The wrong thing to do is nothing…

LRH never intended to make it difficult for people

to co-audit or to get in session.

Clearing has been the priority since the very beginning.

If you have left the Church of $, and you have no money,

you are at the beginning of the bridge you can follow LRH advices

and get yourself a copy of ‘Self Analysis’

or of  ‘Handbook for Preclears’.

I personally had major key-outs just by reading through it.

If you are a solo auditor, then get back on the chair.

Be aware of anyone that makes it difficult

for you to use your tools and get free, for they are not applying the basics.

This book is a fantastic way to unload tons of charge as a self auditor. A true treasure and unfortunately not very popular...



The processing section of this volume is divided into fifteen acts.

Each one of these covers a certain phase of a case.

If the individual is working with an auditor then he will find that the auditor is piloting him through these same fifteen acts and that this book is being used supplementary to auditor checking.

If the individual has given himself the task of going through this volume by himself, he follows the same procedure and each section is of necessity to be taken up in turn.

Each act is begun by a description of what the process means and how it is applied and the end it is intended to accomplish.It is not necessary to BELIEVE what you find in this volume for the material to work.If you begin processing as in the doubtful class, you will find your doubts resolving as you proceed.

Another can read these processes to you. You can read them yourself.

You can do them between sessions with an auditor.

You can get an auditor to do all the work for you.



This new science has moved very rapidly and new developments have cut down the number of hours required in processing to below 100 with the new techniques.

You should count on spending at least a hundred hours with this present book including any effort processing you may receive from an auditor.This book, by itself, will do more for you than professional processing could have done in June of 1951, much less June of 1950.

Into it has gone an additional two years of intensive work and investigation.

Anywhere that this text or these processes disagree with books or data earlier than December of 1951, this book, not the earlier work, is correct.

The line of advance has been very consistent but sometimes a superficial student cannot follow the logical advance line.

Education, continued long enough in the usual school and college,

depresses the individual toward 0.3 or apathy.

The person being “educated” is, day after day, immobilized,

made into an effect by instructors and denied original thought.

He becomes an habitual “effect”and ceases to cause.

He begins to respond automatically according to a pattern of manners

given him by the home and the school system.

This is the primary reason why the modern college

has yet to turn out an artist from an arts major.

An artist must be a cause and continue tobe cause.

Majoring in writing, for instance, is a sure route to being an editor,

or worse, a critic, rather than a writer.

All the editors and critics, according to writers, are failed writers.

They are also arts majors for the most part, with wonderful grades. The writers revolted early.

This is no criticism of modern education or educators, it is a small sign post pointing

toward the source of low tone.

Education is also done in the home (or at the org).



In the current Church of $cientology as in many other places, data are given in a state of shock, under threaten and fear of punishment... Something meant to be highly survival turns into something highly abberrative.


The level of that education is the level of the home.


The goal of most parents (orgs) is obedience.

Obedience is apathy.

Most BAD children become good the moment you let them up the tone scale.”

By L. Ron Hubbard






If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!





  1. I got more about my lawsuit, do you want to uploaded in your blog?

  2. Daniel, can you update us to what happened? Is it in your blog? perhaps you can post yout link.


  3. I have a huge confession to make. After full OT7 I was not happy with the results. The results were fantastic, please dont miss-understand, I changed greatly, my universe that is. I was a very different being totally different view points, in ethics, I had incradible wins going up un the Bridge but I wanted more as I said in my earlier articles.” To walk the Walk Of Solo Auditor 1 and 2″. After all I known I was a spiritual being with very good recalls on past lifes etc… I known I was not abody. also i have regained wonderful Ot abilities goung up on the Bridge. I just wanted more, After all the The door was opent to the Universe all I had to do is walk into i, or contenue walking what ever view points one wants to look how that is. So I was re-reading the books by Ron and one of the book was the above mentioned by Silvia. I audited dose lists in solo sessions. I had incradible wins. One was so huge I could not get into session over 1 month. I had F/T. I was so blown out that I could hardly walk. I bumped into things, walked into the door frame few times, into tables, dropped few things, items last they weight and I was waitressing!!! So that book for preclears did not cause any bad affect on a OT On the contrary, huge wins, universe shifted, was rearranged. For the better, Much Better. The rest is history. Never under estimate the simplicity of the lists. Have fun. Have many wins. Best to you all from Paradise!!! Elizabeth

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