To Walk the Walk of Solo Auditor # 2

To Walk the Walk of Solo Auditor # 2






I have been inspired by Peter, Mr. Smith #2 from Australia, an OT and auditor.

He has read my first article in Silvia’s Blog; “To Walk the Walk of Solo Auditor”

It is still there

[last August:]

please read it if you have not so far. [Only if you are interested!]

When Peter read that last August, he e-mailed me wanting

to know what and how I have done that since, to his knowledge,

no other OT have reached the end phenomena  of

‘Cause over the Intangible and Infinite as a spiritual being’.

Now, today he e-mailed me to ask me;

“Why not write about “UNDERSTANDING”?”



Well that is a very simple subject but is that word only the tiny tip of an iceberg

hidden under the fog, water, darkness, secrets, agreements and considerations??? Who knows?

I only know my universe.

You have yours to explore in order to find out what’s “under”.

Understanding!!!   That word is a KEY.

How to understand?

Ron has given everything, all the keys to open up our world

in order to have understanding=knowledge=freedom.

How can I put that into a very simple understanding?

WE all know the word itself and its meaning!

But what it does? Well, it brings knowledge.

Right. [Don’t be stupid Elizabeth.

Well, I don’t like the word stupid, I prefer idiotic.]

When I got into Scientology and started to learn and to understand,

[It was not easy to step out of my comfort zone, very little it was]

I had the Dictionary by my side and I still do today. I still looking-up words regularly.



Every time I opened up The Scientology Dictionary and read the words; it was a

WOW! New understanding was flooding in my tiny world.

It was fantastic!!

Those words were the first light in the darkness where I lived.

Than auditing began. But at first I had to understand the meaning of

Affinity, Reality, Communication equals UNDERSTANDING’!!!!!

That was not easy. New concepts. YAK!!!

Since I didn’t know I had such problems as Breaks in ARC with the world around me,

I thought: ‘How dare he, my auditor, to suggested such a thing!!!

Well, insults over insults…… But it went better after few intensives.

By the time I have taken the second e-meter course and the solo course at ST Hill,

I liked to look at ARC/K’s.

By the time I have done all the OT levels, not only I liked to run the ARC/K’s

but I loved to ask in my solo sessions;  ‘Do you have on ARC, Break?’

‘HAS a withhold been missed?”!!



I loved when hidden things have come back for me to be confronted.

Understanding myself, my small world was so incredibly  fascinating.

The Whys and the How’s!!!


My world, my small Universe, was made out of nothing more than thousands,

tens of thousands of ARC/K’s that over the time had summed-up to

one huge un-confronted mess. One huge ARC/K.

Because of those ARC Breaks I have become small.

Because of them I had fears. Because of them I had fear of darkness,

I slept with the light on fearing my own shadow.

They were the reason I could not say what I wanted, felt alone in the world,

not belonging and separated. I felt not wanted, ignored ….

Because of those ARC/K’s I have forgotten who I was,

and did not even know who or what I have become, a total effect and no cause.

Oh, I still could wipe my own nose, etc….. so I still was cause over something!

Of course there were the withhold and the suppressed buttons to use,

and I used both with great successes!!! The wins poured in.

I was cooking.!!!!!



No matter where I looked I have seen nothing but breaks in understanding,

reality therefore communicating so, where that left AFFINITY???

Sub-basement, more like none was there or enforced.

I did not like myself, so how I could have loved others??

Over the years I have asked the same questions thousands of times.

‘Do you have on ARC break? Was it affinity, reality, communication, understanding?’


First, to me, always has come the understanding, then the lack of it, than reality.

How could I had reality on something when I did not have the understanding???

Slowly my small dark space, my tiny world opened up.



Understanding has come and mostly that understanding was about me.

How have I become that person? That lost little human being?

Years went by.  I continued, since to me if something did not work,

if I could not do it, or have or be, than there was an underlying  ARC/K

which have become the wall, the barrier which I have no understanding of.

So I looked and in auditing I have found it.

One never misses if uses the TECH.

Understanding is the cognition. They are the same thing.

If one is in session that is the end phenomenon.

I have become a prospector; my tools are not the pick, axe and shovel,

my tools are what Ron has given me and you.

I used them as I understood their meaning in my own reality.

I am still the prospector looking for the gold.

Sometimes I only locate a tiny nugget, other times there is nothing to be found

just the dust of the past and no value in it.

But others times I get a mother load of cognition in form of Understanding.

Those cognitions erase the MEST and shift my Universe.!!!



As I created it over the eons and as I did not understand how that has worked,

they have just piled up as millions of ARC/K’s. [it seems]

The walls which they created, the boundaries they formed, the secrets they hidden,

the fog which was used as a wrapper to cover my small world

were as-ised in sessions as the Cherry on the top,

by running out the ARC/K’s with the use of the buttons.

With the understanding of my world, of my Universe,

I also gained the understanding of others and the ability

to help them to understand their own universes.

I simply located, confronted and as-ised the ARC/K’s of which my Universe,

it’s solidity and it’s complications were made of.

My friends, I simply looked and confronted the considerations,

the agreements made which contained

nothing more than ripping roaring ARC Breaks

But again this is my reality!











Sandro Fainozzi




I read Book One when I was 13.  I got fascinated by it, very practical and simple.
I have been enthusiastic for a while, till one time at one event I felt a sharp pain in my heart by looking at DM acting as he was LRH himself.

Since then I try to avoid the IAS offices, but the pressures were so heavy than at one point I couldn’t withhold anymore my serious upsets….




Giovanni Carboni











I have been on Church lines since 2002 despite knowing Scientology long before that.

I attested Clear on 2005, a big step to me. I have also studied basics courses and recently got some admin tech under my belt.

I have been very active disseminating till the arrival of the “Ideal orgs” and then I felt pretty ARC broken by the regging and other major out points.


It is important to understand that today you cannot be yourself the way the church is run. You have lost your power of choice… and this is what suppression is about.






If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!














  1. Welcome to freedom to Sandro and Giovanni. New adventures are waiting for you.


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