NEW RELEASE; The new Illustrated Tech Dictionary

A friend e-mailed me a preview of a new release:

The revised


Tech Dictionary


will be soon released.


This in order to handled the state of confusion

rampant in DM’s churches.

DANGER: Contains True data by LRH!!


Sorry! You need to buy the New Advance Clinical Courses Series  to find this definition. (regular price $7800. Discounted price $8300)



A place where you are sent when in applying your rights of thought and action  you do not fully align with the goal of Adolf Miscavige (for some strange aberration of yours).

Ethics Officers:

The staff that work in Ethic are called Ethic officers, they help you to handle any out-ethics connected to the fact that you are not making enough gains in session or in life as to be able to get furthers loans to donate to the IAS or to buy the New releases.

Sometimes they also help you to solve family quarrels by getting you to divorce or disconnect from who does not agree with your donating to the church.


DBA for Adolf Miscavige bank accounts.

Bill of Rights:

That part of the U.S. Constitution which has been superseded by  Adolf Miscavige ‘s Interpretations of Policies.

Case Gain:

1.An increase in the ability to withhold. 2. the feeling you have when you are able to pay one of the rates of your debts. 3. When a reg is walking toward you but in fact stops and talk to someone else.

IN Ethic Scientologist:

Loyal follower of the Church who has had his mind made up for him and doesn’t want to be confused with the facts.

State of Fear:

The one experienced by everyone that has decided to leave the Church, but has not yet come out.

Condition of  Doubt:

Aldolf Miscavige discovered that this condition was suppressively altered by LRH which added point # “2. Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or organization.”

Therefore he had it modified. Point to# 2 has been removed to suit the current management… ups I meant to say to the original version written by Adolf Hitler.


Originally a confidential procedure to cleanse the soul. Now used by some organizations for broad public defamation.


A book whose cost will soon match its title at 10% increase per month.


1.That which is increased to gigantic proportions since its cancellation.

2. what it will happen to you and all “bad” people if they do not obey Adolf Miscavige directions.

Koolade Drinker:


A person that believes anything. A sweetness and light character.

First Amendment:

Something superseded by the new management policies, with the exception of

the tax-exemption rules.

Tone level of  Apathy and Sacrifice:

The EP of any Reg cycle. Self-explanatory for those who have experienced it.

Highest Crime:

1) A moment of brief awareness where you realize that what you see is not what it should be. 2) Applying fully LRH doubt formula.


1. One who, for whatever reason, is still in the Church.

2. A person in a state of fear.

3. an easy to implant person.


That which one must relinquish in exchange for freedom. The more integrity you have, the more expensive and difficult for you will be to go up the bridge.

Standard Tech;

after careful studies Adolf Miscavige found and corrected all the little imperfections on LRH tech.


A squirrel, an Ogre, a horrible suppressive person that  left Church of $.

An insane person that read, got and wanted to apply the LRH Tech.


1) The END justified by the means. 2) What gets you out of Ethics or out of any reg cycle. 3.  Your passport to be a true member of the group.

Price of Freedom:

That which increases at a rate of 5% a month. The price of Total Freedom contains too many digits to fit onto this page, and approaches infinity.


The only Agency greater than God which has the power to suspend or set aside the inalienable rights of Man.


A specific period of time during which one doesn’t dare say what he really thinks.


A place where you learn, at your own expenses, how to smile convincely and how to be able to concentrate in  happy thoughts.




The ability to perceive and to put in words, what your auditor, your C/S and the Success officer want to hear from you.


Originally a furry little friend. Later added connotation: one who believes and follows LRH standard tech.


Trust after betrayal.

Suppressive Act:

Thinking for one’s self and having the guts to express it.


Those data carefully select by Adolf Miscavige and his staff  that you need to know and apply.

True believer:

... always loyal to his master

What is commonly called: “Fucked and happy”!


The right to think or decide as you like, fortunately always aligned with the policy of Adolf Miscavige


The art of handling money. The ability to move them smoothly from your bank accounts, credit cards or from one of your acquaintance or friends into the Adolf Miscavige account DBA IAS.

EXCHANGE in abundance:

What the Superpower staff gives you as exchange for all your money; the 8K gold superpower pin.


When a parishioner donates money toward the Super Power he is basically bending over and saying: “I enjoy being F…ed!”

And he happily get F…ed.  Than they give him the little 8 K Gold pin with a big phallic symbol to acknowledge that it did happen.


Anyone that does not have enough money to make more donations.


A very fancy Financial Institution where you are granted the honor to deposit your money,  where you hung out with experts that help you to find the way to deposit more money, and buy books, mostly for others .

Idependent field:

A place where there are many award winning auditor and C/Ses who who can get you up the bridge in a Standard Way.


anyone that makes it up to OT 8 without debts.

Where is everybody?


We are just Kidding…

It is not like it is true….


The original


  1. B R I L L I A N T!!!!!!!

    As usual 🙂



  2. Hi Silvia,

    I’m Dave and Aida’s friend. I met you briefly at their party on Independance Day.
    I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife, Shelley, and family and quite a few of the people that I love. I like your posts and think your website is fun and informative.

    Chris Thompson
    Scientology beginning 1977
    SO from 1984-1989
    declared suppressive circa 1991 upheld by board of review 1992, so that’s official

  3. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. How do you do it. You are truly brilliant in your capabilities.

  5. dude, that was soooooo fuckin funny i almost fell out of my chair laughing, especially when i got to the super power part lol. it’s sooooo true, that’s what made me laugh the most. i’m still laughing as i type lol 🙂 i think i’m going into glee on this lol

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