“The worse off a group is, which is to say the less communication they have…


“The worse off a group is,




which is to say the less communication they have,

actually the more communication

can be forced on them,




and you see a form of hypnotism there,

but the interesting thing is

that they must have been prepared

by an enormous number of agreements

before they got into that state.

In other words, somebody else prepared them

so they didn’t care who they agreed with after a while.

When someone of higher rank in a uniform walks up to a soldier

and orders him/her to do something, the soldier will do it.

Well, this is a form of hypnotism.

You could get a group to agree first that you were simply standing there

and then the next thing that you could get them to agree to

is the fact that they were listening to you,

and then you would give them a few little things on which they would agree,

and at the same point you could tell them that the world was on fire,

and the audience would rush out to find out,

or may be they’d just sit there and burn..


The Phoenix Lectures “Axioms” part 3



Definition of Communication:




COMMUNICATION, 1. the consideration and action of impelling

an impulse or particle from source point across a distance

to receipt point with the intention of bringing

into being at the receipt point

a duplication and understanding of that which emanated

from the source point. (HCOB 5 Apr 73)

2. the first and most basic definition of any part of communication is

that communication or any part there of is a consideration.

As duplication is a consideration, communication is possible

to the degree that the preclear can freely make considerations.(COHA, pp. 170-171)

3. the operation, the action, by which one experiences emotion

and by which one agrees.

Communication is not only the modus operandi,

it is the heart of life and is by thousands of percent

the senior in importance to affinity and reality. (PAB 1)

4. any ritual by which effects can be produced and perceived.

Thus a letter, a bullet, the output of theta “flitter”

are all, to us, communication. (PAB 4)

5. the ability to translate sympathy or some component of sympathy

from to another terminal. (Spr Lect 5, 5303CM25)

6. an interchange of energy from one beingness to another

in the thetan, and in Homo sapiens,

communication is known as perception. (Scn 8-8008, p. 21)

7. the handling of particles, of motion. (PAB 1)

8. the interchange of perception through the material universe

between organisms or the perception of the material universe

by sense channels. (Scn 0-8, p. 83)

9. the interchange of ideas across space. (Scn 0-8, p. 36)

10. the use of those sense channels with which the individual

contacts the physical universe. (DAB, Vol. 11, p. 218)







1. Admiration is the very substance of a communication line,

and it is that thing which is considered desirable

in the game of the three universes. (COHA, p. 203)





Aesthetic is the study of ideal form and beauty-it is the philosophy of art,

which itself is the quality of communication. (B&C, p. 15)








A Very big welcome to Luana and Francesco!!

After more than 36 years in $cientology,

Luana and Franscesco decided to leave the Church.

Francesco was born ‘into’ Scientology, he grew up with the very pioneers,

he fought for his Church, he rejoiced to the delivery of the New OTVIII

and he experienced the enormous Theta and enthusiasm present in the past

in Brescia Org, in the Sea Org and Flag….

But he also found himself witness of the agony

of a dying Church ridden by a suppressive Management.

Francesco had the courage to ask questions and to look.

Where were all the OTs from Brescia Org?

Disappeared, unhappy.. or upgraded to a VIP status to be part of the Celebrity Center’s elite…

But many of them unfortunately died; by a stroke, ictus, by suicide or by accidents.

He started to ask questions of which he never got answers but pure Q &A.

Then, thanks to Lorenzo Cordini, a OSA terminal from Brescia Org,

and his advices ‘not to look’

he started to search for truth…

and he found it.

He decided to apply the data series and the Ethics conditions fully.

Francesco and his wife are now LRH’s true friends and friends of free people.

They are proudly part of the Independent team!!








Today we also acknowledge


Derek Chen for having


achieved the state of Clear!


Miracles happen in the Independent field!!



I want to thank my friend Hellen Chen.
She found me 5 years ago and today I  

sit here with an awesome auditor,
who helped me find my Clear feeling again.


I know I went Clear in 1957 and I never doubt
that the feeling will come up again.
That’s great.  It’s so familiar,
I feel like I’m operating right now until forever.
I have no doubt about my postulates,
I know I work by postulate.
The 8 dynamics will flourish and prosper.
I will do my best to have a true
group and to clear the world.
Derek Chen





We are here to help!!

If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENT as free people!!





  1. Hi Silvia, I have come out of my shell and I have created a blog.
    as you know when we spoke I told you I would make known what I know but
    I had not gotten to it, you might say for fear of repercussion or
    whatever other excuse.

    I do not care for that anymore. I want to contribute to the cause.

    This is my blog and very first post:


    Thanks for all that you do.


    • Augustine could you write a brief story and send me a picture so we can announce you ?
      Great for what you are doing!!!
      Truth is what we are working for…

  2. Silvia how wonderful that you can post this and show the world the truth. Fifteen years ago when I left $cientology we could not even talk about it much less create blogs like you and Augustus are doing now.

    Keep the good work until they are all free!


    • In a sane society, future is a white book ready to be written by people who have not limit in affinity, reality and communication… but where happiness for self and for other equally, are naturally desired and achieved.
      love you Aida.

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