How to ruin your future…

How can you ruin your future

and the future of the people you love?


Continue to follow DM’s new policies.


Go in agreement with his politics

and, as he wishes, do not go up the bridge.

Accept lies and justifications

Rationalize on how difficult everything is

and on the fact that you cannot do anything about it.


What is the difference between

a Scientology group and any other missionary entities?


Auditing and training.


We have had plenty of philanthrops, we had Jesus,

Buddha, Mather Theresa, Gandi,  and so many others…

we had associations dedicated to save kids in poor countries,

to help the researches of cancer and leukemia,

we had volunteers teaching illetarates and helping druggies…

Million and million of groups born to help,

to improve society

and to fight crime…

...erasing pain, it is the only safe way to an happy future.


But it is not until you change men,

that you change the world.

LRH’s tech gives an opportunity to man

to erase the bank at low levels…

nothing else does it.


To ensure good training


and processing, good service


and ARC inside


and outside the organization.


by L. Ron Hubbard

There are instead many spiritual technologies

that get you to states of releases.

But the purpose of Scientology

is not the release but the Clearing



All the rest is just a patch up Job.

We suppose to stop the production of bombs,

not curing the people who got hurt on the field of life.

The sad Church of DM is busy building this beautiful ‘Hospitals’,

while people are dying in the field,

while more bombs are shot and while society is disappearing.

By the time they will be done

and everything will be perfect they we will sit in the middle of ruins.


This is called: Handling the wrong target – wrong sequences – wrong importance must have before do -…

These are out-points and therefore an aberration.

But of course, at the top,

there are power/money motivated individuals…

and at the bottom, to execute these orders,

there are a bunch of robots.

So, do you really want to help?

Go up the bridge!!


This is the best thing you could do for yourself and for others.

I strongly admire people

that have enough


to go up the bridge.


Determination toward a goal!


This IS what a true Scientologist does:

he takes responsibility for his own case

and by doing that

(as you will see in the upper OT levels)

he is taking responsibility for others too.


Funny on my search for truth I madly followed in love with a 1.1,

and that nearly killed me.

Lots of emotional pain connected to this,

but a lot of knowledge too.


Sometimes the price to pay for knowledge and for freedom

is a very high price.

These are commodities that nobody can present to you.

You have to want them,


... it is a steady creation.


you have to work for it, YOU!!

Your bridge is fully available in the independent field!!

A man that erned my admiration wrote me:

“After many years of quiet discontent, a couple of months ago I finally got the courage to receive some auditing from (…) to begin undoing the dwindling spiral I’ve been on the last 15 years of auditing within the church.  It’s been wonderful, and I am even considering that I would do my ot levels, after being clear with (…) for 20 years.

I see that on the outside there is no one to stop me.

Not everyone has to come up at the open.

Do what you think is more survival for you,

but this does not stop you to go up the bridge.

Find an Independent auditor, get a twin to co-audit….

Take your time and DO what is REAL to You,

but move up the bridge.

There are many people who are still ‘in’ the church

while getting audited in the independent field…

many that are helping while inside the ‘giant squirrel’.


You are getting stronger with auditing

(LRH standard tech)

and you will be able to handle better life, your friends and work.

We are a nice group outside.

But it is up to you to find, as everywhere else,

your true friends and people who you can trust…


It is your job to do that.


Men are men everywhere,


do not think for a moment

that a world full of OT8’s changes much.

OT levels gives you power.



Ethic is a personal thing, it is the 10th Dynamic…

a luxury in this universe

as in this universe there are very few even up to the 1st,

a lot of inverted 3rd.


It is a point of Awareness.

Awareness and responsibility go hand in hand.

This is the reason why DM’s is doing everything is possible

to stop and divert people

from going up the bridge.

The bridge is the solution to freedom and a better future.

People with crimes and thirst of power do not want that.

Stop playing their game.

Use the tech!


Now you can have it.


we are here to help!!



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. this is your best blog i have ever read. brilliant ot communication from your heart

  2. great…

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