Where your books donations go?

Someone back in 2000

donated few hundred dollars

to sponsor the donation of  “What is Scientology” book

to a City Mayor.

It says: "To the mayor, Some of our readers ask us to send you a complimentary copy of the book "What is Scientology, and as a publishing company of LRH's books we are sending it to you...

Since whoever sent it, did not know much about PR and good manners,

it was sent without putting the ‘Mayor’s name”.

It probably went to one mayor to the other sitting here and there.



Then, one of the Mayors or his secretary gave it

to an anti-scientologist group for study

and then…  after 10 years, ended up on my desk.

So, to the guy that donated it I say:

“Thank you!!”


On the cover it says “based on the works of LRH” but, it should say,

“Product of the clever alteration of Tech by Adolf Miscavige.”


At the very beginning the book introduces

the money-making “baby” of Mr. Adolf;

the IAS, with beautiful full color double spread pages.

This book is a perfect example of  PR based on lies and false data,

and it is a smooth gradient in transforming  good intentioned campaigns

as thought by the founder,

into the several money-making current activities by Adolf M.

While the Books and Lectures campaign

has made millions of $ for Adolf Miscavige


“Look Adolf!! I got some money for you!!”


(The sponsor was paying the Org full price).




I strongly advise whoever still believing the lies of Adolf M. or his regges,


look for facts.

Go into the libraries and ask for a copy of the lectures or books.

The few library I asked:

LA- Los Feliz,  Glendale- CA and Chandler (Phoenix)

did not have any.

And so other people told me about their libraries.

Go and ask at your library please, and let me know…


"May be is the one up there... Nope!! This is not LRH, it's Freud!!!...


Talking with an ex-librarian, here in Italy,

it come out that most of these very expensive lectures

were left in the library storage and ended up,

for the majority, thrown away or given away.

The lectures, she said, did not fit the standard shelf size, creating a major problem.

The codification of the CD’s (due to the Org packaging)

was another huge administrative problem for the library.


Since it was a money-making project,

little to none attention went into making sure

the product would arrive to the right place

and that it was real and accepted by the receiver.



Item image

Get fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers 3 Bids $152.50 Time left:2d 2h 51m

The above Package offered in E-Bay US at $152.50, is sold to parishioners

by the Church of $cientology for 1000’s of dollars…

Few months ago I ordered the book

“Handbook of a Scientologist” on E-bay.

That book had a label on the inside cover saying

“Donated to the Library by…”

My thoughts were:

“If all these moneies were donated toward the bridge,

at least by now we have people who are doing better in life

and are more able to help others,

instead a huge amount of wasted materials.


HCOB 15 Sept. 1959 by L. Ron Hubbard

“Books: …


“But books make a personal contact all by themselves

if they can be put in the right places.

DM’$ Management:

“Book are shipped to the libraries and sit in storages,

end up in the trash or as a way to make some money

for one of the librarians that is selling them in e-bay…


Price Time Left
Item image 0 Bids $3.00 Time left:2d 9h 36m


Whoever is selling the above lectures

had probably realized,  he or she cannot avail him/herself

of this piece of tech in the Church of Adolf…




“If the library nearest you had some book

about Dianetics and Scientology granted by you to them

and your name and address was in the front as donor,

you would get people calling on you.”

DM’$ Management:

“Ships books to the libraries without name or contact number,

missing the very basic and effective chance of a face to face

personal contact opportunity to disseminate.”



“HCO WW Book Admin*recently

made books available for this purpose

at a very reduced cost.”

“…£2 for fifty copies at a crack.

That’s less than they cost us.”

“At 40 percent discount an auditor can get them

into a bookstore without losing on it.”


DM’$ Management:

“transformed this dissemination campaign into a fantastic,

highly profitable activity, by charging a full price rate to the Parishioners

who decide to sponsor (under great duress)

‘books and lectures to be donated’ to libraries.”



“Books placed in bookstores works mildly but it should be done.”

DM’$ Management:

“Rush on wrong priorities (Out-point)

by  making what LRH defines a ‘mildly workable’ project

more important than donations over training and auditing.”



“Books such as The Problems of Work or Dianetics:

The Evolution of a Science

should be on hand in plenty to put in people’s hands.

DM’$ Management:

Many of the books that were sent out

were not introductory books,

they are quite advanced and so some of the Lectures.

I would like to know how many Scientologists

and especially non-Scientologists

can fully understand the “Black and White”  processes

as described in the book Scientology 8-80.

To place advanced books into the hands of green people

is a Suppressive act as like steep gradient does,

creates confusion and it can introduce tons of misunderstoods

causing blows from and attacks to the tech…



“That’s less than they cost us.

Books we have learned the hard way

must be heavily in circulation….”

DM’$ Management:

Made sure ‘Books and Lectures’ were in heavy circulations in waste dumps,

libraries storages and on E-bay.”



“… so you can easily see that the success

of any neighborhood depends

on getting books into circulation in that neighborhood.

DM’$ Management:

“Since after collecting the full amount on the overpriced

“Books and lectures” from his Parishioners,

has failed on placing them successfully into Libraries and bookstores,

was forced to falsify statistic to cover

the over products/destructive campaigns.


Do not worry

thanks to Adolf’s management

the independents can now buy, at a reasonable price,

LRH’s materials on E-bay.

And finally USE THEM!!

At the contrary of the many in the Church of $

who have them stored under the bed or up in the attic…




A New Independent Declaration by

Mark and Lisa Hamilton




Jim & Meshell

Our Open Letter To The Church of Scientology



The happy world of the INDEPENDENT as free people!!



We are here to help!!

If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.







  1. Dear Silvia

    So very true!

    Much love Max

  2. Our library here sold Scientology books for 50 cents to get rid of them. A Scientologist I knew reported it to OSA. LOL! Like what’s OSA going to do about it? Your spot on – again. And those parishners spent so much money on book donations. Top dollar. Probably even on credit cards with interest and still paying it off.

    • Thank you for this additional info Mary Lee… The end product is a good indicator of were a line of action is really going to…
      obviously… the End product of DM is Money IN….


  3. Dear Silvia,
    A few short months after the announcement by the CofM that North America was a “done” in regards to the library project, I had to go to the library in my home town to get some tax forms and I wanted to see the Basic books on the shelves there.To my dismay, none of the new line-up could be found anywhere in the library. I went to a computer there that was a network of libraries for that county as well as surrounding counties and did an author search to try to find out if any libraries close by me had the new Basics line-up and, lo and behold, none of them did (I gave up searching after about twenty of the largest libraries). You would have thought that at least one of those libraries would have had a set of the Basics. I even wonder if every public library was indeed sent a shipment of the Basic books. If the CofM will lie about one thing, they could lie about anything.
    I have to agree with you that it is rather absurd to send every basic book out to the libraries without people knowing you have to approach the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology on a gradient. I can just see someone picking up Creation of Human Ability because they are curious about Scientology and, after attempting to read it, gathering so many mu’s on the book that they conclude Scientology makes no sense and abandoning the subject altogether. What a great dissemination tool! (sarcasm/off)
    Now if someone like me can see the shortcomings of this approach to dissemination how is it that the supposedly “brilliant” and “gifted” minds of upper management with their higher levels of awareness and training can’t see the folly in this approach? I had to conclude, like so many others have I am sure, that this was just another money making scheme to bilk parishioners out of their dwindling money reserves. Here is all of these books and lectures piling up at Bridge Pubs and New Era Pubs and they can’t push them on non-existent public on lines (you would be amazed at the percentage of ask-off designations there are in central files) so they come up with new and never ending donation schemes to push them instead and put the burden of the costs on the few members who are struggling to make it up the Bridge. I think that since the release of the Basics, Congresses and ACC lectures they have been being offered at 40%, 50% and 60% package discounts in a variety of bundled packages more than they have been being offered at full price. It makes one wonder what the true mark up on the materials really is. Yet they expect everyone to donate full price for materials purchased for dissemination purposes? What a scam!
    Another one of your many very good articles Silvia.

    • Thank you Bill, for adding more data.
      Valuable data…
      Right now every staff in the org is double posted as reg…
      I guess putting energy into making sure the books arrive to the shelf and get displayed is too much unrewarding ($) energy… Why spend time on something that is not profitable?
      From every side you look at this there is money, money, money…


  4. to Looking4Myself/Bill “Now if someone like me can see the shortcomings of this approach to dissemination how is it that the supposedly “brilliant” and “gifted” minds of upper management with their higher levels of awareness and training can’t see the folly in this approach?”

    in short, blindspots, ethics blindspots 🙂 and they have alot of them.

    My 2cents, miscavige pulled this back in 91 with the OEC Vols when I was a bridge, they went out fp and everything else to get that done. i walked into an organization that was in danger, i personally wasn’t in danger but now i inherited their condition. it was not that fun. Anyway, I think he thinks that his command intention will override it all and it will just get done. if you have a good team of people, that work together they can accomplish the impossible but if you are surrounded by a bunch of out ethics people, it ain’t gonna happen. agreements are broken, people are attacked for no reason, they take their case out on you as if you are their punching bag etc etc. that’s not sea org style. I guess miscavige thinks they are all dogs and will jump, all he has to do is snap his fingers. miscavige doesn’t understand that you have to earn people’s respect, you can’t buy it. and he really doesn’t care about the people below, to him they are expendable, when he’s done using them, he throws them away like garbage. but he forgot that people are not expendable and now it’s coming back 10 fold if not more.

    the question i have is, it took 25 years to release the basics? it took 25 years to edit these books and find the typist mistakes? Wow, they are extremely slow up at int lol. what else did these people do up there? And I noticed the Have You Lived Before This Life isn’t being promoted anymore. Now that’s a book that should be on all the bookshelves. But it’s not.

    Boy the outpoints just keep stacking up huh, Silvia, you have a lot to write about for years to come lol 🙂

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