Affinity, your only token to upper levels…



The first thing one should know about communication is its formula.

The formula of one-way communication is cause,

distance, effect, with intention and attention,

where that which occurs at effect duplicates

what emanated from cause.


The elements of communication, then, are intention,

attention, cause, effect, distance and duplication.

Meaning, significance, are secondary phenomena.

Communication is part of the triangle of affinity,

reality and communication.

Reality is composed of the degree of duplication possible,

and this is also describable under the heading of agreement.

Reality is a quality which depends upon duplication,

and in the action of duplication expertly or poorly done,

we find agreement and disagreement.



The basic definition of affinity is “coexistence,”

and as we drift away from actual coexistence,

we drift into the ARC triangle and the communication formula.


Coexistence is superior to the ARC triangle

and the mechanics of living.

Here we would find two things occupying the same space.

This would be at the top of the scale.

Two things with no space, no mass and no energy.

At the bottom of the scale we would find two things

compulsively or obsessively almost occupying the same space.

As affinity enters into the state of not-quite coexistence,

we get the manifestations of particles and significances,

symbols, and of course much more intimately,

affinity embraces the distance part of the communication formula.

It begins with the no-distance of coexistence and then,

as affinity drops, the distance factor is more and more important

(regardless of whether the distance is far or close)

until we have at last a complete and positive objection to proximity,

or a complete and positive objection to any distance,

and in this “state of mind” we find material objects

or the particles which compose them.

Under affinity, of course, we have the emotional scale:

effort, as found in Science of Survival, and the Know down to Mystery Scale

as discussed in the Advanced Clinical Course tapes.

The entirety of ARC is the subject of understanding.

Knowingness is highest on the scale,

and this exceeds ARC



and is in the realm of considerations and ideas.

The moment we enter into understanding

we get into the communication formula and the ARC triangle.

Understanding is a highly superior commodity,

but still lower than knowing.


by LRH


A true high tone affinity level never gives you a feeling of  loneliness…

because it enters into the high scale of coexistence, even if in a gradient scale…

Of course coexistence has a liability to whom leaves in secrecy,

and the liability is, his/her secrets are getting known.

It is a dangerous game to play in this universe and

we get thought not to.

But the funny thing is,

that is the only way out…


To forget people or episode related to bad experience is never the solution

It just takes away from you space…

and willy-nilly push you down into the tone scale

and the game of this universe.





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!






  1. Hi Silvia, your article is very interesting. The problem is that in the reality of everyday we can’t apply those things. Two way communication is an illusion that many peoples believes real. A real communication can be done only if there is intention, attention, affinity, reality, duplication. Not every time you can find all those things. There are many factors in our reality that can prevent communication. Secrets are not problems. Withold can prevent communication but not secrets. For Example an OT has a lot of secrets but he can communicate with many PC’s. One thing is the privacy, other things are overts. So I think that one of the basic of communication is agreement, maybe the most important, altought affinity, a lot of affinity, can be also one of the basical factor of communication. Thanks for your article because is stimulant to think. With ARC.

    Kind Regards

    • A true OT will better off by finding some others or his life could be pretty sad… he will starve as he feeds on very high ARC and this universe, not only lacks of it, but punish who has it.

      • Yes Silvia, maybe, I say maybe, you could be right. 😀 But thinking better, i’m afraid that you’re completely right.
        With ARC

      • It is not easy to confront… and not easy to be here… but once we will gather our true group life becomes pure magic.

    • Costantine. Reading your reply One word cut my attaintion. The “SECRET.” And privacy. [2 words] No one can have secrets and achieve The State of OT. One can be on auditor but not on OT !!! No such a thing. Secrets are nothing more than barriers, walls,secrets do and are esteblished in locations, time and space, thefore they are made of energy because of that energy, anchore the being in one place. Secrets are overts, witholds. With such a consideration in one universe that being can and never be free. And to that extend just how many secrets or witholds the being have, to that extend communication is cut, so is knowledge therefore power. We cant even mention Affinity, cant talk of that subject yet!!! There are thousands of secrest the being has accummulated over the eons in countless life times. Just think of the secret societies, the groups, undergroun hidden places, meetings in dark places, the conspiracy one was involved in. To have belonged in secret to elite group who thought they were above all, The evil groups, the withes the worlocks. The tabboo, to which one had to be elected in but they were great secrets. Secrets which one has sworn to never to divulge, the sectret alliance one have formed with others and others with you!!! There are great and small secrets on which one promised never talk of never devalge never give away. Lets not live out the invisible places where they were left to be safe to be never descovered to be hidden for eve. Just how many dark secrets one left behind in dark invisible wrappers never to be found or known again? , THESE secrets which are covered by darkness and forgatten for ever yet they power will hunt one for ever!!! It is so easy to hide secrets and self with it in darkness the darkness is ” I cant recall, I dont remembet, There is nothing but emptiness!!! ” Therfore every secret becomes a wall on invisivle wall which cuts the being off. from self to be on Infinite!!! The beings space and power is lessened with every secret held back. Any Idea Just how many secrets the being has forgatten and burried under the consideration “I dont remember???? ” Each secret have made the being smaller and very solid. Held in space in MEST for ever. Let not live out the ARC B’s they have caused over the eons which were pushed aside in order to contenue the game. Let’s mention secrets which one have taken on oath on, the oaths given and sealed by blood. The life was taken from one because did not wanted to give up the secret. We, from others and others from US!!!! The sectrets taken from us by serums by drugs. by torture, and pain. To become on OT and have secrets, Not even in ones wildest dream that can happen. Impassible, on illusion, to belive in such a concept is equals in….. in …total….. is a lie which makes one solid held in THE MEST UNIVERSE. Infinite IS Ifinite, because there is nothing in space no energy no consideratios, agreement, none, ever. Since any consideration, agreement and secrets are agreements therefore energy than has it’s postulated begining therefore that postulate has the extend than has ending. Since have energy IT CAN NOT BE Infinite. So how OT can be on OT with thousands of witholds, overts and secrets???? Never on OT. Just a human with Track and Bank who is or have become aware of that concept but have no reality on it. Knowing of something is not the same as being one. Knowing more of the working of the universe yes, able to recall past lifes, yes, but that not makes one being on OT. Secrets belong to the bank they are the bank same as any other consideration. If you think of Affinity that Afinity exists as something to have, again I have news for you!!! Intengible. therfore it has no mess therfore it is Infinite. If Affinity comes and goes in ones space and it could be described by words than again that energy is not Affinity. Falling in love that sansation is restimulation, since it is tangible it is simple form of evergy, it’s formation has the start contenuality, go up and down in volume therfore it is produced item from the Bank, part of it, Than it is energy and not the true Affinity not the Intangible, Infinite on OT.

      • Hi Elizabeth, your post gives me an important cognition and is very well explained. Thanks. With ARC.
        Best Wishes

      • Costantine!! My Universe is filled with light, knowing My reality given one being a cognation and your cognation is the light in my Universe. Thank You!!! Elizabeth

      • Dear Soul, Costantine Do share your cognation with us. We would love to read it. Every cognation we know we understand have great value. When one is on the Path in search of true self. Than the cognations are the light like torches giving, lighting the way in the darkness so one would know where the next step should be placed. Nothing is more valuable than a cognation. Write it here or you can email. This is the reason for the Blog, to post our reality our wins to share and that is ARC. The best kind. Much much affinity.Elizabeth.

      • Yes, Elizabeth this is a very excellent posting by you and I feel illuminated by it. Thank you.

  2. Well,Silvia you have blown me away !!! Now, I know That is the formula which and when I have read and duplicated have given me the major Cognation that moved my universe to such on extent that I could step outside of it and see all so clearly. That cognation brought the Understanding the Knowledge that the MEST Universe contains and is nothing more than a large bundle of ARC B’s Much love!!

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