C of $: inhibiting inspection using false data, lies and misunderstoods

Sometimes THE answer is right there

where “you have learned”  not to look!





I got this e-mail from a guy that had the courage to look

and spot in the Church of $ the real suppression

and, of course, miracles happen!!





“Hi! Silvia, I have done it all

and I’m happy to let you know that I’m experiencing

a considerable spiritual resurgence.

Just think that since a while, I had chronic somatics

that were really bothering me

and now, guess what?


Now, I will contact Bern’ org (Is an Independent org)

and I will continue on my bridge.

Thank you so much for your advises.


“Ciao Silvia tutto fatto e sono felice di dirti che stò sperimentando una grande rinascita spirituale, pensa avevo ormai da tempo dei somatici cronici molto fastidiosi, indovina ……….indovinello…………….

Ora mi metterò in contatto con Berna Org e si riparte.
Grazie di cuore x i tuoi consigli.



You will find that the PTS tech really works…

The only reason why in the Church of $ many new OT 8’s or 7’s

are dying of cancers,

why a large number of their parishioners fail in life

is that they are not allowed to spot the real suppressive.

And therefore they are stuck in the worst suppression of all.





I bet that if you would re-study the PTS tech, totally free

and able to see what you see, to inspect for out points

or SPs any field, even the Church of $scientology

you will find yourself with a great tool in your hand.



Truth brings happiness and freedom...



The way an ill intentioned person gets away with his crimes

or stops people from perceiving his true intention

is by entering in this “supposed”, very theta-positive goal

confusion, false data and misunderstoods.

As many Scientologists and ex Scientologists know,

having studies the Study Tech of LRH,

misunderstoods, lies and false data are the cause of stupidity.

I was recently working on a post regarding suppression,

and it dawned on me that in the very PTS tech

there are enough false data and misunderstoods

(as the incomplete definition of Suppression,

Suppressor and Suppressive groups)

to impede a person a full analysis of their life/scene

and therefore to discover the real suppressor.

let’s take for example the HCOPL 5 APRIL 1965  Issue  I



it says:

“The suppressive person answers this by attacking covertly or overtly Scientology.” (…)

“6. Spreading rumors about prominent persons in Scientology ;”


We also studied, as part of the PTS tech, that to elect as the suppressor

a Scientologist senior or a high org terminal

is a very bad indicator on your part.

In a very subtle way, we are brought to believe that suppression

can only come from outside the field of Scientology.



... Courage.


Thus we are given incomplete definitions of the words:

Suppressive and suppressive groups.

This is to protect and guarantee to the Church and the Staffs members

that the public is not going to doubt their actions.

They make you feel that if you dare accusing anyone in the Church

you are going to get in trouble,

as you must be the SP.

Now, we have to leave a little bit our fixation on the Church of $cientology

and learn that the Psychological Violence

and abusive behaviours are very common

amongst many others groups or religions.

I was reading last week a magazine from the ‘Hare Krishna’.

I personally love that group.

However something got my attention.

In their ‘rules’ they were warning the parishioner of being at fault

if he/she had negative thoughts or he/she would doubt the spiritual teacher.

When ever you are asked to give up your ability to analyze

a given datum or truth, you are walking the path of enslavement.

Although in some very rare emergency

it is important to follow the leader without questioning,

it is also true that in a normal routine activity,

you should understand what you are doing,

get more data when you feel you need it,

and listen to your own advises (integrity).

What is happening into the Church of $ is nothing new…

Yes, it is probably more damaging because they have a great technology which used in reverse, as they are doing, restimulates implants and push people into degradation… but it is nothing new.

The best thing is to learn from our experiences…

and to keep our eyes wide open.




We are here to help!!

If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.







  1. Good Morning DEAR FAIRY. It is morning here at the Lower Mainland BC. NEW YOU! Working on groups. I take it. A totally different energy flow I pick up reading your article. Wonderful. I am happy, very happy. Nothing like new realities on old subject. As you said todays truth are yestardays lies. There is great power in knowing one can walk alone. Much Love. Elizabeth

  2. A fun WIN!!! I drive a great deal each month about 1800 Km. wednesday I was again on the road to Seattle doing good speed. I can and do pick up any change in energy flow on the road. So I pick up if somebody going to change lanes around me or police enters the from thr side road etc.. The have very different energy flow from on average driver. I almost missed a being on the far side havering above of the road it just lost it’s body a Pussy CAT. I pulled him in and I thought how remarkable a being can behaved and so natural the same time and can contenue like nothing has happened he was wonderfuly affectionate as cats be. A huge bundle of love. He purred rubbed his invisible body at mine. He purred more. He had a much up of a totally happy cat and had his eyes closed. He had no reality he just lost his body. he was just expressing his basic personality, pure love. I started to give a session, he opened his eyes and he healised he was a spriritual being, he loved the speed we were going and put two white paws on the wheel, he did not bother to muck up the rest of the body, he behaved as on OT would. As I contenued with the session he asked if he could have a new body. He wanted to be a bird!! He opened his wings and he was half way through the closed window when changed his mind and came back he said he will have a little nap. He curled up and on a warm place inside my chest and went to sleep. When He woke up first he mucked up a beautiful flower which which he have given me as a gift than he melted into the Universe, A sparkle of joy, and the stars are brighter because of him.

    • Wow @ Elizabeth – that’s very cool! I’d say that’s one of the things I wanted from Scn, but got nowhere close to.

      • To Renegadex. After when one as -is the MEST Universe there is nothing but wonderous things awaits one. If you know of it now[ knowing what you could and can achieve] and want the Magic, the beauty of the Universe than it is yours to have. The magic never left you or how to communicate on a different level and to give where giving is needed. You have it all. The Old Self, the Theta need to be dusted off, one Just need more auditing in order to have different reality. After attaining full OT 7 I Solo audited many thousands of hours With that I have blown, as-is-ad the negative, the berriers which would not allowed me to see on the Theta level. I alway loved Fairy tales. Now I know they are not just tales to be read for children at night. But can be real and it can be ones so called “life”. few months back On my way down to Seattle again There was a road kill a body of a opossum. I picked him up[ not the body] and he was in heavy shock. give him a session and he responded beautifuly. After the session he returned to his native state and become a Fairy again. There were beautiful sparkling colours like shraded prisms in bright light and sounded the same at the moment he vanished.

  3. I am excited about this article. And I can testify that things changed for me when I let myself look towards the real source of suppression.

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