While the Church of $ is establishing herself as the Newest big Implant Station on planet Earth, the Independents are achieving stellar clearing results.




I was talking to a dear friend today…

we are twinning up and helping each other

on our adventures to full OT…

The fun behind the discovery of truth…


We have similar cognitions after session, we are able now to see each other spaces, and read our thoughts…

together we  are observing our OT abilities increasing and getting stronger.

I would say that to have a twin while you progress on the bridge,

and of course a good C/S as a terminal, is priceless.

Today we were sharing some implant data, we were covering the subject from a structural viewpoint when

it did dawn on me that what we are dealing with

as the Church of $,

is a pure Implant Station.


The types of implant mentioned by LRH are:


The most commonly used by DM’s Church of $ are:





“An implant is an enforced command or series of commands installed in the
reactive mind below the awareness level of the individual to cause him to react or
behave in a prearranged way without his “knowing it. “
There are several methods of  implanting.


... the sweet but brutal deprivation of your freedom.

The simplest and most common implant-and its lightest but not least deadly form-is the command to withhold.
Implants could be said to be “methods of preventing knowledge or communication” and this can extend to the point of the person himself denying himself the data.
The commonest “imposed silence” is probably the threatened child-an “if you tell, you will be punished.” Or simply ordering him not to tell. This tends to occlude his own memory and can be classified as an implant.


Lack of sleep. hunger, upsets all mixed with punishment or the threat of it

This is a wrong-use term to describe implanting by deprivation
and physical and mental duress. It is said to be based on the Pavlov dog
experiments (…). The theory is that when a victim is
subjected to enough punishment, he will forget his former allegiances and can be
“reeducated” politically. Despite the usual advertising lies of psychiatry and
psychology (criminals seldom tell the truth), the workability of “brainwashing” is
laughable. Dianetics can undo “brainwashing” rather rapidly when detected. To
call the remedy for brainwashing “brainwashing” merely shows public ignorance
of what “brainwashing” is.


... after a while you walk around with the certainty that you doing something wrong...but you do not know what.

Part of the criminal tricks of implanting is to
give the person an “implant” that doesn’t happen. The motions are all gone
through but the content is blank. It introverts the person and sometimes makes
him pull implants up from his past where they may exist.

HCOB  11 APRIL 1982 – SEC CHECKING IMPLANTS  by L. Ron Hubbard



Shocking! But by recognizing the truth, we can now do something about it.

And many people have been working very hard, not only to reverse the damage of this very active Implant Station (Church of $) but to bring sanity, compassion and love all around the world.



in the


Independent field


… winners STATS

Independent field COMPLETIONS for the last 7 months:

(Please note the following stats are representing 1/10th of the IND field achievements. More data are still to come.)






LIFE Repairs






OT levels



OT 7



L 12



L 11



Academy courses – Auditors MADE

Changing lives for the better...




OT levels


OT 2 completion

I really am blown out right now. I really want people to know that it IS possible to go up the bridge outside the church with standard tech.  I just completed my OT 2 and I feel great. My space is clean and crisp. My ability to have ARC keeps rising and I am certain my IQ has gone higher.  My understanding of data (and not just Scn) is rising by the day. I have been on OT 2 for nearly 3 months. I put in my hours. I know I made it.  I am ready to confront OT 3 and audit with even greater results. I feel like all of my time in the church and in the Independent field has been leading me up to this moment.
I really want to thank my good friend and CS Frank Davis.  (…)  I would highly recommend him as a CS.
I am also really grateful for all the other Independent Scientologists I have met. We are doing it. There is no question we are blowing charge on the 4th dynamic.  (…) And there is no question the people I have met are GOOD people, with GOOD hearts, really trying to help.  I am honored to consider myself an independent. I am honored to consider myself a friend of LRH.
(…)  The real truth is that to go up the bridge in the field one really has to take some extra responsibility. Really have one’s own ethics in regarding the tech. The wins are so much nicer out here. And it isn’t so bad that an IAS reg isn’t waiting for you when you come out of session.  🙂 All my love,

OT 4 Completion

I am free from drugs!

I went Exterior, and the next day when I was in the shower I had my glass off. I started looking around and I started reading the label on the shampoo bottle.  Before the rundown I could not even read the big E on the eye test screen at the Doctors office. I had recently had laser treatment on my right eye.  I ran this out in session and it blew. I feel great.

Ralph (Aud T. Lotz)


OT 7 Completion

I have been OT7 since years, but I wasn’t allowed to attest  for my disagreements with the current management. Lost the hope to continue my spiritual Journey that has always been very important to me.
fortunately I left the Church and got back my bridge in a quite more complete version.
I attested OT7 with Dave Thomas, a great man who also gave me the gift of stepping into the magic Kingdom of OT8. My life has change, my past gone, with myself being able to look at this from the right view-point. I have gained from OT8 more that I have expected to achieve this life…
My spiritual journey has begun in a full sense… Thank you Ron…

Repairing Flag Pc’s


From TL.


Marie Claire did her L11 in the church a few years ago, but did quite poorly afterward. She went back to Flag and got it repaired, and things were better, but not great. Overall, she was disappointed with her results. She describes her life over the last four years as ‘hellish.’

With the help of Pierre’s spot on C/Sing, we found the error, fixed it, and her L11 easily EPd.

Here is her success story:

In our session I was able to sort through things that were out concerning my L11. I handled something that really had been stopping me and keeping me down. Something was not allowing me to dream or reach my goals in life.


My relief is awesome, my hope is rising, and now I can truly look toward the future knowing I will have a new life in truth.

I am thrilled, just thrilled.

M. C.


OT’s Life Repair

I have been stopped from attesting OT 7 since 2002 for arbitrary reasons.  The last two years things got worse and I found myself depressed and suicidal. I was in pain and total confusion.
I met Aida and she was able to do what Flag (the Mecca of out Tech) was not able to do, handle my huge BPC.  Nice to see that most of it was actually coming from my services at Flag).
I thought everything was lost till this woman applied the simple pure LRH tech and got me out of my nightmare.  in only few sessions. Thanks Aida!!
ZK (Aud. Aida & David Thomas,  e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com)


The L’s Completions


L-10 Wins.

I am having tremendous gains from L-10.  For the past few days now I have had several big blowouts where big masses and charge blow leaving me exterior, out side of session.  I have to sit for a bit before I can operate my body.  Well that’s not accurate, it’s more like I have no desire to operate the body being significantly disconnected from it.

Ann(Auditor T. Lotz)


L 12 completion

“Down the track I had lost the choice of what type of identity I wanted and with it what type of game I wanted to play. In this life others assigned an identity to me. Someone else gave me a name, a social security number, a driver’s license number, a credit card number.”

“L-12 stripped away all those identities AND the identities on the whole track. I can BE whoever I want to be and play any kind of game I want. I am also exterior most of the time.” Kate


Marriage Counseling

“Chris and I had been married for nine years and together for 13 when we got this ‘marriage counseling.’ We hadn’t really been happy since early in our dating years, (…)In ONE WEEK of this ‘marriage counseling’ our marriage completely turned around. (…) I would have to say we have one of the best marriages around today!” KD (Life Improvement Center)


“In 1990 K and I were nearing divorce. It was very hard for us to communicate without getting into an argument. (…) Well, ten years have gone by now and we are still in love and creating a wonderful family together. Pretty neat.” J


“I hated my husband. It sounds awful, but I hated the sight of him. (…) A Marriage Counselor came to our home and without being affected by the awful feelings in the air, she began our session. (…) it all came together. Where did the bitterness go and where had this deep affection been hiding? It was back for both of us really strong like a new cloud-9 love. So incredible.  (…) We made love really, for the first time. And we WANTED to talk! We couldn’t stop talking to each other. And after talking, we found out that most of our upsets were actually ‘misunderstandings’. (…)
TS ( Aud Anita Warren, e-mail:  YouTalkIListen@aol.com)




Ron’s Org International Training camp… The next is coming up in Switzerland from the 6th to the 14th November 2010. For info contact Max at: theta@ronsorg.ch


Success–Meter Course

This meter course was excellent.  (…)  gave me many cognitions.  Charge blew.  I feel enthusiastic about auditing.  I feel much bigger, too.  I am more certain about reads and instant reads, so no Q and A!  Thanks to Frankie and Mary for providing their expertise and high ARC!  MR”

Auditors who are saving lives

using the basics tenets of Scientology

I would like to bring to the attention of many of you that, there are many great auditors that are not delivering the ‘Standard Tech’ but they are nevertheless helping people using the basics.

Many applications of the basics and other phylosophy are powerful as a method to key-out, extrovert and to handle secondaries and locks.


“1.  After several sessions from me the person’s reach increased and feelings of love returned after having it crushed by bad auditing and the C of Scn culture; two old friends connected after 25 years of silently separating from each other due to Scientology Disconnection policies.

2.  Another person realized he had been sad for twenty five years after running out an incident and was so happy he didn’t feel the need for auditing for some time.

3.  One person I worked with was considered an “Illegal pc” and sent off to do a 3rd purif, unnecessarily, only allowed on Narconnon lines, then was bungled up in orgs and by a Free Zone auditor who was never properly trained, but she was handled with standard Dianetics with me,  Revivified various incidents of heavy drugs, suicide attempts,etc.  Has had her life restored and is secure in her immortality.

4.  An old friend of mine reconnected with me after 25 years and told me he loved me and would never let religion get in the way of the people he loved again.  His daughter’s fiance was saved from being held in prison at the Flag Land base and they rejoined and got married.
(auditor email: glennsamuels@gmail.com)


Mr. Smith has  helped and/or saved thousands of people in the last 45 years, and still does.

I want to acknowledge him too and the many others like him in the field.


to all of you that are doing such a great Job on Clearing this planet!!

Keep up your good job!


we are here to help!!



If you still in the church staff or public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




  1. Trilled me to no end to read the above article. The wins of others as they fallow the outlined path. To achive the Wins LRH’s TECH. was used and the wonderful article by Silvia!!!

    • Thank you my sweet friend…. you are an amazing beautiful contribution and part to our success.

  2. This si beautifully written Silvia. Thanks for taking the time to document all of the wins, completions etc. This blog is very valuable.

  3. Silvia, it is so good that you are showing the world that the Tech is available outside from the supression from the Church…you should post some of my SS in Spanish too! LOL!

    I love your articles!


  4. the number of success stories and wins coming out of the Freezone is astounding of late. Now only are there lots of them but they rival the early OT success stires one used to see in the early Advance Magazine.

    it just goes to show that you cannot keep a good thetan down and the technology will live on regardless of Miscaviage and the church being so off source.

  5. andrew12…

    excelent info, keep it coming…

  6. watch satellite tv on pc
    great blog , how are you doing now eeh?

    • Going through… lots of heavy stuff.
      But what it might appear or feel as falure to me or others in this universe is, indeed, a huge advancement in my spiritual world

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