ORANGE COUNTY ORG: “Turn your jewlery in…” Mussolini: “donate gold jewelry and wedding rings”…


Gold for the Fatherland

Before and after…

When Italy was suffering from economic recession, initiated by Mussolini's, Battle for Grain and other projects, he demanded people give their gold jewelry and wedding rings to the government to save the country. In return they would be given a cloth band to wear on their arm. Orange County Org today is also looking for your Gold... Hurry Up!!




Mussolini was prime minister of Italy form 1922-1943

the year he was overthrown in a rebellion against his dictatorship.

He ran a repressive fascist regime.

He valued nationalism, anti-liberalism,

anti-communism and militarism.

When Italy was suffering from economic recession,

initiated by Mussolini’s, Battle for Grain and other projects,

he demanded people give their gold jewelry

and wedding rings to the government to save the country.

In return they would be given a cloth band to wear on their arm.

The band read Gold for the Fatherland.




Once you have turned over any available money

and have borrowed to your credit card limit

and taken out your second or third mortgage,

cashed in your life insurance policy and sold your future rights to an inheritance,

there is something more EVERYONE can give in order to raise their status.

Mike Rinder

For full article:

Here is the newest email from Orange County Pawn Shop Fundraisers:

From: Orange County []
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011 10:36 PM

Subject: Would You Like To Participate In The Ebay Game?

Dear …,





The eBay game is a way for as many people as possible

to help with fundraising to complete the Ideal Org building in Orange County,

in a way that requires very little effort.

Almost everyone has something around their house or apartment

which could be sold on eBay for some value.

Bring everything you have...


Jewelry, collectibles, antiques, novelty items, old baseball cards,

old comic books, musical equipment… you get the idea.

Turn that useless Matter into productive Energy to help us all reach the goal!

It’s simple – just bring any items you wish to donate to any

of the Fundraiser I/C’s at the Org



We will then arrange to have them placed for sale on eBay (or Craig’s List).

You will then be credited for the amount sold,

toward your Ideal Org donation status.

What could be easier?

Larger items can also be donated,

such as boats,

furniture,appliances, and the like.

For items that are too large to be brought in to the org,

let us know and we will make arrangements for larger size donations.

If you are interested in helping get the smaller flows going

so the bigger ones can happen,

just answer this email letting us know

and you answer will be forwarded to the right terminal

who will contact you directly !

Thank You!!

Yvonne, Marty and Marie






Paolo Grazioli: Now I know... and I'm happy!!

My name is Paolo Grazioli, my is a short but intense story.

My wife introduced me to Scientology in 2002.

She and her son were veterans.

During my auditing I had huge wins

and I handled areas of my life that were not optimal.

Unfortunately while I was getting many successes I was witnessing

many things that were not making any

sense compared from what I was actually studying.

At that time I couldn’t put my finger on it…

Just perceptions I always invalidated by telling myself

one day I would have understood.

One lucky day I found the Independent italian site

and I understood what was really going on.

i understood why when they come out with the Basics

and everyone was cheering at the event I remained sit.

I understood why the Ideal org cycle was all unreal.

Today i wish to publicly and officially clear my position

by issuing my independent Declaration from the Church of Scientology.

I will continue my spiritual freedom progress by following what LRH have left us.


I met several people in the independent field and I have to say I felt like in a big family.

This is what is true for me.


Paolo Grazioli







If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!





  1. just a quick note to say, your doing fantastic work Silvia.

    Keep it up.

    It is most appreciated!


  2. Suddenly a small dog appeared front of me She stood rooted into the Earth Her short little legs wide apart grin on her face and laughter in her eyes. Joy washed over me as I looked back into her eyes, inquering. As I looked into her Universe suddenly there was nothing around us, The MEST Universe have vanished. There was nothing and no one. The invisible form opened up front of me and light poured forth. Soundless sounds formed words and I heard “I am what you are” my Universe opened, unfolded and the two light become one as I have heard my reply, the echo ” I am what you are” There were no more communication since none was needed. The wondrous sound of Affinity washed over the Universe. After eons apart two friends were united. For one, time never existed, for me The journey was long but I have come back ladden with gifts, they are the experiences when as-is ad in form of cognations becomes knowledge. I have Returned and Welcomed. The west coast of Canada is shouded in heavy silvery mist. It lulls the soul into peaceful calmness. But I fly, I live in light Since I am light!!!!

    • Elizabeth… i’m so happy to hear from you!! I missed you a lots and so many of my readers have been asking about you and your OT, beautiful theta spirit…
      We love you!!

      • Hello my Beloved Fairy. I am hanging in there where ever that is. Since I am no longer being anchored by the agreed upon considerations which hold the being connected, walled in, therefore given a location. It is on experience not having the so called solidity bellow ones so called feet. But i am still on the Path Of Learning I still Solo and Yes Rons Technology still works the same way even if one no longer have the bank the so called Track.. It is a fantastic experience to view the Universe in very different manner. One Wonders at the Wonders which one has created. By doing so one can realy see the capabilities one have. One of the most interesting item I have discovered is about knowing the future. I always had the need, curiosity to know what the POSTULATE holds from the beggining to the end. It is not easy to see, to know, what the future will be of the postulate, to see the out come. That capability is very well hidden in very intricately woven maze of lies. One of the largest lies ever, the Spiritual Beings Makes self believe is ” NOT KNOW” that lie it self gives the being the Illusion the So called ” GREAT TRAP=BANK= TRACK ” Not know. than than it can play the game being ignorant, stupid, lost, totally dependent, blame, no respansibility for ones own actions, powerless, just name a few condition out of the GOOD OLD BANK which every being relies on in order to have a game. But that game have and can have so few a variation. As I said before just how many life times one should redo in good old Nepal or in a cold cave, in a cell in some monastry and OMMMM thinking one will become free and enlightened. The only way true Enlightenement come to one, is RONS WAY. By Having auditing, to take some courses, more auditing to have understanding with that under ones belt one will regain self determinations and do Solo after that. That is the only way to fly!!!! after that Much better and more interesting games can be had when one shads the narrow , limited considerations of human nature. Mind you That body of considerations are the basic the essential element to have and to as-is in order to understand how the Universe is and the role we play in order to have fun.[[ SO THE BANK=TRACK HAS VALUE] One must have that wonderful Bank to as is, to cognite on and have the knowledge. What wild, wondrous rollercoster ride. The only thing is one can only do the ride once. Cant start all over again no matter how much fun one has as-is ing. SO I am on The Path OF Light The light which is the power. It is a wonderful experience to be greeted by others.[ not human] as I have writen Suddenly i can experience a presence as i put my attantion on the so called nothing [since the eyes see nothing] opens up and light pours toward you and what we understand that there is no darkness or evil in the being who is front of you, The being shows with the light that his intention are pure, theta. And I to open my universe and i to show that there is no evil show my purity the light pours out. Than the two light of course becomes one and we both say in greating “I am what you are.” just think To know and understand and to duplicate the being front of you and that is the only way two being becomes one. Since there is no yo, or i or we, self, me or others in the Intengible and in the Infinite. Paradise found. The joy of the journey sometimes can be difficult and seems endless to the senses. Do not worry, bigger the obsticles, one will have greater gains, knowledge. No need to worry or hurry it is your Path, Your Journey, the Joy the Havingness of it is Your and Yours alone. What ever you willing to put into, that what ever, will be your gain. no more no less. The Tech Works no matter on what level since that consideration, the “LEVEL” is only a consideration same as thousands of othes. If I would have a Kingdome I know I would have a MOTTO to live by But I dont have one or have the need to have. The Motto remains the same. ” I DO NOT FALLOW, I DONT LEAD, I SERVE” If any one care to write please do so. I am not front or above any being PS: Silvia I read your cog’s I do duplicate tham therefore I dont have any additions. I know you are having great fun. Love from Paradise!!!

    • I had no idea That there was interest in my adventures. I would like to share something with you. While lived in the State, in Washington, met some wonderful people and we have become friends. After awhile our ways have parted and I have moved back to Canada. Occasionaly I drive down to visit some friends but I never had the need or want to communicate with Joys. But after 5 years or so silence, I received communication but not by words. I went to visit my friends and i have found her in great spirit but heavy pain and very close to leaving her old used up body. As I set by her side on her bed I could see onto her Universe since most of her anchor points, barriers, the heavy agreed upon considerations already have been severed. Her wonderful Universe was full of light, and colours. For the very first time since we met I could see who she realy was. Her Universe was beautiful calm and there was no fear.!!!! I could see the open Galaxy the Planets and her own Earth. It was so diffent from ours and much larger in size. The so called air was pink in hue and there were 3 moons, two of tham very close to each other and two suns in the distance. that planet needed two suns since it is so huge in size in comparison to our Earth. It was and is lovely. I asked her a useless question since I have already known the answear, “Do you Trust me?” She just smiled, I said than i will tell you who you are since you have forgatten being in human body and lived with same considerations. She listened and held my hand, the spirit was so powerful and pure, our connection become even stronger I could see more because she tottaly let me into her space. I focused on the Planet as I roamed over it’s surface I described it’s beauty to her and i told her where it is so she will be able to fallow my description and find the way home. I told her who she was, She was on the juorney same as most of us to locate the Magic the knowledge which will free her people. She was her peoples trusted leader a great spiritual being. And once more she was going to return home empty handed. But not quite. I have given her information. To come back here, after she rested and re-newed her spiritual self and to take a new body. To become a Scientologist but not to join the Church. I told her of the courses and of auditing how it worked. She listened. She asked how will she find the way back here and to know where to go. I told her I will be by her side in form of knowledge and she will remember. If you wonder why I have not spoken to her before of scientology. Very simple to answear that. She was the wife of a very well known lawyer and her Universe was closed. Before, the time was not righ. Her Universe was closed for new ideas, considerations she was not ready for change than. I told her she will spend a life time learning and being audited than Solo, after that she will be free to go back to her Planet and give the knowledge, the freedom to her people as Ron have given it to US. I know she understood every word and before our Universes were separated she asked.” Who are you?” I had no answear. I still dont. Who is Infinite? What is Infinite?

  3. Welcome paolo Grazioli to freedom!

    Thanks Silvia to your blog, helping others learn the truth!


  4. Welcome Paolo!!! I appreciate your story.


  5. Roosevelt’s Seizure of Gold

  6. PS: I have given the wrong email. It is with a small e. As I have writen before each pearl is a cognation.

  7. Hello dear Fairy. Solidity!!!! The subject is solidity. Ever since I have joined the group and learned about matters great and small and what affects they have on a Spiritual being. I was greatly interested on that intriguing Item, The Solidity. The solidity of the MEST Universe. Most intriguing to find out and see how one created ones very own Solid MEST Universe. It was not easy. It was done little by tittle. Every new thought every agreement every consideration or disagreement made it so!!! Over the years one can solo only so much on little things like problems, aches and pains, loss of a toe nail before one moves on into wider and more interesting field of considerations. I been wanting to move through the walls, make things float about, do snow on the hot sunny day. Sit on the top of the mountain and look around but with out the body. Be a butterfy and to feel the rays of the sun on my wings. etc. But most of all to be able to move solid objects. What a challenge.!!!!!! To make things solid over the eons one have used, employed every passible means to achive just that. there are many secret ingridients ,invisibly hidden factors, so called forgatten considerations , one is that we all have agreed not to thouch because the safety of the race depended on the Solidity!! Oh I must not forget the GREAT TABOOS!!! Do not thouch!!! Do not dissolve, terminate. But make it certain to become permenent therfore safe for to be and have in the future. So No magic of any kind or meddling were allowed,to interfere with MEST. Or things will disapaer on you and you with it. So, no wonder one cant move objects. Or the Universe have become solid under our feet. Many evenings I have set here in my living room and worked [Solo, regular sessions, by the tech.] on the understanding just how a solid object could be moved. how could I make the prisms move on the chandelier with out thouching it by hand. Nothing worked so far, since nothing have moved. Or I thought it did not. You see, I seen things moving but I was looking with the eyes and throught the eyes nothing have. The illusion of solidity have remained because the “EYES”. Out of hundreds of hours of work, confronting the MEST I have had many cognations. But out of many cognation one worth the mentioning. Ones home, no matter how small a room, a sizes of the cave or a palace, is created and filled with little or lot of objects in order to ensure the permenency the existance and the safety for the being to have. The walls, having walls hold great importance!!! No matter how thin or or made of heavy carved stones, serves the same . To give the safety for the being to ensure the location, the solidity in space, in time. Therefore the contenuity of self to have, to be. You see, outside of the “HOME” things continually change, moves, disappears, there are also the seasons, nature, others, beings who with out our agreements constantly changing things. DailY!!! We need the safety of the solid walls. Never once one looks out throught the solid glass pane the terrain looks the same. There are dangers out there, unexpacted things which one cant count on. They move about and ones really, “THE KNOW” do not know the outcome. So the Good Spirit have built safety, solidity and named it HOME. Even the name is solid since on that concept there is no miss understanding All beings know what it is and on that have the agreement. The HOME become solid and safe. [Well, on occasional plate or book flying ] And every one will defend the “Home” with tooth and claw. Verbally or with weapons, it’s ones choise if that is need to do in order to keep it safe and permenent and solid in form. Walking through a wall well, one can have a large bump on the nose outside of that nothing more. But searching for understanding, knowledge brings great rewards. When one is confronthing the Mest Universe One ends up in the Theta Universe. So the solid forms fall away, they loose they importance and solidity and one can see beyand the solidity of the MEST. The theta Universe is full of wonders and magic. It is where we are a couse it is where there we never fail, where evrything is the way we want it. our reality which not need to be compromised. It is where we truly belong. I have many beautiful objects in my space. one is a large wood Snow Goose. Beautifully carved and painted. So few evenings back, again I was working and wondering if I ever be able to move on object. Actually I was in session [Tech. works on every subject] I was looking at the orchids. Suddenly the leafs were growing the roots twined out of the pot hanging down and carpedted the floor by the table. The long stalks grown upward buds formed and than opened into magnificence by the dozens. I looked on with wonderment, So much beauty!!! I realised what i been looking for it was existing in my Universe all the time but I was looking for it in the wrong place.. The Mest Universe have been created by magic of the postulate and have become solid because the creators considered it valuable. therefore solid. The Ability of on OT is creation be cause over in the Theta Universe. I looked back at the Goose. She moved, stood up and opened her wings and flapped them, she strached one wing with her orange coloured leg than her other side. She shaken her body and stretched her neck upward with open beak I felt the movement of the air around in the room. I was thinking, that she was sitting in the same position too long and needed ro move. I have seen the downy underside of her snow white small feathers!!! I did smell her too. She settled back and preened her self for a while. Then walked over hopped up onto the ottoman front of my chair settled her self and put her beautiful head on my lap. I looked into her lovely black eyes into her Universe. My invisible hand reached out and gently stroked her white feathers. The only way i can explain I know she and I were alive, we were spiritual beings existing in our own Universe, apart from the MEST. The Tech. is the magic when used it’s opens the Universe which is filled with wonders of ones creations.

  8. My friends, One more for the road!!! My Universe was shattered, rattled and taken apart. If you ever seen a cartoon Silverter the CAT, when something hits him he justs falls into manny different pieces? Well that is how it felt. The realization , the cognation had the power of the strongest thunderbolt one ever can perceive. It had to happen sometimes, after all just how long one can solo and look at so many combination of words the consideratione ones own and others? [[ just because we belive that is not ours but somebody elses consideration. I have news if you dont already know. If you know something example what your friend said if you know of it than it is yours.]] So were was I. Soloing on considerations, mine, your, others, they’s etc… As I said I like [like, wrong word, I live to explore!!!!] to explore, make, put together, different combinations of words which gives different concepts so different readings. Therefore when those concepts audited, confronted brings different cognation.[knowledge] You can see how I have taken the Mest Universe apart little pieces by little piece at time. [ in some session in huge chunks] Back to the Thunderbolt. Over the years, soloing, I put in many hours on the subject, “SOLID”s, in every passible combinations. Oh I had equal amount of cognations too. But this cog. few days back, still burning the debris, the remains the MEST Universe while the Theta Universe realins it self once more. As I said I was looking at “SOLID”. The cog, is not easy to explaine.. Every time one say “I” with that ones drives on anchor point into ones own universe, makes self more solid, makes one remaining solidly in that consideration, agreement, one lives because the “I”,confirms one’s existense, With the letter “I” the being refers to self, that letter holds the whole concept THAT SELF, ones Universe in place, it gives location, the “I” activates all the memory, all ones considerations, agreements, ones whole treck, all the experiences in one universe is locked in with the key which is “I”. THE LETTER “I” IS THE RIBBON WHICH ONES UNIVERSE IS TIED UP WITH AND ANCHORED INTO THE MEST UNIVERSE. This cognation is the most important of all cognations one can ever have ever have yet with out the other cognations inplace This would not be, or come. Can you see, I was looking as “solid” and I have found the meaning of ‘I’. With that I have found the most solid item. “THE I”….. The “I” is which segregated the being, makes it into a singular entety, This “I” it’s importance gives existance which gives all the problems all the ARC B’s with otheres and things in general, with the MEST UNIVERSE, for the spiritual being, to have and to hold. One defends That “I” with all the power one hold in ones Universe. Flaming sword, Guns, use of law, in and out of law court ,have good rip roarring war, have a few divorce, greed, killing, poisen, or just roll over sombody with the steam roller We, defend that “I” with the last breath of the body if that is needed to be done. In order to remain intact, to remain and represent the bank, the track, all our recalls. The so called our LIFES we have and had. Our having-nes, How spiritual one can be with a solid core in place as “I”??? In Infinite there is no “I” yet there is everything what one ever imegined since it was created by the Infinite. Cause over. IT IS the “I” who has the limitations, the bariers, the solidity, walls, the not know, the doubts, the beggining and the end. Rons Technology is so incradible, so powerful, it can give one the true freedome which cant be described with words since that concept do not exists in the human vocabularies, in human reality. We all have and had sins, Ron had his too, but with the gift he has given, he washed away all his, his gift dont have a value because it cant be valued. As each of us walk the well maked PATH OF KNOWLEDGE, THE BRIDGE, only when, as we do, by taking courses and have auditing and solo than, as our reality level becomes different we can understand the value of his great gift. When something is intengible as knowledge is than it last for Infinite. Nothing and know one can destroy the Intengible, the Infinite Knowledge. Now this is my reality, my cognation. If it reads in any way to you [ have reality on] that is great if not that is great. When times comes while on the Path OF Knowledge the words which formed the concepts here and you have read it, will become real to you. Knowing that you know, I walk beside you and give you support in a form of knowledge. Elizabeth.

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