when you intend to control someone you give them an idea of freedom as opposed to freedom itself

Have you ever wondered why

there is always a new course or rundown

that you had/have to do

before continuing on the Grade Chart?

Another mandatory action?!?$#@!

PTS SP course, Volunteer minister course,

the Basics, Dianetics auditor Course

Now The New Efficiency Course etc..

and on the other side…

the L’s, PTS rundown, False Purpose Rundown, Sec Checks…

Great Courses and fantastic auditing

but some of them are for new people,

others are to get people, who had wandered off,

onto the Bridge.

Definitely those are not steps

to be enforced on people

that have been on lines, active for years…

This is a way to keep you off the real stuff.

This is the definition of NO AUDITING

as, without the steps on the Grade Chard,

you are NOT handling the right charge to go up…



“The exact subjects a pc must be released on

in order to make it up the bridge

are those listed on the Grade Chart.”

“Overrun occurs when the thetan considers

that something has gone on too long or happened too often.”

“When the person begins to feel this way about something,

he begins to protest it and try to stop it.”

… In life when something is overrun,

the person begins to accumulate protests and upsets

about the thing or activity he feels overrun on.

His attention tends to stick on it.

This also build up mass.

“REHAB TECH” HCOB 19 Dec 1980R Rev 16 Nov 1987


And then the suppression continues,

When you have the courage to disagree,

or when naturally your upsets come up



you get punished with more sec checks and ethics cycles

because if you are getting upset it means

(to the Church of $cientology)

you have overts and withholds.

It has become a suppressive introverting trap.

You now have a way out that insanity.

Many people are getting up the bridge

in the independent field all around the world.


1000's of people are waking up to the abuses and lies of the current Church of $cientology and escaping their trap... encountering freedom just out the door!





After 15 years of worsening case condition,
and worsening conditions in life,
all the while trying to handle it within the church,

I finally said “That’s It!”

It was hard, I’d had many successes and a great life,
until something changed,
and no one would just listen and handle.
I was getting desperate.
When I heard of the Independents, I figured I had to try or die.
Auditing with Trey has turned my life around.
It was quick, painless and inexpensive.
I feel hopeful about the future.
I have myself back.
He is an awesome auditor,
and I’ve been with several Class XIIs.
You won’t be in better hands.





We are here to help!!

If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENT as free people!!





  1. Dear Silvia,

    Thank You so very much for your Thanksgiving THETA BOMB!

    It’s mutual.

    Re the blog subject of today, Nov. 23, No auditing. I am redoing the Study Tapes, and here LRH gives more on the same subject. On the tape 4 August 1964, A summary of study, there are gems to share.

    The whole tape hits this subject, but here just two of the paragraphs:

    “Now, you can err to the degree that you’re giving him a subject which he’s never going to do. Now, let’s take it over into Scientology. You’re giving him all the data, necessary to run Standard Operating Procedure of July, Elizabeth, New Jersey and so forth. And the mistake is to give him all of it. He’s never going to use it.
    ”All you want to know—all you want to give him is enough so he can identify it. If he collides with this thing again, he said, ”Hey, that’s Standard Operating Procedure of July,” you know, ”back there, Elizabeth.” ”Early days, Elizabeth,” is about all you want to get through there. ”Yeah, that sort of thing. Finger snap, yeah.” Something like that. ”Oh, yes. They did that, early days.” Have some dim idea where this thing fits, you see? That’s about all you want to get across to him. He’s not going to do it, see? So therefore, if he’s not going to do it, you’ve got to strip the significance off of it. You got the idea? That’s the way these are kept in balance. If the guy isn’t going to do it, take the significance off of it. See, you’ve got to keep these things in balance. If he’s going to do it, pour it to him, man!

    And: “So we come to the conclusion that the doingness and the mass of a subject are the current, applicable and useful doingnesses and masses of the subject and those are what should be taught—hard. They’re applicable, the applicable doingnesses and masses. In other words, the student should be taught what the student is going to be doing. And the significances that should be taught to the student don’t compare to what I just told you. The significances are enough background so as not to get—and this is something they’ve all missed, and this is how an engineer gets to be forty years old and goes old hat—is enough significance so that he doesn’t get stuck in the mechanical doingness he’s been taught—and you’ve got to give him enough significance. In other words, that’s a little bit more significance than you would expect to give him. And that’s why you give him the history of it, to show that it was developed and give him some sketch of its development. And that’s why you show him how the thing evolved and what the doingnesses of it were.
    So you see, it becomes asinine to make him do these old things. You’re just trying to show him that there were some other doingnesses, don’t you see? And you’re making him conversant with the principles with which he’s operating and if he’s sufficiently conversant with those, then the doingness and the other action which he is being taught don’t become obsolete because he can think, see? And that’s the difference between a pro—that’s the difference between a ”pro” and a ”practical man.” It shows up quite additionally, is a pro always does it by the textbook, with a difference; always does it by the textbook, a bit better. And when the thing shifts, it doesn’t look like a shift to him, it looks like simply the same thing with its face slightly shifted. Do you see? It doesn’t look all that brassy new.”

    This instead of what dear DM is pushing…

    Which also prevents training on the Bridge, and co-auditing as well.

    You are so spot on: DMs product is no auditing!


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