The dichotomy of Good and Evil!

Using the basic law as described by LRH


if you validate something

you make it stronger,

you can now see  where the current church is going.


Solidification is the path to control and enslavement...


Intensive unnecessary Sec Checking,

punishments, nullifications…

what are they  validating?



A being could never be free by auditing out just the wrongnesses

as this universe works on dichotomy.


The coexistence of Good and Evil...


There is goodness in people, but a “must be good”,

if disregarded keeps the being prisoner into the Badness or Evilness.

Elisabeth has discovered the path,

she has made a very good point illustrating this and I wanted you to have it.

Please keep in mind that this is her view-point.

We should look at it as further data and use it only if this make sense to us.

It might be a very high gradient to many.

My advice is

to do the standard (LRH only)

bridge up to OT7,

till you own your tools.

Than, you will understand better what this is all about,

and you will be able to audit it out and being strong enough

to tackle huge masses of energy.

Gradient is the key of success!

There is a reason why LRH stopped auditing on GPM’s.

Do not go into GPMs or attempt to do so.

The standard bridge will get you all the power you need

to do it the safe way.

But even there, DO NOT GO INTO GPM’s.

Do not work alone. Always have a terminal.

A word from Elisabeth:


walking the path toward Ultimate Truth...


Dear Beloved. Thank You. As you might know I dont have much Tech under my belt I only have taken few courses at the beginning.

The most extensive was D-Co audit.

Of course I read all the materials which were included on all level.

But something happend after the fist time I went back into past life.

Invisible walls have fallen all around me I have broken out of prison.

The prison of believing I only have one life to live.!!!

This new knowledge is what have re-ignited my hope to be free.

The hope, which was burried under the rubble of the failures, the past postulates which never have achived the goal.

Just how long one can Ommmm to ones belly button?

I have discovered for my self that the pleasure moments hold the greatet power over the being since they are the ones

the being goes back to over and over again.

Those moments controls the being.

It was intented to do so!!

In Solo Auditing or any other Auditing one does not need to navegate by the stars. One of LRH gift was a compass “the indicators” to the  stars.

The path is open and the markings are very clear.

These are the indicators as the F/N’s the F/T arm, the good indcators,

the Cogs which are truly the light which guides one

over the rough terrain till the next Cog.

[If an excuse to not audit or to avoid something pops up,

that should be the first item on the list to audit.]

If that is squirreling than it is good

to be a squirrel in Paradise!!

Re-Creating you own universe...

“Happy to hear from you. Please do publish this if you wish.

It would help the OT’s to understand that the tech is working.

Only more auditing is needed.

Much more,  it is up to the being just how far they wish to go and what they want to accomplish.

Not only that, but I understand being audited can go only so far

compared to solo auditing.

[Who could see what a mass one have created over the ions, but self ?]

No C/S can see the next item that it is there to be handled, but the being itself.

One has to crawl out by  his own or he will never be free.

Nobody can give freedom to others, beyond pointing the way.

My sole aim is to give what I know.

Today I will have visitors for lunch. A man and his wife

They are coming from Vancouver island, Victoria.

Both have been on staff for long time I. e was running O…’s Org.

She is Clear. He has been 5 for the past 12 years

they did not have any connection to Scientologists.

Beautiful day in Paradise and I am rich

because I share the Universe with you and others like you.”




‘I have had emails from OT’s and they have expressed they grief that the church did not deliver what promised.

We know that and that brings on the immense amount of loss and the members believe the money was wasted.

The problem  is not the church do not want to deliver

the promised EP for the OT’s

The truth is that the EP is not there the way it is written up the Great Chart. [ Please do not think for a moment I knock out LRH  and his work.]

LRH himself did not stick around and  himself soloed tens of thousands hours in order to understand what is possibly available by solo.

He was in creative mode, he created policies etc…

[To many the solutions to the problems,  the so-called ‘solutions’ have become the problems.]

Let’s get back here.   In the other hand  I have dedicated

36 years to auditing solo.

The EP on the OT levels.

This realization, “The Understanding The Order of,”

will give a great insight to other OTs who will read these.

In auditing or soloing , in any session the major COG is not the EP.

Yes, it does erase a lots of stuff but it is not the end.

On the OT levels the so-called Cog,  the promised EP is not the “End Cog”

the indicator that the being have achieved that state,  that COG..

have only opened up that concept, “the Cog Was the Key”,

the rest need to be cleaned out, I call that House Cleaning.

I have know about that phenomenon for many years.

The Major Cog, let in the immense amount of considerations

related to the COG’s concept.

So the Major Cog makes the walls,  the barriers to fall away.

After the House Cleaning the so-called EP on that level will just sneak up on the being , unnoticed, since it is natural to have.

That is when the magic comes into play in ones Universe.”

living magic...

“As I have re assessed  the past week’s activity and the article I have written.

I have realigned the my doigness during the past 35 years

and new cognitions have come to light

and once more my Universe shifted due to this re-alignment.

The COG: is a major one and gives a finishing touch

over the past attainments.

Every word, every concept, considerations

[And the major ones are the agreed-upon considerations

which solidify and it gives more power or takes more power away.

This in large lumps.]  one ever had and have,

holds the power which one have given, assigned to it in great magnitude,

in so-called “importance” and that is the only reason

they do exists and now hold  power over the being

and by which the being is affected by.

But the largest amount of power the spiritual being had

that is now scattered all over the Universe, and forgotten,

it was assigned carelessly not having the knowledge of  it’s value.

It has been given away in indifferent manners  when the being, assumed,

believed, agreed to, supported, tolerated, accepted,

admitted and granted that others are better, bigger,

more capable, have more power  than himself and therefore one is less,

below,  worthless, powerless, weak,

not good enough, inferior in any way.

And, in a reverse manner, when one assumes others are less,

not good enough, worthless etc….

and we are better, superior,

above others and hold power over them,


In sessions one do as-is these words,  concepts, considerations

and with each little word as-is-ed,

we gather back the previously scattered power the self worth

and with that the spiritual being becomes complete.”

“We have shared so much in the past as we walked among the stars.

Why bother with the past, the old ?

You say there is no past if ones in  the “NOW”.


Viewing time disappering...


I ask, Have you a clue what is now?

After VII we have parted,

you have chosen the comfort of old,  the path safe,

well known and worn.   Meditation, yoga.

That is in new unit of time?

No, it is not!   We all  been there thousands of time.

Self with e-meter under arm. In blaze on path, on my own.

Walked and crawled toward  the horizon, the invisible the unknown.


Dare to compare  and to say our paths runs  parallel, is the same

and add a claim so is  knowledge we have gained!

There is a  MU on your side!




Since the concepts as-ised, vanish,

when one walks the path of  Solo Audit,

how can one return, re-do,

the vanished path, the path of nothing?”


we are here to help!!



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Thanks for this posting. I have a quibble with one part, concerning GPMs. I disagree that it is unhelpful to audit on these, though I WOULD agree that it can be daunting. I would agree that a person should learn all of the tech tools, and audit only with a co-auditor. I think that solo auditing is fine, as a band-aid/first-aid measure, but I don’t believe it is a good idea for extensive practice. I believe in the power of communication!

    Jungian psychology had an understanding that people need to individuate (different meaning than the scio meaning that a person only leaves a group due to missed withholds) from the constructs in their minds that he called archetypes, but which I think scio had a better understanding of in goals-problem-masses. To the extent that people are dramatizing a GPM, people need to audit out of it. Going beyond that is a grind, and unnecessary, but staying stuck in a GPM is stupid, when we know the way out.

    • Kevin, I would advise you to tacke this problem after you get done with 7.
      To go into it before is not only out gradient but dangerous.
      Love you and miss you my friend!

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