For those who wait that everything is perfect; LRH said:”Any auditing is better than no auditing’.

There are many excuses

and reasons agreed upon

on why not to audit.

The Church of $cientology in the first place, has come up

with the most creative, longest, varied list of justifications ever existed.

However LRH always said:

“Any auditing is better


than no auditing”.


This in NO WAY should be interpreted as an authorization to squirrel or going in agreement with squirrel practices.

I have expressed my opinion on this before.

In a world where man is specialized in creating chaos, where low responsibility on the part of many hurts others without limits, where people are driven so low on the tone scale as to feel that fighting is the only way to solve problems, in such enviroment I admire and support any technique, counseling or practice directed toward the goal of increased happiness of others and the destimulation of charged  situations.

I say YES to anyone capable of creating positive emotions directed toward an improvement of the survival of others.


Although some of the people (Church included) could criticize this point of view and call me squirrel, this is exactly what LRH talks about in Scientology. And these are part of the 4 valid processes by LRH.





It is interesting to notice that the majority of the people who were going nowhere on the bridge inside DM’s Churches are also not going anywhere on the bridge outside the Churches.


Slaves by their own fears.


Achieving Spiritual freedom

and knowledge is hard work.


There is a lot of confronting… and you really see it once you arrive at OT8.


If you really understand what OT8 is about you also have an idea why LRH does not tackle those areas before the very upper bridge.

Its power could literally blow someone’s head off.

New OT8s inside the Church, forced to violate their personal integrity, and to commit overts against LRH standard tech, being forced to obey and support squirrel activities, are deprived of the benefits of  truth.

They moreover are forbidden to audit.

LRH once published a list of Justifications:

Here is a list of Justifications from DM and his Staff of why not to audit :

Please notice that under the category of no auditing there is also (being forced into an unnecessary auditing actions. These including and not be limited to: Security checks, set-ups, NED when one is already Clear).



1) He is out-ethics

2) He is PTS

3) He has overts as he does not contribute to the IAS

4) He has enemy lines on DM so he needs a sec checked before he can go in session.

5) He is not part of the group so he does not deserve auditing.

6) Her husband is antagonistic.

7) She needs one more intensive of set up.

8) If you do not have a pledge intensive you cannot go back on solo.

9) You have to deserve to go up the bridge.

10) There are no past life Clears/ there are no Dianetics clears.

11) She refused to stay at the Org’s Hotels.

12) He does not have an alarm connected to the mandatory safe.

13) You cannot audit unless you have all the security in.

14) He has to do all the certainties before he is allowed to continue to audit in the field.

15) He has not paid the I help fee so he is not authorized to audit

16) He does not have a C/S OK yet and need to go to RTC.

17) He is in comm with an antagonistic person.

18) We only accept full-time students.

19) You have to do the basics before going in session.

20) You have to redo the solo before you are allowed on your OT levels.

21) You need to do the academy before going up the bridge

22) He met a psychologist once and  he is an illegal pc.

23) He took a sleeping pills she is an illegal pc.

24) She need a full set of medical exams.

25) You are not ready to have it now

26) We need to have nice building in order to expand and deliver.

27) We must have an up-scale Superpower Building as it is necessary to deliver the rundown. (Did you ever wonder why after all these years are not delivering the Superpower? The Superpower was designed by LRH to wake up thetans.  Scary EP for anyone that is keeping people from looking.)

… and thousand more excuses.


Justifications from the field:


Now I'm tired... I'll decide after a good nap.

1) I do not have time.

2) I do not have enough money.

3) I do not trust that auditor.

4) He is squirrel

5) How I know if that auditor applies Standard tech?

6) There is not a C/S. ( HCOB 23 August 1971 AUDITORS RIGHTS by L. Ron Hubbard Section: ‘ACCEPTING A C/S”  – ‘The auditor may NOT C/S in the auditing chair while auditing the pc. If he has NO Case Supervisor at all the auditor still audits from a C/S. He writes the C/S before session and adheres to it in session.”

7) I do not like the room

8) He is not up-stat, does not look professional enough.

9) I want to do it by my own self -determinism

10) iI is all bull-shit anyway

11) I do not need auditing

I'm totally happy the way I am!

12) I do not want to be dependent on another person

13) I do not have a C/S

14) I’m not a Squirrel

15) Auditing does not work anyway

16) This might not be LRH

17) I only want Standard Tech

18) My case is different

19) I do not want auditing anymore

20) I hated my last level in the Church

21) Life sucks.

22) My auditor does not have time

23) Everybody wants my money

24) I’m too depressed anyway.

25) I need to enjoy myself now.

26) I’m waiting when the Church reforms

27) I cannot audit if I’m not authorized by the Church

28) I can ruin myself if I audit solo

29) I do not know how to do it and who to ask

30) Is better if I die quietly

31) I’m a failure, there is nothing I can do.

32) I don’t need auditing

33) Auditing does not work for me

34) I can handle it myself

35) I hated my last level

36) I’m not as fucked up as he/she is

37) I can handle my own charge

38) Maybe later

39) Untill I fix this sit I cannot go in session.

40) It should be free.

…. and to infinity.

Usually people who say that they do not need it because they are able to handle themselves or are not restimulated are the people who need it the most. An indicator of this is their inability to grant beigness to others and their intense antagonistic feeling toward life and others.

The truth is:


This is not an invitation to squirrel,

but an encouragement to apply the tech,

to do something for yourself and others.




Do not do what the church does;

stopping people from auditing

by entering counter-intentions and restrictions.

By introducing arbitraries and render it difficult

to go into session and to help others.


You know what you know.


That is the why I admired Elisabeth and her success story.

She left 35 years ago.

She was depressed and alone and she made a true OT out of herself

with what she knew.

Her story gave hope

and it is a good example to many.

And I’m sure if LRH were alive he would have commended her.

You might do not have a C/S or know the tech perfectly, but you have great tech terminals in the field and you have the tech.

Do not get tangled by the mechanics, and auditing will happen.

Audit where ever you are, and as soon as you find a tech terminal,

you can get checked-out or repaired if needed.

But most of the time it will be OK.

Distances are not a barrier anymore we have internet and Skype.

It is a crime that the church

keeps the new OT 8’s and OT 7’s

off auditing.


They are close to the biggest powerful charge you can barely think of.

They are in great danger.

They are where the real fun and freedom begin.

If you truly are an OT 8 you can do miracles.

You handle in the order of magnitudes of GPM.

You can blow millions of years of charge every single session.

New OT 7 and 8 are actually in danger in the state where they are.

Here is my question to you:

If you were in the desert, would you refuse a glass of water because you do not have a proper glass?

I would drink, even from a shoe.

We are talking survival.


LRH says that

“The watchword is SERVICE.

. I don’t care how many rules

you break if they’re broken

to give unselfish service to

one another and the public.

We live for service not for rules”

“Use the rules until they prevent you

from doing your job.

But if these stop you,

then to hell with the rules!

Get the show on the road!”


“Service” (HCO POLICY LETTER OF 19 MARCH 1968)


People on the RPF audit on the basis of reading and applying.

That was written by LRH.

They raise their responsibility level

and get auditing done.

You can do it too.

The only person that stops you from achieving freedom

and happiness is not DM’s church, is YOU!

LRH with the book “Self Analysis” and “Handbook for Preclears”,

Marty, Aida, Ignazio


and many others are here to help.

There rest is up to you.

You are the artist on the canvas called life…

and every one of you has one!


















But always work


toward happiness!


we are here to help!!



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7.


  1. awesome, as usual.

  2. Just wanna say how inspiring your posts are! Thank you.

  3. Dear Beloved. Thank You. As You know I dont have much Tech. under my belt I only have taken few courses at the biggining The most extensive was D-Co audit. Of course I read all the materials which were included on all level. But something happend after the fist time I went back into past life. Invisible walls have fallen all around me I have broken out of prison. The prison of believe I have only one life to live.!!! This new knowledge is what have re ignited the hope to be free. The hope, which was burried under the rubble of the failures, the past postulates which never have achived the goal. Just how long one can Om to ones belly button? Since I have not read the article above what LRH said about auditing. Well, he is right!! I have discovered for my self that the pleasure moments hold the greatet power over the being since they are the ones the being go back to over and over again. Those moments controls the being. It was intented to do so!! In Solo Auditing or any other Auditing One can not get last it is impasible. One dont need to navegate by the stars. One of LRH -as gift is a compass “the indicators” to stair by. The path is open and the markings are very clear they are the indicators the F/N’s the F/T arm, the good indcators, the Cogs which are truly the light which guides one over the rough terrain till the next Cog. [[If on excuse pups up, not to do, that should be the first item on the list to audit.]] If that is squirreling than it is good to be a squirrel in Paradise!!

  4. Here is the fun part!! If one do not wish to be audited in any ways there is a solution which will burn off erase all the MEST from ones universe. Nothing to it. After you drop the body head toward the BLACK HOLE, If you do not know where it in in the Physical Universe Just ask any being out there. The Black Hole was brought into, postulated into existance for one, only one purpose. To burn off energy which the being have collected, the bank. One just have to zip through and Magic!! no more stuff. My problem was and I am sure the rest of the fellow travelers experienced the same affacts. When all is erased, all is erased!!! get it? One do not have one iota of consideration left. So, after been through the Car Wash for Spirits one can be there for eons and nothing will happen I was lucky one Comet zoomed by and I hitched ride back into civilization the Physical Universe. [[ The problem was if you do not have any condiderations, who or what you are than one becomes the Comet , finally it burns it self out than one becomes something else. Goes on and on. It have taken ios before I have found the self again and got back to the original putpose to locate the means to free my self. The solution with one can attain the State “INFINiTE” and have, retain the knowledge. Auditong is the only answear. the solution. Oh, The Universe hold such wonders!

  5. Ex SO staff myself, Celebrity Centre from 79 to 83

    When I left I was told I would never make it out there in the world
    and never amount to anything..this I feel put a spell on me
    as my life as been full of ups and downs with little purpose.
    I Feel I need some Processing to end cycle of being in the Sea Org
    and to get my life straight and back on track…

    • Great idea, I have audited a lot both as an auditor and as a solo auditor.
      The tech works and does miracles.
      Let me know in which area you are and I can direct you to some great people. It is time to flourish and prosper!!

      Write me to :


  6. Great post Silvia, thank you!

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