TRAPS: where there is no doubt about being right… just, right there, we might be wrong.



While looking down from the window


the king was crying.


He could see his people celebrating victory drinking and dancing,

but a little bit further, beyond the battle field,

he could also see the families of the “enemy” in loss and desperation.

Kids crying looking for a father which would never return.


Victory to him, from a little bit higher viewpoint,

felt just like a defeat.




“And if you can show me a nation that ever won a war, if you

can ever show me a war that was ever won, by everybody, why, then

I am willing to lay aside the statement that being tough and steeling

ourselves and being mean will ever be necessary. It’s never


And I’ll only be willing to say that it is sometimes necessary if

you can show me a war that has been won by everybody.

No war ever has been won even by the “victor”.”





Sometime, life, exerts some pressure on you, it makes you feel like you do not have choices…

and you end up doing things you really didn’t want to do.

Since this is a very well woven lie, you end up in a loss, if you win or if you lose.

But once you get rid of the lies,

when you are able to get to the second floor and see a much broader view…

you might realize that the reason you felt trapped

was because someone closed the window and tricked you into believing

there was no second floor.

By doing that he shuttered the many opportunities

that, looking into the horizon, could unfold to you.

The power behind the ability to look...


If we could just follow our integrity and say NO! or Yes! we would probably realize shortly after that instead of losing everything as we ended up believing, we have gained more freedom for us and for others.


My recent auditing is opening my eyes.

When I look at my life now, when I feel I’m totally right, I also look at the fact that I could be totally wrong, no matter how rational my viewpoint appears.

I have discovered aberration being in the most unthinkable places.

To postulate that one day the people I love are going to come back to handle the ARC’Ks, it could be just another trap to keep me stuck, stuck to the pain of loss of the past.

There is nothing wrong with it as a postulate unless beneath there is a lie, a trap.

Sometimes the worst lies are buried under beautiful things as joy,

positive emotions…

after all who would ever look there to find the basic

of a stolen power of choice?



J. Krishnamurti: “You have begun to see that an intelligent mind
is a mind which is not satisfy with explanations, with conclusions;
nor is it a mind that believes,
because belief is again another form of conclusion.
An intelligent mind is an inquiring mind,
a mind that is watching, learning, studying.
Which means what?
That there is intelligence only when there is no fear,
when you are willing to rebel,
to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is,
or to discover the truth of anything.

... the courage to look versus using a self-taught past solution.

Intelligence is not knowledge.

If you could read all the books in the world it would not give you intelligence.

Intelligence is something very subtle; it has no anchorage.

It comes into being only when you understand the total process of the mind.”

… “your own mind.”

“So intelligence comes into being with the understanding of yourself;

and you can understand yourself

only in relation to the world of people, things and ideas.

Intelligence is not something that you can acquire, like learning;

it arose with great revolt, that is, when there is no fear- which means,

really, when there is a sense of love.”

J. Krishnamurti



What about if the Theta-Mest theory, where a being goes into the MEST universe, gets hit, separates, learns, gets back into it again, is just an implanted mechanism where they make sure you are busy life after life fixing something that does not have to be fixed?


The answer to sanity is differentiation, alertness and knowingness.

Not as fixed data but as the ability to see opportunities and solutions

every moment as in a new unit of time.

Seen as the power that enables us to confront the unknown and uncover lies…


... beautiful moments precede any loss and are at the base of any sadness.


Love is love, loves does not need a place,

a location in time, present past or future to persist.

A Thetan is a Thetan. When he is aware of self and he is thinking he is aware of self has since long left his true viewpoint to look back at himself.


... the misconception of self.


And there has started the deceiving game of introversion

covered by the goal of freedom.

When there is a should or a must be, do, have,

theta has already separated from himself and from truth.

He enters then into the liability of believing without being able to do a thorough data analysis.

He starts violating his own integrity trusting false perceptions. He accepts false data and then becomes unable to recognize illusions from truth in his effort to follow promises extorted from him under false agreements, pretenses and a deceiving representation of facts or situations.

He enters into the game of changing the present and the future by remembering all his past errors and failures… and by doing this he becomes his past.

The deception behind your understanding of what your mistakes have been

and your decision to make it go right.

Therefore you need to go back life after life and retry…


Traps: Where there is no doubt about being right… just, right there, we might be wrong...

This keeps you busy

and out of bigger games for a while…

They kind of relax about you.

You are a “dog” busy chasing his own tail.
Going around and around the same circle.

And everything looks so self-determined. You really think you are in-charge.

You feel you are getting better and knowing more and more…
And at the end of your life, they show you other mistakes

and now you know better, ‘they are so nice to you as they give you another chance

to make it go right’…

You are back to square one.

And the implant, their purpose aligns with yours

(it really seems so to you) so it must be right.


The way out?
Audit, Study the Data Series…

Do whatever you need to do to gain the courage to look
and to clear your perceptions as to be able to see
where there is “nothing to see”.
The way is available.




we are here to help!!



If you are still in the church as staff or as public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



  1. My favorite blog you have ever written. Without question

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures!

  3. Silvia,

    Interesting article

    You mentioned “To postulate that one day the people I love are going to come back to handle the ARC’Ks, it could be just another trap to keep me stuck, stuck to the pain of loss of the past.”

    I did this for a while, but found it WAS a sticking point … it does seem to pin one on the track in that exact moment of loss, and then, one just ‘goes on hoping’ into the future – that in itself can be a real theta magnet(not good) – there is always that attention on that future event.

    It may be that the optimum position would be to be able to ‘have’ them contact you, or ‘not have’ them contact you – this would tend to free up any stuck flow in any universe. Then if & when they DO contact you, it is like a bonus – both in a new unit of time.

    I also found that handling the ARCx on my end created not only ‘peace of mind’ but, it had a huge impact on the others universe. A somewhat similar example is 2 opposing flows meeting in the middle – it forms a ridge. If one handles their end, the other flow/beam has nothing to push against and the ridge will evaporate 🙂

    “What about if the Theta-Mest theory, where a being goes into the MEST universe, get hit, separate, learns, gets back into it again, is just an implanted mechanism where they make sure you are busy life after life fixing something that does not have to be fixed?”

    Great question!!! 🙂

    Do well!

    • Quicksilver, great reality, Since I believe theres in nothing more to it, than one huge ARC B one has with the MEST UNIVERSE.

  4. My God Silvia you have changed so much in such a short time. That was the best post you have done so far. Your soloing is moving much faster than mine, obviously I will have to put in more sessions. That was very inspirational and leaves one with many questions that I will have to look at to find the answers.

    • First a very big hug to you and well done for auditing yourself!!
      There is a point were I consider you really step out from the OT7… and get into the OT operational band. You start blowing by inspection huge, huge masses of the orders of GPMs or bigger… Doing a good job with the OT 7 tech I believe is essential and takes away enough counterintentions to allow you to do that. Than “reality” starts to appear and you see, as Mr Smith says, who are the real ghosts. It is a rewarding journey… a beautiful validation and discovering of truth.

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