SURVEY RESULTS: This is why people leave the Church of $

Although Ethic Officers, Personnel

what the church of DM is doing...

from the Office Special Affairs of the Church

blame the Independents as responsible

for the thousands of people leaving their church,

the truth is it is The Church of $ itselve,

pushing away its parishioners and creating anti-scientologists and anti-miscavologists.


Miscavige and his followers are doing an incredibly active

and creative job on doing that as it is not easy to stop somebody

once he/she agrees upon on such  survival goal set up by the Founder (LRH).

Truth Leaving the Well. Truth emerges from a well escaping the clerical hypocrisy and military force of the Dreyfus affair. By artist Edouard Debat-Ponsan.




Miscavige himself has pushed through several project/campaigns

that are not only in conflict with the main purpose of Scientology

but violate the basic policies of L. Ron Hubbard.


In the past 13 years alone (1996-2009), COB has invented the following:

The Golden Age of Tech
The Golden Age of Knowledge
New Breed of Ideal Orgs
Ideal Missions
Ideal Scientology communities
Clear to Eternity Honor Roll
Diamond Meritorious
Solo NOTs “refreshers”
Mass memorization drills
Paraphrase drills
Fund-raising parties
Fund-raising conventions
Patron Laureates
Unsolicited home visitations
LRH books officially pronounced squirrel


.Not one of these terms or concepts is mentioned

(except as a negative)

in any LRH materials.


Mike Rinder recently posted the results of a Survey he made regarding why people leave the Church of DM.

Here is what he found:

“I recently posted a survey designed to discover what caused people to stop supporting the Church of Miscavology and what current Scientologists are disaffected about.

Many responded on Steve Hall’s website, many more sent private emails. Thanks to everyone who participated.

There were enough sordid stories to keep a horror movie fan

occupied for nights on end.

The responses may be helpful in reaching out to others. They are summarized below.


Not too surprisingly.


was the most common response.

Of the 68% who answered with this, most said it was problems with Clear or being sent back to re-do steps on the Bridge.

DM Squirrel tech... has turned Scientology into Black Scientology.

64% said it was the

VULTURE CULTURE that shoved them out the door.

More horror stories of late night reg visits, money being taken off account without permission, absolutely no concern for Bridge progress – just relentless and incessant “Give me your money. All of it. Now. Take a loan and give me more.”



The next highest percentage (36%) was



They break you, until you scared, useless and alone...

Many mentioned being on the other end of an ethics cycle where the Church protected a big contributor in direct violation of standard policy.

35% said they saw Tommy Davis or the wicked witches LYING on TV or read the over-the-top Freedom Mags. It’s always good to know what a great job the C of M PR machine does to swell the ranks of those who see the real truth.

And Dear Leader’s IDEAL ORG strategy apparently only fools some of the people some of the time because 33% said they saw the lies as they had been in the orgs and knew they weren’t expanding, in spite of what the Chairman of Bullshit was trying to shove down their throats.

25% also said they saw the INTERNET and various write-ups/KRs from Mary Jo, Jason Beghe, Haydn, Jeff, Sherry, Geir, Paul Haggis etc usually after seeing a MEDIA report

And the other main answers were —

the disappearance of management terminals

in the church,

seeing Dear Leader pretending to be Source or just being himself up close and personal (“unlikable” is the polite term), being forced to read “the Basics”, forced disconnection, mistreatment of staff, and the Glittery Age of Tech Alteration. And just one other noteworthy point – one in twenty said the behavior of Tom Cruise made them start looking for the truth.

Now, these responses were interesting, but the real eye opener was:

“What things do you know from personal experience are sources of upset from on-lines current Scientologists?

Sometimes when a zipper is forced too hard, breaks...

(What have you heard others say — not just suspect).”

This question may have gotten the single most uniform response I have ever seen on a survey.

90% (the other 10% were people who said they didn’t speak to anyone currently in the church so had no answer!) said current Scientologists are upset about the VULTURE CULTURE.

This broke down as follows:

Crush regging/IAS creating dangerous environment/no interest expressed in Bridge progress only where is your money/endless phone calls – 62%

Prices (mostly cost to do endless OT 7 sec checks) – 17%

Mandatory events/briefings which are actually just reg events – 11%

There were other answers about out tech, disconnection, injustices, Ideal Orgs, no delivery, GAT/Basics, the impossibility of reporting outnesses internally, lies at events and how it doesn’t add up to what is seen in the orgs – but there is a button that is guaranteed to hit home with current church members: REGGING.

And more specifically, regging for the IAS/Org Buildings.

(for the full article by Mike Rainder please visit Marty Rathburn wesite at: )


Another way to keep people

off the bridge and the Church

have been the abuses and alteration of the HCOPL

covering the Freeloader Bill…

as Janis Gillham-Grady

(personal assistant of LRH on the ship and at Int,

just before LRH started to hide) wrote:


“There are several tapes of talks between LRH and myself in late 1979 concerning this exact subject of Sea Org Freeloaders and how the longer one remained in the SO the debt became too large, making it impossible for Ex Sea Org to get back on the bridge or even return to the SO, if they wised. We then agreed during these talks to change the policy for Sea Org members to align with Class IV org policy taking the debt back to 0 for each five years of service. I wrote up the issues on this which were all LRH approved. On the tapes I can be heard explaining in detail each of the issues I wrote, based off several recorded conversations over time on the subject of freedloader bills and staff pay. In these tapes LRH asks me questions about various points and has me make changes to certain points and in the final tape he verbally approves all my issues. For corporate purposes, LRH was not supposed to be involved in church decisions so these issues were put out in the name of the Board of Directors and he did not sign them as approved, but his verbal approval is on those tapes. DM has the transcripts of the tapes and even the original tapes but still ordered these issues cancelled.”


Note: What Janis describes was the original policy applied before DM cancelled and demanded that every single course and auditing had to be included on the Freeloader without any discount.

Escaping criticism, 1874, Pere Borrell del Caso, Madrid.

On may 2009, I met an ex-executive of Bridge publication.
He told me that  he paid his freeloader in several months and also made further donations. He was also “advised” by his MAA that buying the new leather bounded Basics books for $5000 would have helped him to get his liability condition accepted.
However he was later told by that MAA that they could not accept his liability, not because he did not do enough, but because the time elapsed between him leaving the Sea org and  re-joining the group was not enough, and that could have given the wrong impression to Sea org members and public that  to leave SO is easy.
It has been made quite difficult to ex Sea org member to re-join Scientology, this using different arbitraries, until very recently when the Church of DM realized that with the Independents, these ex- Scientologist had actually a chance to do the bridge outside.
That, together with massive departure of people from the DM’s Church , prompted the management to cancel some of the Freeloader and the Liability step, mush easier to do.


we are here to help!!



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. Great post Silvia…I love your blog

  2. Aw, I missed the survey. think they want one more?

    Actually, I would fit in just about all catagories, esp after 30 yrs. My basic one pet peeve would be the impingment people do, into your life, as if they have a *right* to do this – if they feel you are hurting their stats in any way shape… or form. Trying to force me to get an abortion, taking me in a back room and screaming for abuot an hour – everyone read Dianetics about pregnant women? And this was only a little mission staff back in 1979, not sea org.

    That includes getting involved in people’s divorces so badly you could sue the church AND the lawyers, completely betraying you and your kids and their survival. Seriously squirrel ethics.

    Using coercment, “if you go to court, your getting declared – there goes the study tech school for your kids”. All while protecting someone that should have been comm ev’ed, and in serious violation of the laws…but hey, they needed staff members. I said to them, if this is the kind of person you want on staff, I wonder who else is on staff in here?

    Because they condoned the situation, all they could see was this guy on staff, because of a popularity contest – later it became apparent he was doing “Uses of Orgs” – using the gulag thinking to get his way – he did a good job – so I figured I am trying to deal with a criminal cell, with similar overts. You ask for 3 comm eves and never get one…that was it for me. A complete and BLATANT disregard for the laws of the land.

    I experienced that, and many others I saw them go through similar situations as well. It kills me that even the public are of this gulag thinking – showing their complete and total ignorance of the laws of the land, being an American citizen, below non-e on that that. Thinking that ‘scientologist’ CANT go to court? Are you for real? There is a time and a place for court, and I am ashamed I didnt sue the church.

    How about the slander/whispering campaigns? And you can never get your finger on the source? Until I found out it was coming from within. Try finding work with that going on. Or hired, and 2-3 days later let go, with no explaination -one time I could see, but not 3 times in a row.

    SLANDER is ILLEGAL esp when hindering the survival of a person…It’s amazing how they will undermine your entire life, as they see fit.
    MKultra would be so proud of themselves, if they thought of these methods of control.
    It is pure communism in thinking where the “state” controls every aspect of your life. GOOGLE, and read about the UN’s “Agenda 21” – agenda. Every aspect of your life and your kids life will be controlled.

    The American congress is fighting …back right now on that one, taking all parental rights away, letting the state raise the child. The parents – just breeders. “Agenda 21” even dictates the roll of women. Perhaps the “church” and the U.N. are in kahoot!

    For 30 years I watched persons who call themselves ‘scientologists’, completely of collective thinking, and in separation of other realities.
    Like the constitution, and bill of rights.

    For years, I always blamed the gov’t controlled public schools on that one, because the above isnt taught anymore, it isnt part of the agenda. No data of comparable magnitude as LRH mentioned in the student hat course. Too many on ‘power kicks’ – enjoying controlling your life, or trying to.

    Just the basic MANNERS of letting people live their lives is not there.

    From dictating whom your allowed to talk to, work for, if your ‘allowed’ to divorce – Ie: the group pushing you to stay married to someone with major high crimes…what your allowed to have in the divorce, swaying towards the person who will give them stats. What your allowed to do with your money, your time, your activities. What your allowed to do with your children, “you dont own them, put them in the Sea Org” – major entheta ethics cycles following…

    I always brushed those that did these actions as entirely INSANE.
    But then I see the political agenda and lo! Yeah, I wonder who is in control of the gulag…the implanters? The New World Order aka UN?

    I have to add, I didnt read this in the tech, I saw pure love and RESPECT of people, their families, their babies, their MONEY, in the tech and admin policies.

    I didnt even get started on the out tech – I think others covered that enough – but I will say, with all the above going on, how can anyone GET and maintain their wins/gains – at all – within this gulag? Your almost forced to go PTS to the gulag, because you have to get through the guantlet to GET some bridge. And when you quit the group – you find out who you were REALLY PTS to! LOL!

  3. aw, geez, I typoed, thought I got all of them: (major ones)
    1. everyone read Dianetics about pregnant women? = ANYONE read Dianetics about pregnant women?
    2. being an American citizen, below non-e on that that = being an American citizen, below non-e on that HAT.

  4. It is another more example of off-exchange of de Coo$
    I spent 10 years in the SO getting two dollars per week, never take vacations, 3 or 4 days off per year and received a statement for 4000 dollars
    You’re right. It is one of the things most suppressive
    I was harassed until they made me pay “my debt.”
    I like so very much your blog and your style. Tku!!!!!!

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