Italy Clear? Yes, but thanks to the IND movement!!


Two more couples proudly come out at the open…

What the current Church of $cientology and OSA does not realize is

that once you have taken away from an individual his power of choice,

his pride, his dignity and truth

you have taken away his life.

They have lost everything was worth living for…





Nena  & Adriano Bonfanti


Marisa (OT5) & Guido Minelli

Class 5 (Ned auditors)



Nena & Adriano




Nena and Adriano Bonfanti are holding strong for truth. A story of abuses, invalidations with a sweet end: They have found in the Ind field a new family!!

After 14 years we regained hope to make it to Clear and OT,
we have started to receive counseling with Silvia Kusada.
Many thanks to the Indipendentologo and their articles about truth,
thanks for the valuable comments published and other IND experiences.
We were not on  lines since 14 years ago.
We have given everything we got to be part and support this group,
we sold everything and left to join staff in Copenhagen,
to end up  shortly after being subjected to pressure
to break up our 2 dynamics and right after being thrown out without any help
and ruined reputation.
The icing on the cake for us  it has been
my last 4 intensives Golden Age of Tech
delivered at Milano org (They probably fit into the No auditing category),
after which I felt hopeless about being able to go up the Bridge
and to achieve the state of OT in this life.
I was so introverted by the wrong indications and threats by the Church members,
reverse C/Sing and the MAAs that I thought I was more than PTS, but an SP.
Now we know that by leaving 14 years ago
we saved ourself from further abuses,
make wrongs, further wrong indications, extensive regging and heavy debts.
Today in the IND field we have regained happiness
and hope for the future.
Adriano & Nena
For full story in Italian:



Marisa & Guido Minelli


Guido and Marisa Minelli are Scietologists Pioneers and both trained auditors!!

Free after 35 years into the Church of $!!

With this letter we are publicly announcing our decision

to leave the current Church of Scientology

since we believe it doesn’t represent the spiritual freedom

that was once expressed by L. Ron Hubbard,

instead it perpetuates different purposes

and it has introduced substantial alterations

in the use of Admin, Ethics and Tech.

These are suppressions that have caused

and are continuing to cause sufferings in PCs, Pre OTs,

students and staff members at any level.

So, it is our duty to inform.

We are addressing this writing to the entire Scientological field:

the top of the management, our friends and parents,

and the Scientologists that will have the courage to look,

evaluate and act accordingly to what is right for themselves and their lives.

Only the truth will set us free, and the price of freedom “constant alertness

and constant willingness to fight back”.

We’ve discovered the abuses, the threats, the forced abortions,

the beatings, the instigations of violence, the exasperate control,

the perversions, the alterations of policy

…all situations that were apparently unbelievable –

but unfortunately true.

For full story in English visit:

Per la loro storia in italiano vai al:


IND field




Happiness Rundown


Pc Adriano Bonfanti



Past Life Remedy

Dec 22, 2010
I had life changing realizations doing the Past Life Remedy process.
I realized that I had to be willing to look in order to see anything in (my) life.
I am no longer at the effect of anyone or anything in my life.
I see things I did unwillingly and did not feel good about doing.
I will not sublimate my true self; my values and principles for others
or, assume the valence of others to do such things.
Being true to myself will ensure that all my dynamics are in alignment.
I now know with a new-found certainty that “being there” is just being there with no considerations.  I have a new sense of self.
I feel light and happy being.  Anonymous


Dec 21, 2010
I was FNing from the moment I started reading the materials.
It was a perfect gradient with which to start the OT Levels
and my final cognition was the most amazing thing to me.
Thanks, of course, to LRH, for putting this together,
but also to Les and Anita for making it possible to do something
I first attempted fourteen years ago.  This is pretty cool.  RF

Solo Course Part 2

My success on Solo II is amazing to me.
I have tried a couple of times to get to this point without success.
Of course, I was nervous about my ability to audit myself
and how many crams I would get.  Well, guess what?
I’m a pretty good auditor!
I had more persistent FNs and floating TAs in a week than ever before….
and I think half the win was that I was doing it!
This wasn’t just training for me, it was real auditing, and I feel great!
You won’t believe how the theta of this place
and Les and Anita contributed….  until you get here!   RF


After a lifetime of episodic drug use, I can now say that
I am finally free from drugs and the need to take them.
The NED Drug Rundown has given me the certainty to make such a statement.
I have no hidden intentions to use drugs.
I am very grateful to Anita and Les Warren
for the caring attention they have shown me.
The Life Improvement Center
has changed my viewpoint, forever.  Anonymous




We are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!





  1. Thank you Sylvia for you and wonderfull beingness and for all you are doing to expose the lies of DM and the € of $ (church of scientology).

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