soul solidification: the result obtained by the current Church of $cientology indoctrination.


The Church of $cientology

and the Golden Age of Out-Tech presents:

The first level of achievement:

Full restimulation of one of the basic implants:

The awareness of self.



And at the beginning there was potential.

Then it turned into potential cause.

The OT.

He was just there, he did not have to say or do anything to feel OT

or to demonstrate he was one.

He didn’t even have the thought that there was something he couldn’t do,

or something he better change.

He was there.

Then he started to outflow.

Then somebody come along and gave him an I.

He was give the consideration that he had to have a personality,

that he needed to be free.


And the thought to be was his big step away from himself.

The first valence he assumed by his first look inward.

Was his giving up to his freedom

and his ability to be anything and everything.


Before that, there was no introversion.

He did not have to think he was aware or to think he wasn’t.


Putting there a self to see, an energy, a position in space in order to 'be'.

How many of us

have a clue of how ‘life’ it was at that pure state?

How many misconceptions, false beignesses, lies we have to uncover before

we even get near to the idea of that state or the reality of it?

I’m astonished of the changes in view-point

I get session after session.

Every discovery becomes a truth that opens the door to a wider viewpoint

and more likely turns into a lie when a bigger truth is discovered.


many times I had the feeling I was not going anywhere with my soloing…

Fortunately I kept working on it every single day.

Every drop of water you get out from a pool is less water on the pool.

After several lifetimes today I started to find myself.

I started to love myself again.

I’m aware I’m pretty far from just be,

but I also realized this is a big step forward.

A beautiful one.

You have the means to rediscover yourself, to be you…






Lori Hodsgon



Lori Hodgson resigned from the COS this past August 30, 2010 after 13 years.


My main reasons for resigning from the COS

are what I’ve see and gone through personally over the past 4 years.

The recruiting of my children for staff and the Sea Org at their ages of 15 years old

and what I experienced through this is unbelievable.

My parental rights were completely violated through the COS.

I will share a couple of my experiences.

(…) The SO promised that my son would have his schooling, which he never got.

They promised I could talk to him whenever I wanted

and this was violated as I only got to talk to my son 5-6 times in 6 months

even though I called almost daily to reach him.

He was told that he could come home to visit which he couldn’t

until he routed out and came home.


I did not feel safe anymore to go in session

because I could not agree that all this was for the greatest good.

In the past when I didn’t agree, I would get pulled off my auditing

and had to do numerous Chaplain cycles and roll backs until I agreed.

So YES I resigned, as I could not be a part

of this unethical organization anymore.

I found Marty Rathbun’s blog “Moving On Up a Little Higher”

and saw his welcome page. (…)

During my time there I experienced not only being audited

by the number 1 auditor on the planet with standard tech,

Marty and his wife Mosey are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

I had INCREDIBLE Wins, the best I’ve had in all my years in Scientology.

I came home last Wednesday, December 8th,

shining, winning and feeling very keyed out!!!!!

I wasn’t even home for more than 24 hours

and got hit with a lot of entheta by the Church. (…)

The CoS is not above the LAW!!!!

I live in America where we have Freedom


I’m not going  to be suppressed anymore.

My integrity is in and I’m not going to violate it anymore!

I am a free and happy being.

When one knows they are doing the right thing,

nothing can stop them because the truth always wins.

Lori can be reached at:

For full article:



great news:


L 11 success story

I just finished L11 and it knocked my socks off!

The things I looked at were so convoluted.

It was so great to see the simplicity of what ‘s going on
and to get a mega-perspective on the truth and to feel the power
of that knowledge and viewpoint.

This invisible wall just disintegrated.

I’m so glad I did this because my whole world view has changed and it is very freeing!

Wendy Johnson




We are here to help!!

If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT as free people!!



  1. Silvia. The closer one gets to the basic it seems one becomes lonlier or alone. [which is on illusion.Since one have as-is ad great amount of energy, that causes the illusion being alone and empty.] Here on this planet there are only a few who can duplicate and understand what is nothing, infinite. Since that is very difficult or impassible to duplicate because this Planet totally into solid creations, forms. If one cant thouch, view with eyes or hear the sound, and agree on by every one than it do not exists. With that agreement also location is established!!!! One has the illusion of solidity!!! That is having-ness!!! So who can duplicate Infinite? The nothingness? But this is planet Earth. A normal conditions to trust only in solid, the agreements. Where having identety, individuality that esteblish doing-ness therefore the connection to similarly established etc.. holds great importance, the importance of accupations=value one have in eyes of others [sad state to be in] To be understood and duplicated one has to step out from these considerations, the human agreements and the spiritual universe opens up and there is knowingness. Where one cant be alone, yet one can be or not? That is up to the OT. Where is no verbal communication, so there is no invaladation, evaluation, Since only verbal communication can cause such. Where one no longer have concepts the “heavy” have the need or want, since that too only belongs to Planet Earth. Yet Thetan can have eveythings and do. The have or not, be or not, these concepts which encompass the Planet Earth therfore is the implant. Are all left behind as-is ad in Solo sessions. The spiritual Universe holds no concepts of such as group, loss, importance, or doingness. There is no MEST UNIVESE!!! Therefore the is no value or importance, identity. All as-is ad. In the Theta Universe, where one is cause over any creation one can be or not, play any game or not. It is up to the OT to call the game. To be or not to be. I wonder who Shakespeare has quoted?

    • Elisabeth so happy to hear from you!! my beautiful friend. Thank you for adding your spiritual/OT view point!!
      You are so wonderful… I wish you the best Hollydays ever.
      a huge theta hug to you!!

      • Dear Fairy, I read your blog, I look for your cognations with much interest. The cognations like pearls. Each one was born out of pain and suffering. Out of mystery, secrets, darkness. Yet how beautiful they are! They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish. Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge. The basics are the rares of all pearls, since there is only few exists!!! They value buy your freedome out of the Mest Universe. For the New Year You have my postulate, my Best. A string of Pearls of great Beauty.

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