“My story involves information previously unknown

about the “Golden Age of Tech”,

the “Ideal Orgs” and “The Basics”.”


Augustine Uribe EX-FLAG staff.


The purpose of this post is to simply give a very broad overview

of an account of 14 years of service in the Sea Org.

This is Agustin Uribe.

I have been out of the Sea Org since June 2007.

I was in the SO at Flag from 1993 to 2007.

I have a story that I want to relay.

It is a bit extraordinary (rather incredible)

and it is that which makes its communication to others difficult for me.

I have to give you a warning.

What you are about to read is my very own account of what occurred to me

and some of you might find it controversial and “not believable”.

You are in your right to believe what you wish to believe

or infer what you like to infer from what you read here.

I try to provide some evidence to what I say but this “evidence”

might not be considered adequate evidence for some

and therefore it not being “real evidence” (in the eyes of some)

will render the data I provide “invalid”.

I do not care for approval nor disapproval.

I used to keep a very thick 4-5 inches thick where

I was documenting all that I was doing

but of course that pack was taken from me

in the process of getting me removed from Flag

as covered at the end of this review.

Also, I do not write this from the perspective of this being “right” or “wrong”

but simply as an as-is of what I lived.

I do not hope for or expect recognition, sympathy or anything else

but I simply want to make my story known because I consider it necessary

to help in bringing about an awareness and confirmation

of the true state of the affairs

of the current “Church Management” in Scientology.


...Adolf Miscavige using his church to play a game of fame and money

With that said, here is the story.

My story involves information previously unknown

with relation to the “Golden Age of Tech”,

the “Ideal Orgs” and “The Basics”.

Augustine Uribe


For the full story :




An a big welcome also to:

Hy Levy


Hy Levy one of the most loved reg at Flag, for the joy of the many is now part of our Independent group!!

My name is Hy Levy.

I was staff at FSO for almost 24 years and routed out in June 2009. I have been “under the radar” since then but now I have decided to take a stand, as my silence has helped to support the current DM regime too long. …

The staff descended on the public almost like a pack of wolves when they arrived at the Base. …

Now, add to all this the major push on IAS, Ideal Orgs, Superpower, etc and boy was my life as a reg becoming miserable. …

I’m glad to be out in the open and possibly some of you know me. Now we can openly be in touch.

Hy Levy
Independent Scientologist

For Full article:



We are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!





  1. Ciao,
    Mi ha colpito l’affermazione:

    “My story involves information previously unknown
    about the “Golden Age of Tech”,
    the “Ideal Orgs” and “The Basics”.”

    di Augustine Uribe, ma cliccando sul link:

    “For the full story :

    si apre la storia di un singolo episodio di applicazione “criminale” della Tech.
    Ho sbagliato qualcosa o la storia è veramente quella?

    Ringrazio ed auguro buone feste.

    • Luciano…

      grazie per il tuo commento.muoviti sul sito.. so che ha messo diversi post… Augustine is a very nice person you can also get in comm with him.


    DEREK FAUST (nationality: American)
    FABIAN MORA (nationality: Costarrican)

    MARIANO PEDERSOLI (nationality: Italian)
    NANCY ZAMBRANO (nationality: Venezuelan)

    All the persons mentioned above can be located at Calle Nápoles 47, Colonia Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, in the Federal District and/or Calle de Puebla No. 31, Colonia Roma CP 06700.


    1. Between the years 2002 and 2009, I participated in various personal development courses called “Dianetics” and/or “Scientology” at the headquarters in the state of Florida in the United States of America.

    2. On the day I returned to Mexico City, May 10, 2009, I was surprised to be met at the Mexico City airport by my wife, SUHAD LATIFE ORO CHEHIN and a member of this cult, ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA. He approached me before my wife and, without any further explanation and with the complicity of my wife, I was driven away in my own vehicle, which was in my wife’s possession, to the building located at Río Lerma No. 76, Colonia Cuauhtémoc (between Río Sena and Río Rhin) in the Federal District. During the drive to this building, he told me, “You’d better not resist if you don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

    3. When we arrived at the building mentioned above, I was met by two persons, OLIVER GONZÁLEZ and JOSE LUIS DURÁN, who along with ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA, led me to a poorly lit room that had no ventilation anywhere and contained nothing but a table, two chairs, and a lamp that remained constantly aimed at my face, causing me total confusion. I was incommunicado in this place for approximately TEN HOURS and I was prevented from leaving by the persons mentioned above, among whom was my wife. They told me I was to communicate with no one and, without my consent, I was deprived of my liberty, both my freedom of movement and my free will. I was forbidden to make any telephone calls, I was provided no food or water, and at various times these persons said that I had to sign “an agreement in which I accept that my wife is to receive ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS”, and that I would proceed by mutual agreement to an administrative divorce from my wife.

    4. During the entire time that I was deprived of my liberty and obliged to do what these persons told me to do, causing me the loss of ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS, I was constantly attacked, insulted, and threatened with death by ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA, who, after I had spent nearly TEN HOURS incommunicado, obliged me to SIGN THE DOCUMENT according to which I accepted a prejudicial financial settlement, as mentioned above. This document was handwritten by ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA and is appended to this complaint.

    5. Following these earlier events, I was unable to file the present COMPLAINT before now because my life became one threat after another. I was told that if I said a single word, “they would kill me”. Every week for more than a year, I was threatened by those who were probably responsible. I can tolerate this no longer and I am determined to report these facts despite the personal risk I run by reporting this.

    my story

    This is my story.
    My name is Daniel Asse

    I am a prominent member of the Jewish community, Freemasons and Rotary Club in Mexico.

    I was in Scientology for 9 years

    The Church says that you “must handle” big upsets refunds cycles, chaplain cycles within Church lines.

    This is a falsehood.

    I have been trying every single day for 1 year to no result. I have called OSA INT multiple times.

    No one will return my phone calls.

    Part 1.

    I believed in Scientology to improve spirituality. I gave them a LOT of MONEY. They intensely regged me for a LOT of money.

    The Church became one big reg cycle to see how much they could get out of me.

    I paid $60,000 just for my wife’s bridge alone.

    I paid $100,000 to FSO for Ls

    While having L’s at Flag my wife was having sex with the Snr C/S of IFAD (in Mexico)

    Part 2

    When I return to Mexico, they both where waiting for me at the airport, and this guy took me to his church (now as a Chaplain) and enforced and coerced me to have an express divorce, they kidnapped me for 9 hours with no food until I sign a piece of of paper that says that my wife took all the money $127,000 us dollars from my own accounts, pre-sign checks (for emergencies), cash in my house and even money under my mothers account, for her divorce, and that I couldn’t go to court to appeal for what happened with her. I was screamed at for my “CRIMES.” I was constantly threatened with “non enturbulation order” and suppressive person declare.

    But they are the ones who emptied my bank accounts while I was on the Ls at Flag.

    This guy told me that I could lose my house too (I was married under separate assets) he took me for a whole week (in his office, with out allowing me to go out, and threat me that I was going to be declared suppressive if I do not pay him more money for the church, he was pushing me to go back to Flag, then he took me to CLO Latam to many others that knew about this evil plan to divorce me right away so the stolen money out of my accounts had a different spin.

    My wife, had, in my absence given ALL the money from our joint bank accounts to the Church for “Ideal Orgs.” None of this was her money. She came into the marriage poor and penniless. I put the money in the accounts which she gave away without my knowledge to “Ideal Orgs”

    The Church knew that I was in Clearwater for Ls and that the money they were stealing did not have my approval.

    I believe my wife gave them all these funds to avoid Ethics for sex with the Senior CS in Mexico.

    Part 3

    I was hugely upset that all my money was raped out of my possession without my knowledge and consent.

    I threatened the Church that I would go public with this, upon which they threatened my spiritual future and told me

    I was no longer elligible for Flag, to go to Los Angeles.

    This was my life immediately after completing 3 Ls at Flag.

    I went to Los Angeles where they put me to slave labor of filing in Central Files for 2 months while I paid my own hotel and meals.

    I am public, but I am filing in Central Files like a Sea Org member on the decks.

    Part 3

    With co-erced pressure they made me sign a bunch of documents that I would never lay a claim on them, with $10,000 penalty for each claim.

    They did not refund the agreed amount but less.

    I am learning that OSA have so many WITHOLDS that while they ask all day long from “CRIMES” they themselves

    want to cover up inside scandal.

    Why does everyone have to sign pages of documents to not “TELL?”

    During my 9 years of taking services at the church, I realized now, that I lost my wife, my money, my business, my joy of living, and my family, because they made me disconnect to my mother, because she is a psychologist.

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