Others people whitholds and Black PR: the dark side of the Church of $….


Do you really want to know


what are the Crimes


behind the Church of $?



Do you wish to know what DM is really doing?




You do not have to wait

to see the interviews by BBC or by Anderson Cooper,

you can just know it

by observing their actions.

Read the message DM sent to his juniors:



…Accusing others of implanting people,

degrading their own parishioners

and telling them they are out ethics

because they do not donate everything they have

or they do not sell their grandmother house to contribute to the IAS.

Calling them liars, selfish,

making them guilty of sexual crimes they never committed

or like they did with Mike Rainder, picturing him as an alchoolic

using a random picture of him while drinking a beer.


“The activity called “black propaganda”

consists of spreading lies by hidden sources.”


(Written by LRH for the Apollo OODs, 17 May 71, HCO PL 4 Aug. 80.)


Publicizing videos of field auditors scratching their ears during session and play it over and over to bring home how Squirrel they are and how dangerous is to get auditing in the field.


Black PR and 3rd Party by the Church of $


All this is just telling you what happen inside the Church of DM ($).




When an out-point is brought to attention ask yourself: “What is the flow or intentions behind that action?” the answer, if rationally given, will tell you if  that is Natter or not.


“If a pc is “getting off” other people’s withholds,




that are his own.”

You can assume that any pc who is trying to get off withholds

someone else had is a sort of out-of-valence effort

to avoid giving his own withholds.

This applies, of course, to all overts as well.

Somebody giving other people’s overts

(which aren’t aberrative to him)

is actually failing to give overts of his own

which are aberrative to him.

This is the mechanism behind the fact that if a pc

is nattering about somebody

the pc has overts on that somebody.

The natter is “other people’s overts.”

Getting these off does not help the pc. Getting the pc’s off does.

Never be misled by a nattering pc.Never be hooked into letting him

get off other people’s overts and withholds.

by L. Ron Hubbard



In the Church of $ you get punished for observing. So, every time you dare to mention an out-point you get sec-checked or you enter into the endless withhold pulling by your auditor or MAA.

Please note that nattering does not have anything to do with saying what observed if is done with a pure intention to correct or improve, but is an impulse to make wrong the other person, fault-finding, unjustified but fully self-justified criticisms… etc.



sometimes pcs who have big overts become highly critical of the auditor and get in a lot of snide comments about the auditor. Such natter always indicates a real overt.”

(HCOB 7 Sept 64 11) by LRH


While on my academy levels and during my class IV Internship at Flag I audited several Sea Org members.

I will not go into what kind of out-ethics I have seen, because that is against the auditor code and is something I let the Church of $ do.

But I will tell you what I have seen inside the Church as a public, as a pc or as a interned Auditor (2001).

Brutal evaluation from my Class 9 auditor at Fort Harrison during my CCRD (1995).  I was asked: “And why do you think you are Clear?” in such a challenging  manner that totally  introverted me.

It was my C/S and/or RTC, my auditor and my case all against me.

In recent sessions (2008) with a Class 9, at Flag, my auditor was following asleep during our sessions and of course mis calling F/S.


Auditors in The Church of $ often sleep few hours a day. After 10 pm they are forced to call their pc to sell lectures or get donations. They audit under considerable lack of sleep.


My other auditor, at $7400 at intensive rate, was forcing an Item on me,

I did not want (2009).

The C/S and Ethic terminal on my cycle agreed my brother (which had some disagreement with the $ regging abuses) should have been my PTS item.

While my ex 2D which nearly killed me after a long time of phycological abuses, could not have been an item, because he was a good IAS donor with a pretended “celebrity” status.

Not to long ago by  “Executive C/Sing ” where executives/ RTC tells the C/S what to audit, 99% of public included new OT8s were given the “No Clear” real factor, and more recently several of them put back into objectives.


"The horrible results of a wrong indications... this includes the invalidation of a Status Truly Achieved"


I have seen videos from the Church of Scientology un-mocking and degrading IND or Free zoner’s auditors by cutting and pasting over and over the same mistake in a video as to make it seem grossly out-tech and frequent.

During my last couple of times at Flag, the Mecca of perfection (They are perfect on keeping arbitraries ‘in’), one of my auditors was sleeping on the chair, while the other was drilled by tech terminals to not accept my item but to push one on me. The last been one of the worse auditing error and quite suppressive too, since it can deteriorate drastically the pc’s case.

Every auditors can err, Class IX at Flag, Class XII (the top) were crammed (while I was on my internship) for miscalling or missing F/Ns or instant reads. It does happens at the “Mecca” and it does happens in the field.

It happens anywhere where somebody audits, because there is no absolute perfection in this universe, but an approximation of it.


LRH tech if correctly applied works.


Good indicators...




If there is something that does not feel good, no matter where you are, in the Church of $ or out, it means that there is and out-tech.

Communicate it and get it fixed.


Flourish and prosper!








If you are still in the church as staff or as public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.



Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.





  1. somebody falling asleep while they are auditing you is weird and not professional.

    sure, nobody is perfect but when you are paying what 7400.00 per intensive, the least they can do is keep the guy awake, coffee perhaps or get the guy to bed and give you another auditor.

    the ex 2d cycle, who did try to kill you as far as i’m concerned, they validated him and made you wrong for surviving. why, money. they love money more than people. they don’t value human life.

    sure there are outpoints everywhere, it’s planet earth lol. but their order of importance is

    as a group, they take their parishioners for granted, and assume their parishioners will put up with anything because where else can they go to go up the bridge? it’s their way or the highway, that’s pretty much their motto.

    and it is extremely sad. i was reading some reports online and several people have gone bankrupt in seattle due to the out exchange donations for the ideal orgs.

    • Yes. And after all that, while you are drawing into the quicksand they look at you in a cold blooded manner and with disdain, and tell you: “You are responsible for your own condition…”

  2. yeah, it’s pretty unsympathetic and no empathy. they’re cold, not caring.

    at laday, back in the day lol, they weren’t like that, they were warm, loving and caring.

    they, the people that worked there at that time, the staff, they truly cared about the being infront of them. they were awesome people, who i love, but these other people, they are not human.

    and of course, they are not responsible for their condition, you are lol cause you didn’t give them $$$$$.

    i try to keep it light, cause it does suck to watch the church you love go down the drain. it’s a loss.

    i call it the long kiss goodbye

  3. It really just simple to understand while lrh said the pc should have enough sleep and food I dont recall him saying anything about the auditor. You take a group with absolute power over people and there is no one to care if something is not right. They have all the cards and the public is total effect. they cannot go anywhere else and are told they are doomed for eternity and any mistake even caught the pc pays for. Even for red on white they can manipulate to the “group” favor. Once you realize its a loosing game where the group always wins and you always loose.
    I once had a red tag and they couldnt get me back in 24hrs all the stats were supposed to be cancelled for the week so they made the session free so it wouldnt count. However they dont give you a total of the number of hrs I didnt trust them not to steal from me. They kind of loath public and just use them for money and man hrs. When I did come in they didnt handle the upset just took me for a walk around the building and call an F/N that was it. They didnt care to ever handle it or that i was not sessionable when i came in they just wanted to get the F/N so that the red tag is over!

    • There is actually a reference by LRH that talks about auditors rudiments… I will find it and paste it here.
      There was actually a Flag Order, as a very good friend told me I a guy that has been with LRH for 30 years, that says that staff need to sleep at lest 8 hours.. 6 if they are downstat…
      but of course you cannot find it anymore…

      • you sure the PL was not deemed by Miscavige transcriptionists squerrilled it or cancel it like the issue by LRH that appointed Pat broaker his successor and calling hiself now admirel rathere than commedore.

    • “Get Rest”
      “Although many times in life one has to work beyond normal sleep periods, a person’s general failure to get proper rest can make him or her a burden to others. Tired people are not alert. They can make mistakes. They have accidents. Just when you need them they can dump the whole workload on one. They put others at risk. Insist that people who do not get proper rest do so.” – LRH – TWTH 1981

      The Way to Happyness should be the operating basis of every Scientologist. Where it is not applied (and make no mistake, in the Church of $cientology it is *not* applied) it may be because:

      1) They don’t want people to be happy
      2) They exploit people with slave labour

      David Miscavige is a criminal, he has the tools to free people and use it to suppress and enslave them.

  4. No one is sent to ethics for way to happiness violations. It is non religious moral code which I think ron originially didnt want moral codes. It is like you quote one of ron’s fiction books for tech.

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  7. rick…

    excelent post, keep it coming…

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