What Tone 40 and Ethics presence means to DM and his Church.

In DM’s Church of $, the synonymous of Tone 40,

Ethics presence and Intention are


The new 'Golden Age of Tech' of Ethics Presence by Adolf Miscavige.


Overwhelm, attacks or/and destruction are the answers to anything or anyone that stands or appears to interfere between Adolf Miscavige or/and any of his followers, in the achievement of Adolf M.’s goals.


Now, let’s go over the definitions by LRH;



‘now of course tone 40 isn’t yelling.

It is simply the degree of intention you can put into some of this. It’s the amount of intention.


Now you radiate that intention if your expectancy is good.

You don’t have to be loud and haughty or anything of the sort.

It’s just the normal action but your expectancy on what you say and so on can have a fantastic effect. (ESTO 6, 7203CO3 SO II)



(Tech Dict) TONE 40, 1. defined as “giving a command and just knowing that it will be executed despite any contrary appearances.” Tone 40 is positive postulating. (PAB 133) 2 . a positive postulate with no counter-thought expected, anticipated or anything else; that is, total control. (PAB 152) 3 . an execution of intention. (HCOB 23 Aug 65) 4 . means unlimited space at will. (5707C25)




(Tech dict) INTENTION, 1. intention is the command factor as much as anything else. If you intend something to happen it happens if you intend it to happen.

Verbalization is not the intention.

The intention is the carrier wave which takes the verbalization along with it. (Abil 270) 2 . degree of relative beingness which an individual desires to assume as plotted on the tone scale. (5203CM04A)




…”But it is not the rightness of a program that gets compliance. It is ethics presence.

Rightness does not get compliance because there are always counterintentions in the way. If you go on the assumption that one and all want things to go right, you are going to make a dog’s breakfast out of it.

There are only a few with a good forward look

and who are relatively unaberrated.”


“The way you continue to have ethics presence is to be maximally right in your actions, decisions and dictates. Because if you’re wrong the other fellow gets wrapped around a pole for complying. And the pain of that starts to outweigh your own ethics presence.”

So, when you issue orders you are using force and power.

Wrath is effective but used in moderation and only in moments of urgency.”


When the emergencies never stop for the blue collars, and the 'Boss' is living in luxury and wealth, it might be time to suspect something is not totally right!


“If you continue to invalidate and chop people, they will start to do themselves in even harder-so if you continue to use heavy ethics on someone, you play right into the hands of his bank.

Self-invalidation is merely the accumulation of invalidation of oneself by others.”


“You can’t build up competent people by invalidating them.”


... a productive up-tone place under good management..


“Without in any way softening your approach,

you should know that

real force is dependent upon ARC,

and the major threat

is the interruption thereof.”


HCO PL 4 OCTOBER 1968, ETHICS PRESENCE (from Flag Order 1432)



I have come to realize that there is a major misunderstanding in Scientology, the one that at times, makes the application of the basic tenets of Scientology seem shaky or unworkable.

That is the lack of ARC.

When we mean ARC we mean not just Affinity but Reality and Communication.

In Scientology we are brought to believe that we have to be tough as there is not time to save the planet, to stop the psyches from electroshocking everyone, etc… so the staff adopted the emergencies’ attitude, where shouting, heavy ethics and excessive control are exerted on the teammates and on the parishioners in order to force production.

We lose the site of what Spirit of play is. We overlook the fact that it is high on the tone scale where people win, and when I say win I mean them as a whole group and the majority possible of the dynamics.


Spirit of play is much, much higher than antagonism, hostility and no compassion, these being tone levels inherent to the beigness adopted by the executives and staffs of the Church of $.

With the never-ending stats push, the overregging for donations, with the constant make wrongs if we do not go to sell books, with all this we are getting used to the fact that “we have to make it happen, no matter what and right now!”.

Compassion, feeling, and respect of others do not have a place in this race against death (in truth, just a race to fill up DM’s and Co. banks accounts).

However, reading the definition of Tone 40 and looking at the position on the Tone scale of ‘postulates’ at 30.0 you can see that you do not really get there unless your ARC triangle is in full use.

You cannot handle your OT levels unless you are able to have and emanate ARC, a pure one. You are told to just command your body to do stuff for you. You are told to ignore it.

Unfortunately this does not work, even if you are as LRH says “the captain of the ship”, you have to be able to command with ARC, to respect other dynamic and be other dynamic.

The best way to start a diet, to handle a toothaches or to quit smoking is not to order your body to do so. It is to get in comm with the body and move him in the direction you wish… with ARC: Affinity Reality and Communication.

... what do 'we' need?

It is to develop a cooperation and a team activity not a dictatorship.

Scientology which should bring happiness enhancing communication and cooperation along the dynamics is now acting as his own oppterm having became Black Scientology.

This enforcing people into an inverted 3 Dynamics polluted with fanaticisms.

Mr. Smith suggested:

“One has to reach a pacification with his body … if he wants a healthy and balanced life!!!
Otherwise it will always be at war …
a thetan cannot treat his body as a slave or, even if slowly, death will ensue…
A correct ‘incarnation’ demands harmony between the two poles.”



So we have to stop a second and really listen.

What is our environment telling us?



We will start hearing plants and flowers talking, our own body telling us what is wrong or what is bothering him… we will start seeing people for the first time. Not their bodies but them.

We will realize how much and how far our actions go in affecting others.



We commit overts voluntarily or not and our confront lowers… now, it is better to be someone else which wins, than a loser, since, by this time, it has become to painful to be in our shoes.

The Service Facsimiles helps us to get out of the confusion. But having something that ‘lives for us’, does also take away our responsibility, our ability to see. We are looking after all from a valence point of view or from a mechanism which is now answering for us.

It is quite a path… but many of us have walked it. Many others still on they way down… look at them!

They are unable to recognize truth, and they firmly believe all the lies by Adolf Miscavige and the Church of Scienturbulation about Ideal Orgs, IAS and all the other campaigns…

Seems too incredible to believe, but many of these people in the Church of $ are scared to death, and not having the courage to confront the truth, they are adopting false data to feel “right” and “safe”.

It could be a Service Fac of the type: ” lies are truth”
This would make them right and the others wrong… and, as any Service Fac and Computation does, takes away from them the need to look or inspect, and with that their responsibility.

Now, tell me: How awake can such person be?


The descent of man

5 June 1955 ‘Anatomy of Spirit of Man Congress’ Lecture #9

“Now, there are several little maxims that jump up concerning this.

One of the most notable is:

When in doubt, communicate.

... true communication has care and desire to be duplicated, which is very different then forcing someone into agreement.

Apparently always better to communicate than not communicate. Because when you stop communicating, you acquire mass on the subject. But if you want to acquire mass, stop communicating.”


“The best definition I know of for a barrier is that which stops communication.

But we find many people in the interesting and obsessive state of having to stop communication. (…) And this is simply the dramatization of a barrier.

“Now, why do they have to stop communication?

They have to stop communication because communication is in progress. Please learn that, if you learn nothing else.”


“The body’s got a barrier here and a barrier here and it’s simply shutting off communication.

Now, the cure for it, oddly enough,

is communication-not non-communication.

It is a condition of non-communication, but if we continue to validate non-communication we just get more non-communication. Well, the remedy for it is communication.

“Now, there are two crimes in the universe and all crimes stems from these two things: to be there and communicate.”

“Now, here we have this condition of punishment only when communication exists.”


“Why should it punish any variety or state of communication?




Because communication is the only way out.

To continue an entrapment it is necessary, then, to punish communication or some phase of it-to enforce or inhibit communication.


In order to continue a barrier, to continue a trap in existence, you would have to debar communication.

So therefore, a universe which operates all too often as a trap, resolves –an escapement from that universe occurr– when communication is expertly and knowingly handled.

And when it is not well handled, it’s punished.

Now, therefore we get a fixation in this universe.”


Now, thereness is simply a part of communication. It is the creation of a station or a terminal from which one communicates. And that is thereness.

So thereness and communicatingness are punishable things by those who desire to entrap.

And they are good things to those who have some tolerance for and some desire for freedom.”

by LRH



communicate to yourself to your body, to your plants, your cat, your neighbor, the guy you met that is 200 miles away…


but communicate with affinity (care)

and reality

(make sure your comm come across as you intend it to be).

And if anything happens and you know you have your group to rely on to  which you can freely and safely communicate…

you will be safe!


... the more you go up the tone scale the easier it becomes to originate positive communication and to confront non optimum ones as words lose power to restimulate.


That is the secret to pure MAGIC!





we are here to help!!



If you are still in the church as staff or as public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




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