The sensible thing to do.


Although exterminating the suppressor

might very well feel the only right thing to do

Above: The impulsive answer to heavy suppression.


there are philosophies that indicate other ways to solve the matter,

which are quite interesting.

Not taking anything away from the fact that the suppressor

have committed a counter survival act on you or another,

that the guy or the girl has betrayed you or humiliated you,

what follows does balance the flows, assigning to anyone the proper responsibility.

It is also true that

many times we could have done something to stop

the suppression even if just by walking away

or withdrawing our support.

To have the courage to say to your suppressor:

“I’m sorry I have contributed and/or participated

to your committing a counter survival act

by letting you do it”

it is after all a high level of RESPONSIBILITY.

There are times where Inaction is Betrayal,

and where allowing someone else

to commit an overt on us or others

becomes an act of Treason.







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