A true OT will be better off by finding some others

or his life could be pretty sad…

he will starve as he feeds on very high ARC

and this universe, not only lacks of it,

but punishes who has it.



The “SECRET” and the ‘privacy’. [2 words]

By Elizabeth Hamre


No one can have secrets and achieve The State of OT.

One can be an auditor but not an OT !!! No such a thing.

Secrets are nothing more than barriers and walls,

they are established in locations, time and space,

therefore they are made of energy and because of that energy,

they anchor the being in one place.

Secrets are overts, withholds.

With such a consideration in one’s universe

that being cannot and will never be free.

And to that extend just how many secrets or withholds the being has,

to that extend communication is cut,

so is knowledge and therefore power.

We can’t even mention Affinity, can’t talk of that subject yet!!!

There are thousands of secrets the being has accumulated

over the eons in countless life times.

Just think of the secret societies, the groups, underground hidden places,

meetings in dark places, the conspiracy one was involved in.

To have belonged in secret to elite group who thought they were above all,

the evil groups, the witches, the taboos,

to which one had to be elected or invited in,

but nevertheless they were great secrets.

Secrets which one has sworn to never to divulge, the secret alliance

one have formed with others and others with you!!!

There are great and small secrets on which one promised never talk

or never divulge never give away.

Let’s not live out the invisible places where they were left to be safe

to be never discovered, to be hidden forever.

Just how many dark secrets one left behind in dark invisible wrappers

never to be found or known again?

THESE secrets which are covered by darkness and forgotten for ever

yet they have power and will hunt one forever!!!

It is so easy to hide secrets and self with it in darkness.

The darkness being ” I can’t recall, I don’t remember, There is nothing but emptiness!!! ”

therefore every secret becomes a wall, an invisible wall

which cuts the being off from reaching the Infinite!!!



The beings space and power is lessened with every secret held back.

Any idea of just how many secrets the being has forgotten and buried

under the consideration “I dont remember???? ”

Each secret have made the being smaller and very solid.

Held in space in MEST for ever.

Let’s not live out the ARC/K’s they have caused over the eons

which were pushed aside in order to continue the game.

Let’s mention secrets which one have promised to keep taking an oath,

the oaths given and sealed by blood.

The life was taken from one because did not wanted to give up the secret.

We, from others and others from US!!!!

The secrets taken from us by serum, by drugs, by torture, and pain.

To become an OT and have secrets,

it cannot happen, not even in ones wildest dreams.


Would be just an illusion to believe in such a concept, equals to a lie

which makes one solid and helds him in THE MEST UNIVERSE.

Infinite IS infinite, because there is nothing in space;

no energy, no considerations,

no agreements, none.



Since consideration and secrets are agreements

and have energy the have a postulated beginning

which extend to the fact that there must also be an end.

Anything that is made of energy IT CAN NOT BE Infinite.

So how OT can be on OT with thousands of withholds, overts and secrets????

He will never be one.

Just a human with Track and Bank who is or have become aware

of that concept but have no reality on it.

Knowing about something does not mean that ones has it, is being it or it owns it.

One can know more of the working of the universe, yes,

can be able to recall past lives, yes,

but that not makes that being an OT.

Secrets belong to the bank and they are the bank

the same as any other consideration.

by Elisabeth Hamre



“Withholds prevent confront; where one can’t confront, they can’t evaluate.

It has also been revealed that the withhold is the onset of complexity

and that it is capable of keeping a person from thinking.”

Data Series 51O/Ws AND EVALUATION HCO PL 5 Nov 1990

by L Ron Hubbard





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!






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  1. “… he will starve as he feeds on very high ARC …” Very true. I don’t have a reference at hand but isn’t it true that “The tone of a group tends to the tone of its member who is lowest on the tone-scale.”? It seems a paradox but come to think of it the message is the same.

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