made a decision it was not the way to go.

I did not go to see any Dr’s. no matter what my family or friends have said.

I known I could fix the decrepit old thing.

After 5 months the body have a beautiful head of hair and in very good health lots of energy, all is well.

I have no recall or idea what were my view points were before this wondrous thing called Scientology I have fallen into.

But I am sure it must have been Hell because I wanted out.

How I perceive the Physical Universe hold no importance what ever,  but how I feel.

How I have changed in that sense, that is the true gain the important factor  and almost impossible to explain since it is intangible.

But here is my best.

There are levels of the next.. In occasions Less or more fantastic, greater or lesser happiness, joy, wonderment about natures beauty, total confidence,  having no fear what so ever, there are no needs or wants, contented to no end, the trill of being one with the Universe where is no evil or good  (not being effect) only IS.


The body walks on the Earth I can hear the sounds of foot steps, but I float, no longer anchored.

If I would need to start all over again I would do anything in my power to do so.

Naturally there has been ups and downs, in and out of hell at the beginning of Solo. (It was very interesting, but not bad at all)

On the road there were boulders, many other obstacles, the invisible is tough to locate (which I have forgotten I have placed there)

Good to be on Auditor.

To be in Paradise on Earth

is my reward for the work.



Since Earth is Paradise.

What I done I never have viewed as work.   Just fun, lots of fun.

It was a game and still is.

I thought ways back in 73 in september when I started out (One of the main reason was I wanted to improve my sex life!!! That explains the low IQ reading taken than.  It was easy to be on Idiot., nothing to it.)  that the end of the road will be being full OT 7.

No, no, after OT 7 I was still mostly human, just becoming aware me being spiritual entity, a fledgling who has not learned how to fly.

Even after all these years, going through the constant  changes, the magic and miracles the wonders I have seen and come to know  there are indications in my Universe, the now, is not the end,  but the beginning.

Now I trust in the unknown, (there are no more  boogeyman lurking in invisible shrouds.)

The potentiality of the future what the outcome will be is unknown but what ever comes it will be different and better what I can imagine.

I have the Tech, under my wings as the wind,

to propel me forward.

I  do fully understand the immense, immeasurable value I have received,     The wins it self have no importance what so ever, outside as indicators of the realignment of my universe as they occurred, yet it would be great if they could inspire others who will read these lines.

To walk the road of Solo Auditor.


So much  have gone but the fire remained , the power of the will to walk forward is stronger than ever.

I want to know all.

The Physical Universe is not infinite on the contrary, but knowledge is.

It is ours to claim and have as Scientologits.


While exploring, somehow the SELF, the ME, the I, the MINE, The BEING  the “singular” who had the considerations of a human and made me become what ever, sort of disappeared and self-created universe with it.

It’s boundaries, edges melted or have become interwoven with the Universes.

The same time the Physical Universe itself have lost it’s awesome magnitude and from under all that rubble once forgotten deeply buried spiritual have risen who can’t be described with words easy?

INTANGIBLE, INFINITE ONE WITH ALL, therefore  “In NOW” there is no “I” “SELF” “ME” “BEING” MINE” and no such a thing as ” LIFE” “DEATH” “START” or”END”  “INSIDE” “OUTSIDE” or “EXTERIOR” or thousands other words and expressions which describes the human state by agreement, all have disappeared, as-is ad which have segregated, insulated a state known to be called alone.

This is not the win of a being as have been 35 years back,

but It is a STATE  have been reclaimed, NOW.

The technology,  Auditing works.

A man, a human, do not possess such a magnitude of power to destroy, stop IT’s progress its continuity.

…For ever grateful.

For ever grateful.


Elizabeth Hamre


we are here to help!!

If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.


  1. Hello Elizabeth. I feel I know you. I loved your story and glad your out. It was a hard decision for me too. I am still trying to get my footing. This was my second time in the group. I wish you lots of happiness.

    • Very dear Deb Lee. I did not have any problem to walk away. I had what I wanted and paid for. The Flag have found out I was doing the Solo [ me blabber mouth] I was pulled in and audited by class 12 to see how I messed up but I had floating tone arm to me it was on indicator I was on the right track. I was told to stop or i will mess up I said I will Left and never looked back. While I was there I got a Sp label I laughed. after I got back to Vancouver I got a call from Flag and been told they made a mistake and i am not on SP. and to please come back any time. Told tham i was not interested. I was on the move. the adventure called me I have opened the doo I do have happiness and i am glad we sharer with the magical key.. I do have happiness and pleases me to no end we share.

  2. Hello Dear Elizabeth,

    It is a wonderful story you tell and one that really make me inspired to continue forward toward more knowingness to find out all I want.
    I do not think I ever read a more fascinating and beautiful successtory from applying the Technology. Thank you so much for your words!:)

    • Dear, Dear Conny. Do contenue, one never can have enough of the good stuff like knowing. You will never regret the decision. Your Universe holds great wonders. It is like one of dose speciality shops hold goods from the four corners of the Universe. You can pick and take anything you want. No need to have credit card or money, useless. just a wish list and one of the item need to be on is “Desire to be free from all which makes the intangible tangible.” I be with you on your adventure.

      • Dear Elizabeth,

        I´m just sitting here with a BIG smile on my face!:))))))

      • Fantastic. It is a lovely day in Parasise.

  3. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you very much for telling us (for at least me) your road to happyness, very inspiringly hearing for someone reaching the top of the mounting, I felt touched.No need to tell you more.


    • I am happy to know you have understood the message Scienlogogy, the thech. that it works And with is’s use what one can attain. What is oT7 or OT 77 they are just numbers. The aim is to be out regadless. as you said top of the mountain. We are in one Universe so love is returned.

    • Tony, can I reach you? where are you? Do write! Not only i have reached the top but fallen over that is why I have such a big smile!

  4. Hi,nice to hear of all your success. It must feel great. My knowledge of Hungarian confined to 4 words.Just spent 17 days there recently.Had a great time. I had this body 78 years and take care of it by doing athletics . Spiritual developement maybe not as spectacular a yours as OT7 but feel very priviledged to be in current state. Was in Scientology a long time and being audited by Tommy Thompson. Pleased with progress. Your message was very inspirational. I am enjoying facebook and all the people I meet.I am still working and enjoy being in touch with all that is going on around the world. I enjoy to tell people about scientlogy when and where I meet them, usually abroad. Enjoying reading a few books about life between lives,by Micheal Newton and Dolores Cannon. Near to completing Grade zero once again and feel real gains. Better end off now, all best wishes to you,cliff

    • Thank you . do not make any differnce where we are. as spiritual being There is no such a thing to be in the wrong or right place. We are not different just have different wiev point. By the way eat less wheat products, wheat have very strong energy flows, it usualy overwhelms other flows and the blows the harmony in the system. have fun!!

      • Thanks for the info on wheat products. I love granary bread and my son tells me it is bread that tends to put weight on body ,maybe the yeast. Am enjoying seeing your posts, I loved Pecs and also hope to return to friend in Budapest. Was in Scn since 1962 .Glad that you are a colleague in freezone,cliff

      • Hi Cliff i never been Pecs, yeast contenues working inside. it is very though on the system. i been out of hungary since 1956 december 6th. i am not hungarian any more. Live in Canada on the Lower Mainland In BC. just a stone throw away from the Rockie. It is magnificent here. every time I see the mountains I pick up they energy flows Having the ocean close also keeps the energy level astatic. plus i have a garden full of golden light and fairies It is a magical place were visitors stand in awe. The theta they pick up. Of course the garden, the flowers are very . beautiful My best to you. be well. and do well.Erzsebet

  5. I started to feel bit lonely the last few days and there your articles appears in my mail magically bringing answers to my questions, YOU, in your story.
    You thought me a very big lesson.
    I was not auditing… I felt too exterior to go in session yet I had anxiety attacks and loss (sadness) still, i think connected to my ex.

    Well you taught me that the key is auditing and in that i cannot agree more.
    So i started to look why i DID NOT want to go in session and I found it.
    It is matter of point of view and distance.
    I spoke to L. (my roomate), he has walked this path 20 years ago… he duplicated the same view point of a very high theta space.
    I already had 2 amazing solo sessions. I loved what you wrote about soul mate… I agree and I think you are amazing.
    Silvia Kusada

    • What can I say! Just love you my Dear. I am humbled. Wonders of wonders. There are miracles happen all the time we just forgatten that is what they are.

  6. hi elizabeth,

    i’m hungarian too lol. i’ve been a scientologist since 1986. i love scientology. you’re right about the wheat, i have celiac all wheat, rye etc.

    i read you write up, very cool. can you exteriorize at will? stably without complications?

    and not sure if you have thought this much, but after you drop the bod, do you plan to go to target 2 or are you coming back here to planet earth, target 1?

    as much as i like life here on this planet earth, i look to the stars with wonderment and know that i will make it to target 2 to play the games i always wanted to play and then off to target
    3 for the real fun 🙂 lol

    life here get’s dull and boring, very ho hum, need more action, adventure. how about you?

    • Hello Kathy. here, never a dull moment. Do explain what is target 1 and 2 and 3. Since I have-not a clue. Please Reread the article it would be help for you to understand since the article is about how “exterior” bit happens. After “droping the body” what will come after, I have not arrived to that point. The Universe hold no boundaries for the free.

  7. hi,

    target 1, 2, 3 etc that’s the whole salvage the sector and universe thing. we’re all supposes to clear the planet and then go on to the next target and do the same etc etc.

    you’re right the universe does not hold boundaries for the free 🙂

  8. Elizabeth,

    I was speechless when I read your writeup … and this is a good thing! Inspirational is an understatement.

    The wins you have are what interested me in the technology in the 1st place … that was some 40 years ago. I was always more interested in what we called ‘para-scientology’ back then, although it was the real deal.

    I agree, the hidden boulders are so much fun to discover … as-ising something invisible that one does not realize is still there really can rock one’s universe! I look forward to examining the ways & postulates which led me to this odd state I am in now. I’ve played that game long enough I think.

    Ahh … I could go on & on …. thank you so much!

    Now, to get started … again!


  9. i know isn’t it. i for the most part, after i drop the bod, i’m going to target 2, don’t need to salvage, it’s not my job nor my hat. i didn’t fuck up the universe, you know ot 3 drama rama.

    so i get to go off and play the coolest games ever and hook up with my soulmate, or as we scientologists say whole track 2d. 🙂 i can’t wait. hey btw, have you hit any implants? had any difficulties?

    or have you not experienced a wild ride yet? i have and i made it through unscathed. i applied my basics, ot tr1 (eyes open) tone scale and of course technique 88. it was the coolest ride ever lol. i didn’t even need a meter lol. but most pilots like me don’t.

  10. thanx, lol, i am having fun 🙂 btw, what’s your fav hungarian food, mine is all gluten/wheat products, palachinta, gombotz and of course langoush with garlic, oops almost forgot the most deadlyist of all, dobosh and kifly 🙂

    • Kathy dear I do not live in hungary. I live in Canada if I would eat hungarien goodies like what you have written of i would be be on OT without body, dead that is!!! only a young can eat such woderful stuff like that. When I lived in Csillaghegy, nagyon regen I was a Pastry Student and I have worked in Beke Szallo And as on Intern I have been tranfored to the world famous Gundel That is when the revolution started in 56. Since than i lived in Belgium, 3 different times in England almost Forget i also live in Austria. USA and i been back here for the past 3 years from Washington state. My sisters makes palacsinta once in the blue moon but one is enoug. and 2 would be way to much. All hungarians are into heavy wheat goodies. My sister eats nokedly with bread. Have you ever!!!! love. Langos!! now that realy would slam the garden gate in!!

  11. lol, no i can’t eat those anymore, i just miss them, i know, it keys in the case. it’s a hereditary thing, celiac. i was born in budapest, but i’m in los angeles. yeah the wheat thing is not good. 1 in 100 in europe have it and don’t know it, it’s in the dna thing for me.

    no i never ate nokedly with bread lol, that’s too funny. but i used to eat bread with everything else lol. so how do you like living in canada?

    diet, you know it’s in vol 7 of the R&D vols, case studies, LRH said people that were eating a steady diet of carbs ie cakes, cookies made their case spin.

    anyhoo, yeah food, it’s a hungarian thing lol 🙂

    wow the revolution, i actually met László Kovács, he’s the cinematographer that smuggled out film from hungary. were you there in 56? or did you go to belguim when the revolution happened?
    any cool stories to tell, any adventures, mis adventures lol.

    • Yes i was in the revolution, but my coolest story is what you have read above. you talk slang what is lol? I dont know such a word. Good night Kathy.

  12. oops i totally missed that :)thanks silvia for catching that 🙂

    • Thank you, I needed that to know. I do not want to be held back with mystery to such a great extent like “lol”

  13. One of the several italian readers of this Blog sent me this comment:

    “molto bello, anche per questo aspetto:
    LRH (meno) e la chiesa (molto di più) tendono a farti credere che non puoi
    fidarti di te stessa, non puoi camminare da sola e devi per forza affidarti
    alla chiesa per qualsiasi cosa. Ti rendono dipendente, non certo per il tuo

    Lei ha dimostrato che una volta che si conoscono gli strumenti non solo si
    può camminare da soli, ma si può fare anche molta più strada ed arrivare là
    dove nessun “churchie” à mai giunto prima! (parafrasando Star Trek)


  14. Thanks for the inspirational wins Elizabeth. This is what I wanted and had glimpses of while in the Church. You are a shining light that will let us follow a path of adventure to what the the church is selling but can’t deliver ‘Freedom”. I have bee given new hope by you. Leaving the church took huge pressure off the mest oriented constant demand for money, which keeps one firmly stuck in and affect of the physical universe. With your guidance I hope to change my world into as magical as yours.
    Even my electrical company name is Magic Power. I like magic and to have fairys in the garden would be magic.
    Thanks for the e-mails Elizabeth.

  15. Peter Thank You. And thank you for allow me into your Universe that is magic it self. The fairys are in the garden, you will see tham when you are ready to let tham back into your Universe. They never left, it is you who have changed. It is a woderful day in Paradise and I am happy we could share that. All what I know is yours. E.

  16. Elizabeth, welcome to freedom and thank you for sharing your wins with others, it is very inspiring to read them.

    Well done to you and to Silvia!


  17. Hello Elizabeth,

    I believe that I was at an event at the Vancouver Mission where you spoke of your experiences as an OT. I was very new to Scientology at the time but not new at all to the path of spiritual discovery and revelation. It was a moment of true inspiration and joy to hear you speak. I always wondered what happened to you as I never again saw you. I have thought of you often throughout the decades since. It is so good to hear that you are well (more than well actually!) and that you have realized your path to true spiritual awareness and fulfillment.

    Your descriptions of your operating state is so real to me. Thank you for sharing that. I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to hear all this.

    I once had a garden like yours. Plants are wonderful! And so communicative when you get to know them!

    • Anna? Thank you. I am in Maple Ridge now. You can email and you are welcome. I would love to hear from Mission member. I have loved that place and every being in it!

  18. […] [last August:…] […]

  19. […] [last August:…] […]

  20. Hi,

    I read a little part of your personal story – discovered your page, because I was so fascinated of the picture od the sleeping figure in an italian garden. Actually I only wanted research who is the rightholder of it – and than I began to read some lines …

    … and even as my english is not so good I had liked to I made sencs of nearly all.

    I am deeply impressed with your vigorousness!

    Back to the picture:

    If you are the rightholder I wanted to ask you for permission to prnt it on my car and of oourse what I will have to pay for it.

    Best regards

    • Hello Germana. take what ever you like. We dont charge since it is our honour that you spend some time in our space. You can email even if your english is not good. Please believe me mine is not that good. The hungarian which i speak is even lower on the scale. But that kind of considerastion should not kepp one from communicating. Write my Dear!! My Universe is open to all!! Elizabeth

    • PS: I am too is very impressed with my vigorousness! I love that thanks!!!

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