A little ‘sign’ will appear saying: CONGRATUTATION!! You won! WELCOME to the next level!!

The next level.

Optimisms and delusions when prompted by non-confront

can be deteriorating on a case.


Often I hear people talking about OT 8 as a level where “you are done”

…no more case.



It make me wonder 1) how much training these people have under their belt and

2) where their confront level of this universe could be.


My pc, Adri, which is fairly at the beginning of the bridge, has amazing perceptions

and recently came up with quite a cognition;

cognition that very few OT’s and/or scientologists,

even if long time in the “business’, did not yet have.


When you attest OT 7 or OT 8

A little ‘sign’ will appear saying:


WELCOME to the next level!!’




And who of you knows something about video games,

is well aware that the next level requires better skills,

more confront and it is indeed tougher.


Having gotten at the level where I stand now,

where the MEST universe has gotten VERY thin,

I’m debating with few choices I need to take;

1)      I can forget everything I know and go back to the normal life, into the ‘matrix’

2)      Leave this boring and degraded game

3)      Find the dimension where I can still preserving my awareness and growing toward more truth while “playing” without being sucked into this deceiving illusion.

Theoretically this choice should give me the bonus to be able to connect to others

at this level, otherwise, only seen outside the ‘matrix’.




The last choice is the only one that I’m truly interested in pursuing,

even if recognizing the magnitude of dedication, effort and courage required…


The only question at the moment is:

How do I do that?…


Sorry to disappoint who expects that by reaching the upper levels

all turn into magic and sweet.

If you willing to die for truth, it is not going to be a walk on the clouds.

More power, bigger games, bigger barriers…

it is just another level.

And be ready to not be seen.


Many of you are waiting that somebody comes

and tell them what to do, for somebody to believe.


Ignazio Tidu elected himself as the ‘RTC’ for the Italian independents (sad but true),

and got great support from the many.

But the truth is, he can only tell you his own truth or understanding of things,

and he cannot substitute you own observation or knowingness.

You should never give that up, as Scientology is nothing more than a diving board…

at one point when you will truly and honestly be up there,

YOU are going to be the one to dive

and you better look around, because there could be much much more

then you ever expected to see.



You have to get trained, you have to read of other philosophies

and get the full understanding of what is going on…


As for my experience I do strongly advice people

to walk the path laid out from LRH up to OT7…

from there on, there are different ways to tackle your spiritual progress,

and they all works on the same basic principles.

You should get the full data and find the one that works better for you.


If you get accused to be a squirrel because you look

in order to obtain more knowledge and to find answers more suitable and real to you,

be aware of the fact that that very person that is accusing you to be a squirrel is violating the basic tenets of Scientology and he could be “the “squirrel him/herself

having basic misunderstoods.


Trying to take away from you the so hard achieved ability to inspect

and your own awareness it is a suppressive act.

The Conservative tone, even if it is placed above 2.0 on the tone scale,

still a tone where the STOPs are a modus operandi.

It is not a theta place to be.

Protecting a Status Quo is enough of a lie

and does not get you anywhere, spiritually speaking.


Fix ideas are the bars of which an OT jail is made.




But this of course if you are looking for something more than just a piece of paper

conferring you a “status” of OT.


There are very good auditors all around the world,

If you need one in Italy and/or in Europe drop me an e-mail at:

skusada2010@gmail .com

and I will definitely refer you to one.


Flourish and prosper

but most of all, if you believe in the Tech, listen to LRH:

Get auditing hoppin!!





“So a lot of data has been amassed and aligned.

It is not necessarily true that this data is new,

but it certainly is true that this data is evaluated.

Better values can still be put on some of this data.

Those are workable truths.

Also into this field some religious practices fall.

They are workable. Somebody comes in and he feels sad.

He is told that he is forgiven and he feels good. He is not sad now.

That as far as a practice is concerned is workable.

What part of religion is above that, I do not know.

(And by the way, anybody who misquotes me and says “Well, Hubbard is an atheist”

or something — they are full of malarkey. They are probably atheists themselves.

They don’t believe in themselves, obviously.)

So here is this triangle, this pyramid.

Right at its peak we have the entering point of knowledge.

From this point down we know some things which are relatively workable,

Useful and true. And above this point, for our purposes, we know nothing.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find some things out



A lecture given on 7 January 1952 Search and Discovery Series by L. Ron Hubbard


And a note from the times where helping people (auditing)

was very easy and considered a priority….



You look at an individual’s eyes — the pupils of his eyes —

and if the pupils of his eyes rapidly dilate and contract,

this individual is not under sufficiently heavy sedation to influence the case under auditing. That should tell you quite a bit.

It is a very simple test: you just take a match (careful not to stick it in his eye!)

and you strike it and bring it from the back of his head around

to the front of his head and watch the pupil of his eye.

If the pupil of his eye does not contract swiftly, this individual is under sedation.

Now, sedation can be administered to a person up to a point where this will still take place,

And it is a good safe auditing margin.

It has to be beyond that, that auditing under sedation is bad.

The roughest deal I know is auditing people under the influence of alcohol.

It is very, very rough. You should not audit preclears when they are very drunk.

A drink or two doesn’t matter much, but if you are auditing somebody

who is inclined to be an alcoholic, there is no reason why you should knock off processing just because he comes in with a “morning after.”

Another attitude these days is you take reasonable precautions with your preclear:

you get your preclear enough food and enough rest.

These are reasonable precautions.

But if he just happens to be slightly unstable

or maybe he has not eaten for only a day or something like that,

go ahead, audit him.

There isn’t any reason, in short, to hold up auditing,


except deep sedation where the pupils of the eyes won’t react,

chronic sleeplessness, bad malnutrition and, of course, heavy drunkenness.


A lecture given on 7 January 1952 Search and Discovery Series by L. Ron Hubbard





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!






  1. Thank you, Silvia – another very interesting and thought-provoking article from you, my dear.
    Definitely go for option 3, I would say! I always remember ‘it’s tough at the top’!
    Hope you are well, and wishing you all the very best.
    Much love, Robin & Adrienne

  2. Ciao Silvia lo sai che ci sono arrivato grazie anche a mister Smit ed al Auditing che stiamo facendo inzieme visto che tu sei il mio Auditor.

  3. Silvia You beautiful squirrel, you!!! And I have thought you were a Fairy!! Now That is a wonderful write up. I have mucked up a bottle of champagne opened the bottle poured a glass of evanescent bubbly life force into a magnificent glass which I carved out from chunk of sparkling diamond and I have toasted You and your new life!!! My Question was similar to yours ” How do I do that?” I Asked ” Now what? ” For days I wondered and I wondered. Than I stepped into new reality, into different Universe and that was my first my only day, Welcome to where is no future where is no past. The Path is still there, continues. Only you know, how far and how much you care to experiencet, explore and to know! The knowledge you have collected become the light, your Path is pure theta, since you are the Light. Your friends greet you as they welcome you into they Universe. “I am what you are” and you echo “I am what you are.”

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