…and after that time help turned into enslavement and degradation.


Today when you commit and then confess an Overt (counter survival act)

in the Church of $cientology

they make sure you know how dangerous you are,

how illegal it is, the great danger

or out-PR you have cause to the Church of $

and all the punishments you could be liable to get…



They want all of your secrets

but they do not share any of theirs.

In a system of tyranny, you are not allowed to have private thoughts

or/and your own opinions.

If you see something different from what they want you to see,

if  you have different opinions from their line of thoughts,

there must be something wrong with you.

We entering into the realm of psychological abuses, of coercions, enslavement

at times cleverly covered by the false pretense of group safety and protection.

You suddenly go from being their GOD and feeling like one,

(that is the way they make you feel

when you cooperate obediently on giving money

or extorting money from another parishioner)

to feel and been nothing…

You end up feeling “power” (even if it is just an illusion)

by being associate to them. And this TRAPS you.

You make a little mistake and they scare you to death into doing

amends ($) in order to be forgiven…

You are made feeling guilty, unworthy

until your wallet opens up again

to buy your way back into the group…

There are thousands of people who have been abandoned

in a severe state of out-reality,

in a state of shock.

I haven’t realized how bad it was, until on my struggle to get rid of the strong pain

I have been living with for the last 3 and half years,

I was told by my father how Dianetics and certain controlling behaviors

are a form of hypnotism.

At first I flinched, it couldn’t have been true!!

Dianetics… hypnotism.

But he was right,

I run into an article by LRH on Black Dianetics and

That was exactly what he was saying.

Why the people in the church despite seeing what they see,

despite losing everything, being denied freedom,

the very thing they joined for,

being asked to sacrifice constantly in the name of the group,

how come these people were/are not able to leave?

They can’t.

Black Dianetics restimulates the whole bank (emotional charged past)…

Heavy pressure throws people into an hypnotic state.

Black $cientology, as performed today

keep people in terror to lose everything they have wished for and worked for

or everything they love.

The humiliations and nullification

substitutes the reward expected and before they realize they are stuck.

 into past implants with their

confusion and dichotomies

as  leaving and not be able to leave;

forget not being able to forget.

 installed under pain (emotional and/or physical) and lies.

This turns into long periods of insomnia, of confusion, of pain.

What is the difference between Black Dianetics and the standard one?

Freedom, certainties, expansion, extroversion.

long extensive interrrogations (sec-checks) especially where assigned to bend ones will

or to limit your thoughts and observations, are the mark of Black Dianetics.

I found the below processes.

Although Creative processes are not to be used

where somebody is not Clear or in heavy turmoil, as they could then increase restimulation,

they give you an idea of auditing that works toward freedom and ability,

as opposed to the sad processes chosen today.

There is a lot of good in anyone of us.

And it is also nice to know that

soon or later ill-intentioned people get themselves stuck…

and we are going to be there to make them “look good” anyway… (He! He!)



by L. Ron Hubbard


There are several ways of undoing these.

One of them is with Acceptance Level Processing.

Where a person continues to complain about the things

another person has done to him,

all the auditor has to do is to discover what the preclear did to that person.

In other words, a preclear who complains about A in actuality is suffering

from a hunger of overt acts from A.

The preclear has done something to A (or thinks he has done something to A)

which makes it possible that A will retaliate.

The retaliation has not occurred.

This leaves the preclear with a hunger of overt acts from A.

All the auditor has to do is listen to the complaints

the preclear makes about the various people,

and then have the preclear mock up as happening to himself

these people causing dreadful things to occur to the preclear.

This solves the bulk of overt act cases.

Remember that the things happening to the preclear have to be done in quantity.

Another method of handling overt acts is to finish off the cycle of action.

The preclear has wanted to kill somebody.

He has wanted to kill somebody repeatedly and yet has not done so.

The matter is obvious. One uses Creative Processing

and has the preclear sufficiently and often in large quantities kill this other person.

This finishes the cycle of action.

Yet another method is simply to have the preclear,

without any further investigation of his case,

start mocking up the side of the overt act phenomenon

which seems to be missing.


If this preclear is complaining about terrible things having happened to him,

the auditor can be sure that the preclear has a hunger for things to happen to him.

The preclear is started then on a process of simply having things happen to him.

All manner of terrible things are made to occur to him at other people’s hands.

His father shoots him many times, his mother repeatedly strangles him,

his dog bites his head off, his wife runs off with another man and so on and so on

until the starvation is remedied.

In the opposite case where the preclear is tremendously pugnacious

and very threatening toward all the world, the auditor can be certain that the preclear,

dramatization in present time, is trying to fill in a stagnation of action against other people.

In this case one simply has him kill, maim, blow up and generally dispose of

in many ways, shapes and forms, a great many people,

particularly those he says he would like to murder.

One must not omit the overt act phenomena concerned

with spirits, ghosts and God.

People who spend too much time propitiating God

are in actuality certain beneath the surface

that they deserve a great deal of punishment from that being.

People get to such a level of identification with Christ

that they will run the Crucifixion

complete with somatics and, indeed,

there are several instances in history where on the holiday of the Crucifixion persons

spontaneously bleed from the “thumbs.”


[1954, ca. late January] OVERT ACTS by L. Ron Hubbard








We are here to help!!



If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!




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