By LRH’s rules DM and his followers should not be allowed to call themselve Scientologists.

A very dear, loyal friend of LRH,

the 4th Sea Org member to join the Sea Org
during the funding period,

Mary Sue Hubbard with L. Ron Hubbard on the Apollo.

Ron's staff on the Apollo in the early years of Sea Org

a guy that has audited under LRH for tens of years

and was loved and respected by the Commodore,
a person I have been lucky to meet and to be friend with
(before I became and independent),
A guy I consider a unique true Scientologists
once told me that LRH said to him:

“You cannot call something

by its name unless it performs

the function of that name”.

A cup is not a cup if does not hold water.
A pen is not a pen if does not write.
A wife is not a wife if does not act as such.
A Scientologist is not a Scientologist
if does not apply the tech of Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard.
By LRH standards,

Aldolf Miscavige and his followers

are not to be called Scientologists.


The true colors of Adolf Miscavige and his followers.

The tech today delivered in the Church of Adolf Miscavige,
being altered and therefore Squirrel,
cannot be called Scientology.
L. Ron Hubbard on
HCO PL 20 OCT. 1961RB REV. 11 JAN. 1985
describes what is expected from Scientologists.
“(This policy letter was written by LRH in 1961 when he was the Executive Director of Saint Hill, and was addressed to new staff being hired there. It is also applicable to any other Scientology organization and has thus been reissued to “All Orgs.” —CSI)
You are only expected to uphold certain standards as a member of this group.
These standards are rather easy to understand:

1. This group has accepted you


at face value.


Today in Adolf Church you pay for the past, the present and the future... just in case!


No one of this group will hold your past against you.

A person entering a Scientology group

is looked upon as a person

whose conduct now is important,

but whose conduct in the past

is utterly unimportant.


2. This group is composed of people who want to get more able in life and to
live a better life. These people have, unlike others, enough courage to face
their own past and misdeeds and recover from them. Ordinary people most
often run from their past or blame it on others.”

4. This group believes that honest people have rights

and that dishonest people have sacrificed

their rights by being dishonest.


Justice is something foreigner to Adolf Miscavige's Church. Like in the Dark Ages of the Inquisition, you pay off your sins by donating to the IAS.


The definition of dishonesty

is whether or not a person is trying to hurt

his fellow human beings with malicious talk,

hidden actions and injustice or outright crime.


“6. This group frowns heavily on trying to prevent people

from being  processed by cautioning them against it,

lying to them about it or just being ignorant of it.”


Dm is responsible of every single project that has diverted Scientologists from the Grade Chart and from getting the staff hatted on the OEC courses. Starting from the Volunteer minister Course (not on the Grade Chart), followed by the mandatory PTS SP course (not on the Grade Chart) and the many others that included but is not limited to the basic Books and Lectures (not on the Grade Chart). There is always something new to keep the Scientologists from going up the bridge.


“9. A member of this group may be a member of any religion.

There is no conflict of faith as Scientology is all-denominational.”

There are the Code of Honor,

the Code of a Scientologist

and the Auditor’s Code.

All other group standards are wholly technical.

There are no secret standards.


There are no secret standards, but today in Adolf Miscavige's church if you dare querying any action of the management you are going to be very sorry... and you will not get the question answered. You are asked to believe and obey.


As a member of this group,

you are expected to uphold these elementary standards of conduct.

You are quite welcome to know more about Scientology,

about life and about your life.

But nobody is going to force you to study it.


Everyone on Earth

has problems.

They would not be

human if they did not.”


In the Church of Adolf Miscavige there is always an excuse to get you into more sec checking…

Are you having problems?

You must have more overts and withholds!! You MUST to buy few more intensives. We want you clean! ($$$$)




“Primarily, Scientology helps people

to come up to handling their problems

instead of being handled by them.

Just suppose for a moment Scientology really worked.

Just suppose it could really free men from pain

and suffering and help them with their problems.

Just suppose people you like or know were in need of help

and Scientology could give it to them.”


"Many people tired of the Church abuses, found Standard Tech (LRH one) in the Independent field and they are happily moving up the bridge! Swiftly and with no arbitraries.



Now, with the Independents Scientologists,

there is hope for whom wish to really help

and get helped!!


we are here to help!!



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. More and more DM reminds me of Soltan Gris, the evil guy in the Mission Earth books LRH wrote.

  2. to mary lee, lol, yeah and madison too 🙂

  3. great!!!

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